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Sprite Wars

Phoenix Seven

Andrew Kleiner

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Phoenix Seven has it's own forum category over at HaloSprites forums, where the bulk of the material is placed. I'll still keep this page updated, but it won't be as robust.


New pages whenever I damn well please.




This is a story set firmly in the "What-If" category of fan-fiction. PHOENIX SEVEN takes place in an alternate timeline.


(Due to the nature of the setting, any discrepancy against the canon you find in the plot is assumed INTENTIONAL)





In this alternate timeline of the Halo universe, Reach falls in 2541, and along with it, the last of the SPARTAN-IIs. The Master Chief is defeated at the hands of Field Marshall Kano 'Gorramee, who becomes hailed as a holy hero to the Covenant, branded with the name “Demonslayer”.He is soon endowed with the Fleet of Rightful Indignation.

Over the next year, something has happened to Kano, and has supposedly taken his fleet on a mission to destroy the next human colony in line for destruction, Rhodes. Unbeknownst to most of the crew and the rest of the Covenant, Kano, Commander Thel 'Vadam, and a select few subordinates have gone rogue, and plan on finding something on Rhodes that can help liberate his species from the Prophets.

On the human side of things, with the last SPARTAN-II KIA, the Office of Naval Intelligence has formed a team of SPARTAN-IIIs to somewhat fill the gap left in the wake of the Master Chief's death. They are known as ROYAL Team, often split in 2 groups for multitask operations. They are sent to help defend Rhodes while its civilian population is being evacuated.


In Kano's fleet, rumors are beginning to spread about their leader's real intention, sowing substantial discontent in some groups. He is unaware of how serious the situation is, being distracted by confirmation that what he is looking for is indeed on Rhodes. But it appears that the secretive ONI also knows of the item, and has stationed extremely heaving resistance around much of the planet's northern hemisphere, attempting to defend the icy Point Stratton, where it is supposedly located. Soon this becomes a race against time against Royal team to get to Point Stratton, and discover a secret that will shape the fate of Rhodes, and the entire galaxy along with it...



Text color code (in case you can't figure out who's talking.)



Prologue: End of the Line



ACT 1: Scattered in the Glass


Chapter 1: The Invasion:



Chapter 2: Tag Team:




Chapter 3: Prysmyth:






Chapter 4: Shadows of the Past:





Chapter 5: Stirring the Embers:





ACT 2: Trident




Chapter 6: Stranded:



ACT 3: Secrets, Ice, and Aliens


ACT 4: From Ashes, Rise the Phoenix


ACT 5: Ascendance




FINALE ACT: Reckoning



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Alright, finaly read this thing. So far so good.


Oh, and btw, screenshots from cinematics or Gmod?


Screenshots. Halo has a theatre system, where it records games, then you can watch them later, go free cam and all that shit, take screenshots or crop recordings.

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