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Request Metal Slug Sprites


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Hey man I was going to do it anyway at some point, and hell at least it's done now so I never have to do it again!

Just no one request the Metal Slug itself, as a full rip of that includes EVERY single angle, as they are stored as separate sprites in the tiles - not just rotated in game.


But well as far as I know that's all the request done - so feel free to make more!

When I'm not working on request I'll be doing that Tank thingy with the spikey shield thing on the front... I did know it's name...

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Didn't see your request there Storm.


Yeah I was looking into that, it's just annoying how the damn thing glows so many different shades during the attack. I've been slowly picking away at that and the mother-ship (which sadly doesn't exist outside the screen :( )for quite a while as I think they're the last of the Mars Army I need (minus the Mars People POW sprites from Metal Slug 6).


But well, as it's been requested I'll get my ass onto it and try an get it up asap.



Oh and you may have noticed the standard Rebel's sprites are up on the site (aka no bike, inner-tube, rifle, bazooka or RPG). I already know of a few sprites I haven't got yet (falling off and landing on front, sprites from the train mission on 2 and X and all the ass looking Metal Slug 4 ones). But if there's any more I've missed let me know.

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Not planning on doing backgrounds just yet. Want to get most of the sprites done first.

Though feel free to request what you want and knowing me I'll do it anyway. Just don't drop me a huge list as I haven't even looked into how such a thing will be done yet.


And thanks Nexus all nice to know that people appreciate it!

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