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Characters and CO's - [Coming Soon]
Grenadier Korps - http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Krusade/Reich/New/4thGen/axonian_new_infantry_korps.png
Fusilier Korps - [Coming Soon]
Stormtrooper Korps - [Coming Soon]
Panzer Korps - http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Krusade/Reich/New/4thGen/axonian_panzer_korps.png
Air Korps - [Coming Soon]
Sea Korps - [Coming Soon]
Space Korps - [Coming Soon]
H.O.U.N.D - [Coming Soon]

Main Theme


The Story So Far
The Axonian Empire is a grand nation of industry and military might, backed by a large, multicultural human population and hundreds of worlds at its command. The task force on Earth began as a small and well-supplied army group that unified Germany, Austria, Czechslovakia and Denmark in a three-year series of victories against the various city-states and petty warlords that divided the lawless continent of Europe. It has now been just over a decade since the Axonians first began their campaign of so-called peacekeeping on Earth, yet no time has been more decisive for them than the past two years alone. The return and fall of the Silver Empire, the resurgence of Neoterran extremism, and invaders from the stars and beyond have spelt hardship, suffering and betrayal for the beleaguered Axonian envoys. Hundreds of thousands of Imperial men and women have fallen in the ten-year campaign as it is, and recent developments - Terran Command, the traitors insurgency, the Blood Hand, and so on - have only swelled the death toll. Replacements from home run dryer, morale and local opinions run lower, and popular support for the campaign back in the Empire finally starts to run out of steam. However, the war continues.


The one-year ceasefire between the Axonians and Terran Command, for now their greatest enemy, has allowed the battered armies of the Empire to recover and prepare. Compounding this temporary optimism is the work of the shadowy H.O.U.N.D organisation, who have rapidly begun tearing down and reverse-engineering the once-mighty Starforge heroically captured by General Severus. This presents the Empire with what may be the greatest technological, scientific and economic boon it has ever seen, and the production capabilities of this great weapon are rumoured to be in working order once again, already supplying the vastly undermanned and equipped star fleet with newer, more powerful battleships to replace those lost in Albus's treachery.

The gears of the once-crippled Imperial armies are once again in motion. Freshly-equipped Axonian Grenadiers march out of Europe to smite the Blood Hand army, followed by countless tanks of shapes and sizes previously unseen in the Empires ranks. Great steel vultures circle occupied China, blotting the sun with their numbers. Mighty fleets patrol sea and space, ready to thwart the advances of any would-be rivals to Axonian law and order.

All they need now, is something to aim at.

Characteristics and How-To-Portray

  • Axonian field strategy and tactics generally revolve around two schools of thought - the Traditionalists, who put their faith in slow, WW1-style advances, focusing on entrenchments and massed infantry with significant artillery support, and the Radicals, who favour long-range and fast moving mechanised attacks making use of advanced and experimental technologies. Generals of both affinities form equal parts of high command, and either style of combat can be seen from Axonian forces on the frontline.
  • Axonians are largely passive xenophobes and rather superstitious of aliens and their technology. While all are courteous and empathetic to their non-human allies, they will often harbour suspicion against them regardless of their relations. Other humans, Earth-born or otherwise, will often be treated as solid equals with the exception of certain extremists. Various unofficial names for non-humans include "Zoo-boys", "Dog Soldiers" and "House-trained" for Mobians, "Reptiles" and "Gorilla-Gators" for Voltor, and so on.
  • Though rather modern in terms of technology and social progression, much of Axonian society can be seen as backward and medieval. Alongside the Empires parallels of Christianity and Zoroastrianism, many choose to worship tribal or pagan dieties and carry out the grisly tasks required by such gods, both at home and on the battlefield. Axonian justice is also rather savage, with a range of execution methods - including beheadings, the gibbet and even crucifixion - still in use.
  • The rank-and-file soldier of the Imperial army is often a surly and vulgar character. Many will yell slurs, taunts and threats at their foes before, during and after battle, and paint their vehicles with provocative or threatening names. Grenadiers in particular are often heavy smokers and compulsive drinkers, though alcohol abuse on-duty is sought out by Military Police and usually leads to a court martial. Having become desensitized enough to atrocity and violence, some are known to commit rather heinous acts in the field.

