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Sprite Wars

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Does anyone in this community ever run around with a foam/wooden/plastic weapon of any sort besides airsoft and ect? No? probably not, since (Correct me if I am wrong) this forum is mostly made up of young adults+

Anyway, on to my really short speech:


People have been running around with weapons since, I don't know, Ancient Times or something rather, from fighting imaginary dragons as a little kid, to "Larping" (Live.Action.Role.Playing) with people dressed up in costumes with large homemade weaponry.


So, I live in a Canadian town that is referred to as "Small" despite the fact we have around 3000-4000 people, and I don't have any "Larp" groups nearby, and rarely anyone who is willing to hang out with me in my own town, and I often find myself fighting tooth and nail to maintain my social life in the larger nearby town, which is easier said then done...

Anyway, to combat the stresses of life and such, sometimes I go outside for some fresh air and practice my fighting form with THIS:


At it's worst, it's a toy, and at it's very best, it MAY be able to break bones. I've practiced using this style of Nerf-Rubber-Foam-Axe several times over, discovering new ways to use it, and how to strike hard and fast with it.

The main problem with this sort of thing is I don't have anyone to practice or "Fight" with, so I don't know how well I'm doing besides using what I have gained from a few minor past experiences...


Anyway, feel free to post or discuss weaponry, real weaponry, airsoft or dart or even WATER GUNS, or something that isn't a gun in the least! Share your experiences, ect ect ect.

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I've got the same Nerf guns as Steam but I got two Maveriks and these two other rifles can't remember what they are called but there incredibly shit since the day i took em out of the box, literally fire 4 meters or something ballsy.

The rampage however works pretty good and has a massive drum magazine clip for it.


Other than toy weapons I own a army knife in case I have to shank someone dangerous and somewhere in the building I also got a teaball bat.

Gun laws are very strict over here and even BB guns are illegal, good luck ever trying to sneak anything remotely gun related.

The only gun that I know my relatives own is a lever action winchester. Good advice my grandad gave before he handed it over to my uncle was "if someone breaks into your house, shoot first then put one in the ceiling as a delayed warning shot"

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About the guns, I've interested with this stuff:


Kids using the gun.

Originally used to repel birds in the field.

Only spray spritus inside the gun, click the fuse, and BOOM!

Very useful for sound masking and shocking your friend.


Gun's mechanism.

(I doesn't have that, but my cousin does.)

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