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Sprite Wars


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This topic is to inform folks of the various technology available. feel free to add ideas and stuff


Cybernetics: Merging machine and people together creating a deadly force. Cyborgs can be equipped with various weapon and are stronger than normal people


Examples of this technology: NOD Cyborgs and the Borg


Nanotechnology: The same of Cyborgs ,but instead of replacing body parts or modifying using mechanics Nanotechnology enhances the body by using nanomachines to enhance the body. Giving them speed, abilities a normal person cannot have, or other things


Examples of nanotechnology: The nanoenhanced soldiers from Red Faction 2, The agents from the deus Ex series


Biomechanics: Why waste your time building factories to construct weapons why not GROW THEM? Yes biomechanics allow you with making weapons, armor, vehicles ,etc by growing them. Biotechnolgoy not only allows you to mod these creatures to have the same weapons and armor as mechanical ones ,but also allow them to heal themselves saving you money and resources to repair vehicles, armor, etc.


Examples of Biomechanics : the weapons in genesis rising, The Xen aliens of Half-Life, Combine sythetics in half-life 2, The synthetic androids in the Alien quad trilogy


post your own

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Variable Frame = used mainly on VFs. Allows a quick and extremely efficient transformation from one mode to another. Mainly found on VFs.


Pinpoint Barrier (PPB): Energy Disc projected by a generator. Used to concentrare an extremely resistant barrier into one single spot, allowing the craft to deflect shots that would penetrate a standard distributed shield.


Reactive Warhead: Uses a ORTEC reaction to generate a nuclear-like detonation without any radiation generated. Heavily used by Factions influenced by the old Alliance and the SFF


Fold Generator: Allows any object to be moved from one point of space to another by slipping into subspace. Again, heavily used by the SFF and Alliance-influenced forces.

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Patterning: A technology to transfer consciousness from flesh into Machines. The technology can also be used to copy the conscious allowing for more citizens and soldiers


Example of the technology: the androids from stargate SG-1 and the Core from Total Anhhilation



Cloning: The technology allows to take the DNA of people and create a unlimited number of troops.


Example of this technology : the ARM from total annhilation and NORAD in wargames: Defcon 1


Fusion: Another type of biomechanics which allows to fuse with mechanical units adding as a part of there weapons.


Example: The boomers from the bubblegum crisis series


Electronic Video Agents: Advanced supercomputers . Its main role was coordinating and processing information, battle conditions and status and providing commanders with a versatile and powerful command tool


example : the EVA units from Command and conquer series


Nerual Synapse: A implant installed in the base of the neck nearing the skull. allowing transfer of thought of operators to vehicle control and guidance systems.


example: The soldiers from warzone 2100

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you can if you want or add others mostly the topic is to help people get ideas for what there going to go with there army






Symbiaonts: a technology merging AIs with people. The technology allows higher thought and to assist from advisers to military


Example: the cybrans in supreme commander series

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I dunno if this is meant to be factionalized or not, but the Imperials in their latest incarnation make extensive use of various energy fields.




Antigravity: An Energy Field capable of neutralizing gravity within an area or in a projected area. (duh) Can be used to make zero-G areas within a planetary gravity field, or reversed to create gravity in a place with none (inside spaceships and so on).


Force Field: A projected energy field that creates a solid barrier, and usually traps anything within it at the time of activation. Can be used for many applications,

examples being barriers, kinetic weapon shielding, or even a grappling field. A more extreme example includes creating a field that has a subatomic thickness, to be used as a blade. (Note: ONLY stops physical objects, most of the EM spectrum can pass through unharmed.)


Pusher Field: An offshoot of both antigravity and force fields, used to "kick" things with a burst of force. Can be used in tools, weapons, or if used in a continuous stream instead of just a pulse, as a form of levitation.


Disruptor Field: A localized area of high-energy particles that shears atomic bonds, ripping atoms apart. Mostly used in weapons or defenses.


Energy Repulsion Field: Blocks energy waves, but not physical objects or kinetic energy.


Stasis Fields: Creates a pocket of space in which time does not pass. Effect within field is seemingly nonexistent. (e.g. You won't notice time stopping, it will just continue whenever the field closes as if it were a continuous flow.) Used for many purposes, including storage, and keeping crews in suspended animation on starships.




And thats all I got for now in the way of Imperial Field Technology.


Other Tech:


COFFIN System: Fully enclosed cockpit, which replaces a glass canopy with a view generated by an array of external cameras. Can create a full 360-degree view around a pilot.