Strengths + Weaknesses

  • The Axonian Army often goes into battle very well-prepared, supplied and led, and without a major, hidden advantage for the defender, an Imperial attack is initially difficult to stop and impossible to turn around completely.
  • Imperial defensive abilities, too, are substantial and hard to overcome, but as with their attacking forces they need time to prepare and ready themselves to be able to push back enemy assaults. Though expert trench-fighters, the Axonian defenders will flounder quickly if they are understaffed or their defenses are not deep enough.
  • The Axonian sea and space fleets are, presently, being largely replaced with newer ships and crew replacements. Though they are still able to adequately defend themselves, they will be unable to initiate hostile movements or otherwise project themselves outside of areas they defend. Though the ground army is still as powerful as ever, the lack of mobilized sea and space transportation severely hampers their movements for the time being.
  • Nothing terrifies Imperial soldiers like esoteric alien weaponry, monstrous creatures, supernatural beings or particularly barbaric, fearless foes. Such things are certain to cause concern, dread or panic in even the most hardened Axonian task forces.

Faction Nicknames

Esdailes Executors - Yellowvisors; Bumblebees; Esdailes Eggwhisks; Moneygrubbers. (Refers to a common misconception in the rank-and-file that the Executors are overpaid and useless.)

Mobians/IOT - Dog Soldiers; Hedgehogs Heroes; Lightshows; Romper-Stompers. (Generally refers to the IOT's Mobian-heavy force makeup, as well as their use of laser and mech weaponry.)

Scavenger Army - Scavs; Squatters; Junk Thieves; Scrappers; Pickpockets. (Though allied to the Scavs, many Axonians hold a silent disdain for their... constructive tendencies.)

Terran Command - Bigots-In-Black; Barringtons Bastards/Brigade; Broken God Squad. (Refers, obviously, to TC's visual appearance, but also to the bizarre death cult they propagate.)

Liberalis Terrae - Bootlick Brigade; Green Doormats; Girl Scouts. (Most Axonians believe the LT to be undertrained cowards, and subservient to TC's whims.)

Aetherian/Antarctic Empire - Steamers; Eskimos/Yetis/Penguins; Tea-Drinkers; Clankers. (Mostly refers to the Antarcticans primarily steam-powered tech, as well as their icy living conditions.)

Blood Hand Army - Junkies; Degenerates; Child-Killers; Psycho Army. (Almost all in the Axonian military despise the BHA, due to their frenzied tactics and cult-like hierarchy.)

Voltor Empire - Snoutscales; Gorillagators/Gothgators; Slavers; Coldbloods. (Refers not only to the reptilian racial qualities of the Voltor, but also to their attire and social practices.)

Mechvaara-Indonesia - Ugly Doves; Blockheads; Migrants; Paleskins. (Refers to both the Mechvaarans racial qualities, and their unusually peaceful outlook.)


[More to come]

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Independent Oceania Territories




The Story So Far

Some time ago, the Mobian Kingdom arrived on the wartorn planet of Earth, a hand of friendship extended to the world it shared such a close bond with. However, they were met with a significant degree of animosity and even hostility – the nationalistic United States government loathed them, the fascist organization “Millennium” launched attacks against them, and Terran Command joined in to become the primary aggressor they faced in what would become the next world war. This slew of hatred and aggression was not universal, however – in quick succession, the governments and armies-in-exile of Canada, Australia, Mexico and Japan declared their allegiance and friendship to the Mobian Kingdom. Their powers combined, the Mobian government chose to band all Earth-based parties together to form the Independent Oceanic Territories, or “IOT”, a pact composed of both human and mobian elements to stand in the face of worldwide aggression. Withstanding multiple attacks on land and sea, particularly at the heart of their Earthly presence, the Mobian Islands, from both Nazi and Terran invaders, the IOT consistently and admirably prevailed in nearly every battle they fought, despite severe casualties and a lack of modern equipment.

With their new headquarters on Australia dominating the Pacific theatre, the mobile Mobian Islands – now relegated to primary military base – repositioned itself from the south seas to European waters, to better support its primary allies, the Axonian Empire and the Executor Private Military Contractor. Over the past year, the IOT also invested heavily in the Vehicle and Soldier Modernization Program (VeSoMoP), to decommission the majority of its outdated equipment and replace it with newer, more modern weapons and vehicles, as well as upgrading its Wet Navy to better contend with threats from the sea.

