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Sprite Wars

This Is Most Likely Where It's At The Point It's A Joke Now


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I have to say this because It's just annoying now.


Mike grow some fucking balls and deal with your damn forum already. You're a founder of this site, you need to be equiped to deal with problems when they show up, instead of ranting to my friends about stuff that bothers you about my personal opinions. Just because I don't like a damn sonic the hedgehog reboot, isn't the fucking end of the world or some life ruining stuff. Hell I just fell out with an old friend, an experence that left me broken and bitter inside but I have to deal with it because that's something I fucked up on and need to accept with all the bad that came with it.


You're meant to be a leader, a staff member, you should realize, drama and problems come with running an internet forum and you should be bloody impartial deal with stuff when it arises, talk problems out and hold meetings with other staff members to make sure that problems don't become far worse problems down the line and this is why I had so many issues when I was a staff member, because we got shat on so many times and nobody was around to back us up because everyone else buried their heads in the sand when push came to sholve.


And yes I have problems and I fucked up big time in the past but god damn it if you need to hold stuff from two years ago against me, then for fuck sake people just move on already, people change, we grow up and we learn from our mistakes. It's not easy to do, it can be hard but you have to do it in the end and better yourself.


I'm most likely gonna get banhammered for this, maybe shat on and given smug filled rants from members, so go ahead if that makes you feel better but you know something. I feel good for getting shit off my back after so long and if you want this place to survive you need to wake the hell up and stop running away from issues.



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