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Sprite Wars

Sprite Wars: The Voltor Chronicles


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Hey, well let me give you a little rundown on the whole thing, I've finished school, I'm waiting for a reply from the many places I applied for work. I got nothing on scedual.

So one day I got bored with the computer and decided to take up the pen and paper again and start making handrawn comics, back when i was younger I used to make comic books all the time but looking back on them they had horrible quality and real bad spelling, though i loved ever moment making them. So I was thinking of making a comic series based on some events of the SW cannon and events that never happened, ( alternate path perhaps?)


So far I haven't got much of a story line made, or complete charaters for other teams, so it's a mess at the moment for what I'm gonna work with.

There are other problems like for instance I don't have the patience to colour every page I do, afterall making comics especially hand drawn is a tiring job.


Enough yaking here's an example of what i got so far and hopefully to bring into a large series.



If i ever get around to making more comic pages and story lines etc I'd love to assemble a team of people skilled at photoshop that could help.

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Yeah there Arachins, but there army is called the S.M.A.C, it standed for something i can't remember so im going to have to think again on that.


How I coloured them is a hard process, once you scan a picture onto photoshop you open the thresold tool, minimize dark colours and light colours into black and white, then remove the white and make it transparent, then duplicate the layers place them undernieth and remove the duplicated drawings, then select the colours you want and pain brush them undernieth, the other option is to do the threshold trick and save it as a new picture, then fill in the colours with the fill tool in paint and then select colours and dodge and burn them to make shades, this other method however leaves you with small white pixels inside black lines from your drawing, after you colour the picture completely before burning and dodging, select the pure white colour with colour selector and then change them into pure black to fill in the small cracks.

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