However, the IOTs home in Australia may be facing a new threat. Reports of disturbing activity on the Antarctic continent prompted the terrestrial government to initiated the humbly-named City Defense Program (CiDeP). The program is, for all intents and purposes, a secret kept under lock and key by the highest echelons of the Ministry of Science, guarded by a myriad of counter-espionage groups, and quickened in development by advanced nanotechnologies and the artificial intelligence “NICOLE”. Despite these preparations, the whole continent, and indeed the whole IOT wait with baited breath, ready to defend their homes down to the last man, woman and child, if need be.

Strengths , Weaknesses, How to portray

With the new restructuring and learning from the Axon Military the IOT developed their vehicles with digital systems in mind ,but have an Analog backup system in case of complications . the IOT combat doctrine does not focus on huge shock and awe weapons which is a weakness , but focused on Modular and highly Mobile weapons to provide their forces with any weapon for any given situation .


While many other militaries may go for cheap , inexpensive troops the soldiers in the IOT are extremely trained even the police forces for the cities get the same training so each soldier is worth 5 conscripted soldiers. Many of the soldiers are well-trained in military tactics by veterans of the robotnik occupation when they were fighting as the freedom fighters so Mobile and Guerilla tactics are heavily used instead of a stand up fight. There defenses however are completely made to take massive amount of punishment while dishing it out to defense their homeland and will bring the heaviest weapons to deal with intruders.


IOT soldiers each are highly trained for their mobility and guerilla tactics and will not coward due to their training. They will use the terrain to their advantage to take down larger targets. Commanders and snipers are the only one that carry markers for orbital weapon strikes.

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Smokin' my pipe on the mountings, sniffin' the mornin' cool,

I walks in my old brown gaiters along o' my old brown mule,

With seventy gunners be'ind me, an' never a beggar forgets

It's only the pick of the Army that handles the dear little pets -- 'Tss! 'Tss!

For you all love the screw-guns -- the screw-guns they all love you!
So when we call round with a few guns, o' course you will know what to do -- hoo! hoo!

Jest send in your Chief an' surrender -- it's worse if you fights or you runs
You can go where you please, you can skid up the trees, but you don't get away from the guns

Rudyard Kipling-Screw guns, Unofficial slogan of the Antarctic Army  

Story so far

An literal blast from the past. Well, some other timeline anyway, or is it an alt universe?

Hailing from the year 1906(now 1907), of an timeline not unlike but different form are our own, it the Antarctic Ætherian Sub-Empire, otherwise known as "Those damn steampunk bastards" by some highly vengeful Axons and "pingu" by just about everyone else's.

The Antarctica Ætherian Sub-Empire is probably the craziest and weirdest "serious" faction ever to come onto the sprite wars scene in a while. Despite what some people would call them as "old fashion",with their seemingly "backwards" steam power technology, The Antarcticans are an industrial, military, and Technological powerhouse. Also, the empire has a Stronger bond with magic then most factions, but that doesn't usually come into play most of the time other than "worthy of note". As said, there Gearheads, not mages

At first glance, This Steampunk Empire looks out of place in the year 20xx. Then again, what can you say about a steampunk time traveling Sub-Empire.

Right now, the Mighty unmovable glacier is up against the unstoppable jerry.

Strengths + Weaknesses


Strength, simply put, Gratuitous Semi-mobile Scorching and demoralizing of the land Viva Heavy Industrial weapon of science, follow by massive Charges to weak points to break defenders.


In other words, just sent in an Heavily armored wall of landship and aeronefs, and have at it. After many creeping barrages, There will be an massive charge/charges to the weaken defenders weak points and soon afterwards the hopeful surrender of the enemy force


Antarctica is also able to give just as well a defence as an attack, using the same ironwall tactic with an massive trench system, the empire is also able to blasted away attackers, then charge at them to mop up so to speak


also, despite coming from the year 1906, the antarctic army is working with tech that wouldn't look out of place in the year 20xx. In fact, it likely won't look out of place in the year 10,xxx AD either.

Heatrays, Coilguns, Ætheriumships, bio beast, hyper lasers, and Zombie (amongst other things)! Just how they get all this? Simply really, there hometime empire is sitting on top of long dead ancient alien empire and got an time traveling society given them and the rest of the timeline earth this stuff.


Now there main weakness is their stubbornness and lack of skill to deal with true modern warfare.

