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There isn't enough "wha wha" music to describe this topic...there really isn't...


But hey, if ya want to leave, even if the reason in question is pretty silly, then I ain't gonna try to stop ya.

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Frankly, I think most of the responses here could be considered mildly offensive in some way, CE.


I mean, if ya ask me, this is one of those rare instances where there's actually no way to really respond to something without saying just how pointless it all is. I mean, Shinva is leaving just because the West has become inactive, despite:


A: Him being able to actually do something about it, as C.C. and Storm pointed out.

B: The West isn't the only thing on this site has to offer for entertainment, anyway.


You can't honestly tell me that "leaving because a single campaign has slowed down some" is that much of a reasonable excuse to leave this site...so really, he DID kind of ask for the flak he's getting at the moment, no?

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