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Request Metal Slug Sprites


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Well if anyone has any more request let me know. At the moment I'm working on the standard rebel soldier, which is a pretty big sheet so far.

Might need your guys help to identify where some are in game so I can check they're accurate.


You know, To date, few people have attempted to rip the Slug Copter from Metal Slug 3. It appears during the first part of the last level, when you're doing the aerial assault on the rocket base.

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This post is from MSDB.


Unused Metal Slug 1 giant chute:



Unused Metal Slug 1 Damaged Giant chute:



any more of this?


There are more frames of the giant parachute' date=' but they are pretty jumbled up. Its coordinates in the MSLUG 1 tileviewer (kawaks) are 43459. I also used a custom pallete for it.[/quote']




Could you snag that giant parachute when you get the time?

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Both the Turret and the Copter are up. Christ that Copter had a lot of sprites. Oddly enough the tiles were right next to each other.


Giant Parachute eh? I'll look into it. Of course I can't promise the accuracy at all but I'll do my best. It looks like it was used to drop the turret down, so I'm guessing it might use the same pallete. I wouldn't hold your breath for it though.


This is what I'm working on when there's no request...




The Rebel sprites so far. I still need the Axe guy (who is pretty much done but not on that sheet yet) and the people who jump all over the Slug. Not sure what other sprites there are (minus the 'in windows' etc. sprites and giant flying towards the screen ones). Oh and dude pushing a snow-ball. So if there's a death animation or something I haven't got let me know!!!

Obviously I haven't got the enemy's grenades yet.


The inner-tube guy, bazooka dude, person who pops out of a tank and tries rather pathetically to shoot you , rifle-men along with any bike related rebel will be on a different sheet.


This is just for the standard guys. The dropping mine pallete is also wrong, but I am badly failing at finding them use it in game, although I KNOW I've seen it a hundred times before.

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