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Just so everyone is made aware, I might not be on Sprite Wars as frequently as I used to be. The reason for this is because I have plans on running a web show that deal in both the study of military media as well as philosophical introspection on life and the world, so it will be take up a lot of time and attention. I seek to try and do something that entertains and educates people, to reach out to others and hopefully do a little good in the world.


That's not to say that I wont stop by every now and then, as it is the place where I have met people, made many friends and have developed my skills as a writer, and I owe a lot of my growth as a person, writer and artist to a lot of the good the forum has given me, even in times where I was at my darkest. And it is thanks to Sprite Wars that I was inspired to create the Liberators Army, who are as much as a sort of family to me as the members of the forum that I have come to befriend. I will keep coming back, becuase this place was my first real interaction with the net and the other denizens that frequent it, and the only place on the web that I ever felt was like "home" to me.


My feet are on the deck, it's time for me and the Liberators to march forward and conduct operations. Sortie Media will be an ongoing project, and the iconic Liberators will be the mascots to this web show, my comrades in my goal to bring a little light to the internet and hopefully the world. Wish me luck guys, I'll report in again when I can.



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