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What Are You Playing Right Now?


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Yeah, they had this on 4playerpodcast forums and I thought it would be a cool idea to have it here.


Mainly it's just to say what you're playing and how far you've come etc etc, make discussions about games and so forth.


Right now Im playing Age of Conan for the PC, got 14 days for free so. It's a pretty good MMO, but Im lacking friends there so it's not that fun to be honest, kinda makes me miss WoW in a way. Have a 62 Guardian, 50 Necromancer and a 17 Assassin.


Im also playing Final Fantasy II for the PSP, it's good though repetative. Would be nice with less monsters and more story.


Im also bored out of my fucking mind so if you want to play whatever on the PC, I have CS Source, DoD Source, CS 1.6, DoD and all that. DoD Source would be fun. Also have Starcraft I think, don't know if installed. But not in the mood for much strategy games tbh.


I have an xbox 360 as well, with a lot of games so name one and I'll see if it's one of my 24 games.


Want to play: Silent Hill series, I miss them. Also have Final Fantasy tactics and Manhunt 2 for the PSP which I haven't played yet.

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Game in Progress: The Thing PC. Yeah, im playing this game, and im liking it. So far, i have lost my Medic and my Engineer, bastards exposed themselves.

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Team Fortress 2. I had 3 Medics (including myself) with uber medigun pushing the Chu Chu Train in pl_frontier and we still lost.


The other team with 3 ubermedics didn't win either next round. I did get to witness 2 enemy Medics interchanging their ubers on a single Pyro. Impressive but they didn't do anything practical.

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