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Retiring From The Community


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I'm done this way too much whenever I took a mood swing but not that I've thought of my position on matters I've made a choice on where I want to go.


I came here back around 2006 maybe when Mike asked me to join when we went to MFZ together, a forum that was drowning in its own decay and shit in the day, long story that.


It was fun at first not counting the drama going around, had up's and downs.


Honestly I'm just not happy here, I take no joy in this community or making these comics which I feel are soul crushing and just mindless fluff I want to see the back of that have only been dragged out for god knows what reasons.


I also hate the apathy within the community these days, while not as bad as what happened to MFZ just bugs me. Nobody communicates any more, when treat each other like a disease from within the background, giving each crypitc gestures as we all point fingers at each other because we can't have some perfect thing and yes I know I ruined a lot of games and RPs for people but whatever that was in the past now, we all talked that over long ago.


But it just feels like little has changed, I don't feel good being around here and I grow tired of people dragging me back by the collar every time I try to take my leave. CC, Spartan I love you guys you're both awesome and I know you will be angry we couldn't wrap our story-lines up but I just want to go, my depression has been soul crushing the past year and SW isn't making me feel any better with the behind the scenes drama, the dull comics, the baggage plot lines I've been forcing myself to carry about and peoples push against any form of change or accepting new things.


I can see now why Cass had to take his leave and I feel it's my turn to follow suite now, so hope everyone’s cool and we leave on better terms despite the bumps over the years.


I may pop by once in a blue moon, so who knows.

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Honestly, if you ain’t feeling it, it ain’t worth staying. Coming by and seeing how things are when you feel it would probably be the best thing. Trying to force yourself to do something you don’t want to will just cause grief and you’d be more likely to just lash out at someone; I say this from experience, so it might just me who re-acts like a total git though.


It’s always somewhat disheartening to see someone leave this community, especially since it’s quite small. You were quite active in the new campaign, as well as most that I’ve read, so it’s especially disheartening right now. However this is a hobby/side activity, so if you ain’t feeling making comics, or the community, it’s just gonna feel like a drag.


Honestly, although we’ve had one minor dispute, I hold no ill feelings towards you, nor do I see you as a cause/problem for whatever troubles the campaigns face. Honestly, it’s a group effort, so blaming one person is nonsense.


It’ll be odd without you in the campaign, that’s all I know.


I guess if you’re going to be inactive, I’ll see you whenever you pop in. You have me on steam also anyway.

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