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Sprite Wars

The Facepunch Crisis


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So some of you may or may not be aware, that in Garry of Garry's mod latest Meth trip, He has fucked the modeling section to high ho dilly.


Now, I have petitioned to the forums users, if they would like me to set up a temporary section for their use. HERE.


Now before you hit all emergency stations, I will be creating a new user group for the Facepunch refugees that will only allow viewing of Wingwolf's Tavern. SO your sprites and general dick baggery will be secure.


To ease the possible influx of new recruits, I will also be making the models area viewable to guests, so non posters wont really have to sign up and waste validation time.


Speaking of, The validation, may need a rethink in order to cope. I am thinking of temporarily lifting the manual validations, and making the new Facepunch refugee group the default group. As we don't see many new spriters it would be easy to just edit those, then edit every mother fucker.


Now I have spoken to Mike, and he's cool with it happening. So we shall see what happens. Just everyone be aware that shit might get a bit rocky for a while, But this could do us favours.


Kind regards,


Your Overlord.

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If you're refering to what I think you're refering to; That the model section is now all the seperate sections squashed into one and is flooded by 10% actual models and 90% people making requests or other stupid topics; then I agree, it's a little fucked up...


But chances are I'm wrong in what I think the problem is, so could you recap it for me?

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Yeah, that is a major problem... I go in that section and see somthing and I go and look, all it is is a fucking request for something. Hell, I'm glad Bloo's topic is riding waves on the first pagr, but I'm disapointed I can't find the Beret Bro's topic, seeing as it's drowned by the requests and I can't get the search to work... Garry done fucked up on that one...

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