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sorry krash, I got an idea involving dwarfs, Halfling, and very massive Trains


O bby. Like how massive. Huge boiler trains with steam-gatlings and catapults and all that noise? =D


EDIT: And to keep this post relevant to the topic, I TOO, am interested in this campaign. Good excuse to use my smaller units before I actually quit lazing to do the rest of the army. =P

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Alright, I've been seeing a few questions go around, a few ideas about factions and races, and I'll get to them in a bit. But first let's lay down a few setting details.


Blanket rules for the setting:

These rules apply not just to the East campaign, but any potential future Cascade games. Please note that depending on player feedback or game play, these rules are subject to change. Also note that these rules are put in place to help maintain the balance of the game by keeping factions and their technology levels somewhat grounded.


So, let me put our most controversial ones first.


No Time Traveling Empires, Dimensional Traveling Empires, or Humongous Space Empires. So basically, no obnoxiously huge factions.


1) No Time Travel.

The reason being that in the past, factions that have unlimited access to time travel and have taken it to the most extreme degree tend to use it to pull out such bizarre and overpowered technologies as to make any resistance moot. Furthermore, there have also been times where certain factions alter past plot lines in such a way that they would retroactively change the campaign setting in a major way. I know that not everyone that has a time-traveling element is guilty of this, but it has happened enough times to warrant the rule. In the Cascade setting, we're trying to avoid these things all together.


2) No Dimensional Travel.

Similar reasons to the Time Travel ruling. Once again, not everyone is guilty of it, but some people tend to use Dimensional travel to jump into alternate worlds to pull out crazy tech, characters, monsters, etc. Furthermore, there are a lot of tangential comics that tend to add little to the main campaign other than padding, and overall tend to be effort put into a completely separate plot line with little advancement to the main campaign. We're trying to keep things centered around the main campaign and avoiding pointless or nominally useful fluff.


3) Aliens Yes, but let's not send the whole empire to do an invasion yet.

In the current Cascade setting, we're focusing on downsizing first. We're starting small to get the fundamentals fleshed out before we even attempt a World War. Furthermore, the fact that the Earth is surrounded by fleet-crippling Kessler Syndrome means that only small detachments would be able to have a chance to safely make it through the debris fields. In the cascade setting, the lack of FTL travel on Earth's end has also meant that little to no outside contact has been made with other species, so if someone does come nosing around, it would make sense for it to be more of a scouting or scientific ship than a full-on invasion force.


These are the only solid rules that we have at this time. Take note that I am open for negotiation. If you have a character with a backstory or other traits that fall under any of these three rules, I might be able to let it slide so long as we come to an understanding of what you can and cannot do with them. If there are any further questions about it, please feel free to ask them either here or via PM.


Now for some other stuff that is relevant to the setting, but aren't necessarily rules so much as features of the setting.


Setting Features and Notes


1) The Earth's orbit is full of ship-smashing space junk and meteor fragments.

The aforementioned Fleet-Crippling Kessler Syndome is something that I really want to put emphasis into. It's essentially a permanent entry hazard for any ship above 100 meters in length. While there are some semi-permanent breaks in the debris belts that would allow a ship to scoot through and into the atmosphere, Parking in orbit for more than a few hours at a time is pretty much a no-no. Furthermore, these breaks in the debris belt occur in a predictable pattern which allows for ambush strategies, which is part of the gameplay. So no dropping a fleet in wherever, whenever. This also levels the playing field for smaller, more agile ships. Small space pods armed with ship-busting weapons are now a much more viable threat to larger ships trying to enter atmosphere. Granted, the same hazards of space debris apply to your smaller ships as well so fight with caution.


2) Mobius is no longer its own planet. It's now a continent on Earth.

In order to make things a little more approachable for some of our resident Sonic Fans, I have adapted elements from the videogame canon. Now, Mobians are a sub-species on Earth, so we don't have to make some crazy story about how Earth and Planet Mobius are intrinsically linked and slipspace and stuff and yadda yadda yadda... This raises some interesting implications based on the game cannons so I'm just going to nail this thing down right here: The Sonic Games canon in this verse are the four Genesis games, and the two Adventure games. We're just going to sweep all the dark days under the rug... also, I'm not really in the mood to try and explain the Little Planet, so we're just going to duck Sonic CD and Sonic 4 Part II for now.


3) Aliens, Magic, and Supernatural stuff.