The Gratuitous that works so well is costly and if an offensive or defensive front fails, will be a waste of resources(cost a few million plus pretty silver dollars to replace an landship), And also well lower moral highly in the local area.


And speaking on lack of skill to deal with true modern warfare(or just about modern anything for that matter), They might as well be living under a rock for the last hundred years.

Alot of their tactics and weapons (save "hyper tech" or "weird tech") have been buggy-whip since the 1960's at least.


Speaking on the outdated weapons, Despite the legendary fear an landship give onto the enemy;The axon nickname for the antarctican landship:Dampfkraft Dinosaurier Rüstung , or "Steampower armor dino"; There slow, freakishly heavy, and aren't exactly that safe form high flying bombers or very long range artillery...



Slang: Antarctica is weird, I mean REALLY WEIRD, with there slang. At a distance you think there just speaking like old-timers, but if you listen more closely, they use a mix of Polari, Thieves can't, Canker Cant(think internet slang spoken by queen Victoria on a laptop), Classic British slang, some old fashion words, and some of there own words. Some of the people who are native form the original timeline also have habit of using æ (Ex: Æther, Wæsp) and the likes in there writing. There also an influx of people form are world settling in New Loondon, the ætherians colony in are world. They also got a fair bit of "sailor slang" and anachronistic slang (Like form the 1920's)


Thoughts on other races: It varies form person to person, form the decedents of the escaping southern of the dead confederacy 1st of America too the fellows and madams who support inter-species marriages and them some.


The main opinion of people tended to be either the so called "Nobel bigot": One who welcomes with open arms a new being but at the same time got a Howdah or Dillinger in reach "just in case"(then again this is Antarctica, this is how there treat EVERYONE, but Meta-humans, Naturalize ET, and Animal-kin tend to get it the worst, followed right behind with Human of African, Irish, Jewish, Arab, or Asians decent).


The other group is of the belief that most Humans are basically "human with different skin", and humanoid beings are "Not unlike, but not quite human" and won't be afraid to befriend new races; However, they tend to be "Innocent Bigots": One who, despite positive outlook on other being, may have some stereotypical ideas of them (like the idea that all orks are crazy pagans with battle axes, all elves have bows, all dog-kin are friendly yet are ditz, ect.), not because of prejudice, but because they think it cool, cute, or funny


The other three groups, which are the fascistic, the indifferent, and the different races rights advocate.



how to Portray









more info coming soon

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Sprite Sheets

COs: [Coming soon.]
Men-at-Arms: [Here.]
Watchmen: [Here.]
Technicians: [Here.]
Bodkin Legionnaires: [Here.]
Field Officers: [Here.]
Vehicles: [Here.]


The Confederation of New Teutonburg is a nation created during the ongoing war in its active stages, formed by survivors, refugees and displaced populations from different European countries. Its original form, The Republic of Teutonburg, traces itself way back before the war, in the tumultuous era from when Earth has encountered extraterrestrial life forms for the first time and its subsequent chaotic socioeconomic effects. The Republic, during that time, used to be a prosperous economic powerhouse benefitting from the trade and business opportunities presented by the alien nations, with its citizens having an above average standard of living compared to other nations in its heyday. However, the resulting disorder rooting from widespread crime caused by the then-rapidly emerging xenophobic attitudes of the general populace made the Federal Government lose its sway over its territories. Eventually, warlords began to appear from all parts of the nation and cede away from the Republic until it reached the point where Teutonburg as a nation only existed in paper. This situation was exacerbated by the remaining powerful nations and different extra-planetary empires vying for control and fresh territories, in which Teutonburg practically became nothing more but an extinct nation that only has a powerless central government as a proof of existence, and is universally treated as such. Realizing that there was nothing more that can be done to regain its territorial and integral sovereignty, the Federal Government of Teutonburg disbanded itself during the beginning stages of the war and the nation officially ceased to exist.