...aaaaand thats all I got for now.

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the Ace Combat 3 version of COFFIN evoled into that the plane is controlled by the pilot's Neural system After establishing neuron connections, the operator controls by lying down alone in the cockpit, completely isolated from the visual world and requires complete concentration of pilot.


COFFIN can be outfitted on all sorts of weapons such as jet fighters and tanks by exchanging the device drivers, because the ENSI are standardized.


ENSI is an abbreviation for Electro-Neuron-Synapse-Interface. A standardized circuit path that connects a pilot's nervous system and a computer. In 2045, it is standard to pilot a fighter jet with ENSI standard cable connecting the main computer inside the COFFIN to the electronic terminal that receive information from neurons of the pilot's locomotive nervous system and reflex nervous system.


Tl;DR it is controlled by your thoughts and the plane, tank, etc becomes like your own body.



Another technology is CABAL (Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Life-form) from command and conquer tiberian sun Which by numerous human beings who were being kept alive within stasis tubes and whose brains had been integrally linked to, and synchronized with, the AI's system core to significantly enhance the device's overall potential and abilities in a vast multitude of ways. So not Only it does what the EVA does ,but at the same time utilizing the subsequent and vast network of live intelligence to collate and devise complex strategies of its own, ultimately acting as a potent advisor

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Voltor Metalloid

- A metallic substance produced by the Voltor Empire, in order to operate this substance it needs a host to control it OR with minimal control it has it's own built in AI, it taps into the mind of the host and with thought commands it can be used to form solid or liquid shapes such as weaponry,tools and many more.The Voltor metalloid conceals itself inside the host's skin and whenever used it emerges outside following commands to form whatever the host desires. The strange thing is that it's even capable of morphing the host itself into forms such as a liquid metal puddle to sink through floors or even form mechanoid versions of the host ( Mecha Victor ) the only disadvantages about the Metalloid is that it's not mass produced and only really availiable for privellaged CO's in the Voltor empire.


Dark matter

-Dark matter is Voltor's trade mark energy source, it's origin is known only to the family members of Mistress Shrapnul's bloodline.

This energy source is infact "Negative energy" anything living or phyiscally unsustainable to DM's touch could explode, implode, disintigrate or even vanish.

Thus only certain materials and technological devices can sustaine it, that being the only known material that can sustaine it is Voltor alloy.

Another discovery was found that Chaos energy has a dangerous reaction to Dark matter, witnesses found that if the two energy types combine

the reactions may bring the normal dark matter reaction to even more dangerous and un-predictable results such as a chain reaction of explosions and radiation waves.

Not only does Dark matter or "DM" as it's usually refered to is used to kill, but is also a reliable, re-newable power source.


Voltor alloy-

The Voltor empire produced a strange metal capable of self repair if physical damage occurs, IF the metals are still connected to the damaged area or the metal itself it will self repair BUT if the damaged parts are removed the metal is unable to self repair the damaged area. It's a mystery to everyone HOW it is capable of doing so. The Voltor empire have only been able to produce this alloy with the metals provided from there homeworld.

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Faction Technology:


Myomer- Myomemetic Polymer. Essentially, it is an electroactive shape-memory polymer that acts in a similar fashion to muscle. It allows Mechs to move with organic fluidity (Potentially).


Micro Fusion Drive- A compact fusion engine that powers mechs and small vehicles. It works by fusing hydrogen molecules into heavier helium molecules, and requires only water as fusing material.


Our Nanotechnology is different >=( - Nanotechnology is used on the medical level in the treatment of diseases and ailments. Firefox's "t-cell" technology, though not yet having a chance to be tested, has been designed in mind as a counter to malicious and potentially dangerous nanoware. T-cells are a defensive nanoware created with the intent of destroying enemy nanoware before it can preform its task. It can also be used offensively against individuals or machines agumented by different forms of molecular technology. Other applications of Firefox nanotechnology are classified.


Karnse-Fushida Jump Engine - Rather than tunneling precariously through hyperspace, the K-F engine allows for instantaneous jumps, regardless of distance. Ships remain in hyperspace for less than a second, though it is one helluva second!


non-faction technology


Battlemechs - Heavy ground-based combat mechs, similar to Destroids and Herculans. Powered by compact fusion engines, covered in the heaviest armor available, and armed with vast arsenals of weapons, Battlemechs are the heavier, slower, yet more devestating counterpart to lighter, faster, and less armed Mobile Suits or Variable Frames.

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