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I live in Canada, I'm pretty sure America's gun laws are more strict then our own.

...Wonder if I could get away with shooting an intruder with BB rounds... Ineffective, unless your like my Dad and you shoot at pesky Racoons.

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Update: I now own several guns despite living in a "Bad" state. So many silly gotchas to get around. It took me a year before I could buy ammo. Trouble is that I can't go to the range with all this work.

9mm pistol, pump-action, scoped bolt action, 22lr scoped, and that's the most specific I'll get. 

Did you know that there's a magazine shortage going on? I found out the hard way recently. The company for one gun has been backordered for months due to "supply chain issues". Another one is out of production with no mainstream online sources available. None of the "limited" magazines, that is, but the extra-large ones are still available for people in unrestricted states. Oh, but they're both still for sale...courtesy of price-gougers on ebay. Lol, I'm not paying $80 for a five-rounder.


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