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I'm Akiri. I enjoy science, technology, strategy, spriting, and explosions. Obviously I should have made an account here ages ago.

Some of you know me. I've actually been an on-again-off-again lurker for several years, and I am the hidden mastermind behind around half a dozen events of the several campaigns. I don't promise to be terribly active, but I'd like to have the option to get my hands dirty personally.

Sprite-wise, I prefer custom and highly customized stuff. I have quite a few unfinished sheets that I jump between as the mood strikes me, including this one for example. I like details and I have a bad habit of getting lost in them at the expense of things like, say, a running sprite, so I tend to work rather slowly. Nonetheless, I'm not half bad.

I look forward to participating in a vast and diverse assortment of explosions.

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Solidus is all about the Jazz.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you need anything let us know.



Not that there's anything to worry about, the mods got rid of that Troll outbreak a millenium ago-RAWR!

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O hai person whose name seems familiar for some reason.

Probably from SoaH City if you've been. That's where I was most active. Otherwise, my name's been mentioned in passing around here once or twice. Pleasure to make your reacquaintance, person I don't recognize at all!
And hello to everyone else as well!
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