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Request Metal Slug Sprites


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Working on all the main characters, but they have a LOT of sprites so I'm afraid that's a "it'll be done when it's done" kinda thing, sorry.


I've been putting off the main dudes for a long time now (I mean Tarma's complete sheet by Random Talking Bush is HUGE) but I guess I better get started as a lot of people want them. As Tarma has already been done elsewhere he'll be at the bottom of the list. And to make things quicker (aka sprite viewer) all the character's Metal Slug 5 sprites will be done first. So there'll be a lot missing at first. I'll then have to pull the rest from the other (non sprite viewer included) games.


Of course as Trev and Nadia seem to be so popular (why?!?) and aren't in Metal Slug 5 there'll take a while to do as they will be completely from tiles. I'll probably tile them to match the MS5 sprites first. And then add there other sprites as I do the others.


However so I don't go INSANE ripping all these I will be doing other things at the same time - so still feel to request other things. I'll also be doing the Zombie and Mummy forms as separate sheets to try and reduce the size a little.

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Of course as Trev and Nadia seem to be so popular


Probably because their sprites are next to impossible to find.


rlly? where?! i wanna that time portal!


You know, a "please" might get you a little further.

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