They're all fair game, but you're going to have to find a way to make them fit the setting. Fantasy species and magical creatures tend to be a bit odd in the context of a post-apocalyptic, post-cold war world, so you're going to have to make us believe in them with more than just clapping. Modernize them. Make them contemporary. But bear in mind that this setting is Sci-Fi first, and fantasy second. Technology is the main force of this world. This makes it a little easier to bring in aliens, but try to think of WHY they would take the effort to come. Earth is in bad shape on the surface, orbital junk makes the trip to and from the planet dangerous and risky, and resources are primitive and under-developed. Also, don't bring in anything that is fundamentally invincible. It has to bleed, so we can kill it.


Everything below only concerns this iteration of the East Campaign and does not necessarily apply to the whole setting.


Sprite Wars East Campaign: Sancta Cascade


Somewhere out in the sea between the South American Cartels and the African Pirates lies a backwater little country that's barely limping along. Until a few weeks ago, Sancta Cascade was little more than a port country that the gunrunners used as a place to kick up their heels mid-trip. The people were the very definition of laid-back, more worried about maintaining their fruit crops and cattle than the dubious trading going on all around them. They didn't even think much of it when a boat containing a geological survey team showed up to take a look at the island for future prospects. For them life went on, even as the survey team began taking soil samples and diving into the sea shallows. Oil. Diamonds. Aluminuim, Gold and Uranium. These things may have excited the island's president, but the populace continued their lives as if nothing had changed.


Word of the island's untapped riches and resources spread through the criminal underworld. It wasn't long before the new reached the local warlords, mafiosos, and even the corporations. Even the United States and Russia, previously content to stay within their own borders, caught wind of the promising new sources of minerals and fossil fuels. Now the fate of Sancta Cascade is at the whims of the powers that be. Will the sleepy little country survive the oncoming conflict, or will they be swept out to sea by the tides of war?


This should help narrow things down for you guys. Now for some East Specific rules.


1) We're not going into space this campaign.

So don't bring your spaceships. We're keeping it simple and on the ground, just to make things easy.


2) You get one Ship.

Airships, landships, Sea-faring ships. This campaign is small, so we're keeping it down to one flagship, and your fleet will be vehicles. This format has seemed to work in the past, and we're using it as the foundation to build upon.


3) We would really enjoy your feedback :D

This is an experimental campaign. We're trying to figure out new ways to expand on the Sprite Wars while keeping it grounded, and since you guys are the ones playing this, we would really enjoy your two cents. We'll try not to take it too personally if you have something critical to say.


And now to answer some questions.



Hmmm...Okay, one question from me, Stormy. Is it good if I use somethin' from the GC campaign and is it fine an dandy to just have one character and not say an army? 'Cuase it's something I wanna try and well never did before.


Single characters have always been welcome in the Sprite Wars. And in this campaign, I'd like to have all the typical variables be represented, including single characters and small groups. I realize that I've built this campaign mostly with armies in mind, and having a single character would help us to extend the gameplay to cater to all CO groups.



This sounds awesome. So, is this set in the 80's or what? How many years after the war does it take place?


We're mostly ballparking it because I tend not to like a definite timeline, but 10-15 years after the initial Space War. That would put it roughly in the 90s era, but if we deviate into the 2000s that would be okay. I tend to think more in terms of where we are tech-wise than time-wise. So... I dunno if that helps, but think 90's and 2000's



so... one question will all of the old technology be lost and we have to find it again

Not lost. Infrastructure took quite a beating, so newer, fresh technology isn't going to be widespread. You'll have a lot of older and current-generation technology, but the new stuff will stem from rich corporations, technologically-adept factions, or factions with lots of money and resources (Anyone allied with Russia or United States)



Is this setting restricting races? Mobians for example. I doubt I will be attending this because of all my other projects and commitment to the GC, but for everyone else sake I thought I'd ask this for the forum.


As stated in the rules above, we're not restricting races so much as we are asking people to ask themselves if a certain race fits the context of the story. If you can make it fit, go ahead.



sorry krash, I got an idea involving dwarfs, Halfling, and very massive Trains


See above, Steam. you might have to elaborate on the idea for us.



Well, if this is an alternate timeline, a few mobians could be here and abouts, sorta like how the Doctor kept popping up throughout history.


I fixed the Mobian issue up above. Unfortunately, we're trying to deviate away from dimension/time travel in this verse.


Anyway, that will be it for now. I hope this makes things a little easier for everyone.

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This Campaign gives me the ability to use some of my "Low Tier" units such as the basic Black infantry, buuut I don't have a whole lot that I can use in the way of infantry in the first place, so without my legates, I'll be severely limited-

...Hey Steam, ever wanted to create some steampunk armor?



Back on topic, I LOVE this, and am developing more and more interest in it, and now that I'm thinking a little more, I can use some of my recolored gangsters as soldiers, so I won't need to work too hard on Infantry :3

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