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Sprite Wars

Hm...what Should I Put Here?


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Hello everyone! I originally joined a forum Called HSC (Short for "Halo Sprites Community") And posted several sprite works and some horrible comics on it,The forum is mostly inactive at the moment besides a few posters who try to keep it going.


What do I like?

I enjoy Simple strategy games,Such as the many Flash games that belong to game sites on the internet,But I absolutely fail at "Manly" strategy games such as the Total War series.

But that is mostly due to the foreign controls those games have.


I've also played various shooters such as Halo CE-3 and Reach along with Odst,I took a shot at Modern Warfare One and Three,And nearly finished Black Ops 1 and 2,But my friend moved away and I do not own those games at the moment.

And I've played Skyrim and recently Played Oblivion until I reached Level 23,But then my Xbox 360 Fan started acting up and my ears were traumatized in the process.

Aaand as I stated at the top of the page,I'm a spriter,Not as good as most of you,But a spriter nonetheless.A piece of my better/Half-decent work that I never got around to finishing:


And before anyone asks,Yes,I have a social life outside of the internet,And despite my typing skills and lack of maturity,I can be a serious person in Real Life,And I enjoy Hiking,Canoeing,And long and fast bike rides! :D

So,That concludes my introduction-thingy,I'm not here to troll the forum or steal sprites,And I am TECHNICALLY working on a Sprite Wars faction,But there are some kinks I need to work out and I MAY have given it to someone else.

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