However, its remaining former politicians met for the first time during the middle of the war and began talks about establishing an offshoot of the vanished nation, changing its form of government from a federal republic to a confederation, with the ultimate goal of finding a nation that would willingly absorb and incorporate it to its territory. This news spread rapidly amongst the displaced populace throughout Europe and attracted a large amount of enthusiastic supporters. This culminated during the Great Assembly, in which they established and inaugurated a common constitution for the Confederacy of New Teutonburg during the closing stages of the war. With its government and borders finally created, the population of the New Teutonburg began to volunteer themselves for positions open in the central government, as well as provide various materials and supplies for the foundation of The People’s Militia of New Teutonburg. Because the population and Militia personnel were consisted by survivors and refugees that learned how to scavenge, reassemble and repurpose scrap material from different sources such as abandoned stockpiles and junkyards, the Militia soon adopted its official epithet: The Scavenger Army.

Soon hereafter, New Teutonburg had finally established itself as a solid nation, with a working government and an armed force. They also have found a more powerful nation that would soon absorb its borders sometime in the future, which is The Axonian Empire. However, it is still plagued by problems such as a poor economy and a lack of respect from the rest as a nation, as well as besieged by the enemies of their parent state.

As such, the Scavenger Army should have to prove itself as a worthy force to be reckoned with, even if only serving a proxy state of a larger empire.

General Personality, Methods and How to Portray


1. True to their nickname, the Scavenger Army tends to adopt many archaic and modern methods in their fighting, making them a very unconventional force that mostly runs on guerilla warfare and improvisation. They observe how their allies and enemies fight, learning from them and about them. They also can sometimes do something outrageously ridiculous, unprofessional or peculiar when fighting, such as individual soldiers throwing rocks at their enemies, which can confuse, annoy or amuse their opponents, letting their guard down. And more often than not, they can stop taking a dangerous situation seriously if it goes on for too long.

2. The average soldier of the Scavenger Army is relaxed, jovial and casual when not fighting or on guard duty, usually talking with other soldiers about mundane things such as their everyday life, hobbies and interests. At best, they act like everyday folk who did not receive military training and at worst, they act like little kids or college students, depending on their individual personalities or if they are drinking or not. They can appear to be panicky and cowardly especially when startled, however this does not mean that they are not alert or brave, since it universally accepted among them that serving in the Army is almost comparable to death. While the average soldier is smart enough not to get caught on obvious lures and traps, they also have a sense of curiosity and wonder with them, especially when they come upon abandoned weapons, wreckages or fallen enemies. While they don’t do war crimes, they are indifferent to the war crimes and atrocities done by other forces, more so those done by their allies. This personality extends even to their officers, which are slightly more serious about their work.

a. Watchmen, in particular, are somewhat more relaxed than their frontline counterparts, mainly because of the defensive nature of their work. Aside from talking with each other, they can also be seen drinking, smoking, eating or other pastimes, especially those who are assigned in the cities as gendarmes or military police. Their general outward personality betrays a sense of vigilance that they espouse and this shows when they notice or sense something irregular in their surroundings.

b. Technicians, being the smart guys of the Army, have a nerdy personality and are overtly obsessive of their work, especially when they come across salvageable wreckages.

c. Bodkin Legionnaires, being the highly trained Special Forces, are the only people who act professional and serious about their work. They are tough and brave, and can appear to be aloof especially to the other ranks of Scavenger Army.

3. The New Teutonburgian society can be described as casual at best, chaotic at worst. Since prostitution and certain types of controlled substances are legal and gun ownership is very relaxed, the general populace can appear to be shady and criminal on the outside but actually are decent folk, aside from their few cultural eccentricities. While being somewhat socially awkward is a common sight and nothing that can raise eyebrows, outright insults can invoke rage from the average citizen, enough for them to challenge the offender to a fist fight. New Teutonburgians do not have common insult names for their enemies and instead negatively allude to their common characteristics. (E.g. While one person calls the Voltor as “those huge crocodiles”, this does not mean that the phrase “huge crocodile” is used by everyone to refer to them. They’ll just allude to the fact that the Voltor are large and bipedal reptilians in a bad way.) Their society do not place major importance in religion, although prostitutes sometimes can appear to allude to esoteric mysticism, if only the sake of flamboyance and showiness.

4. The homeless people and vagrants of New Teutonburg are a strange kind, as they do not hang around in cities too long. Instead, they opt to live in settled shantytowns far outside the cities and they only come to cities to gather junk that they can use, buy or sell various things such as arts, handicrafts or foraged produce. There are numerous shantytowns in the New Teutonburgian homeland and these vagrants tend to adopt a governance system resembling tribalism, with individual towns allying with each other or even making enemies with each other. As a result, vagrants tend to give out the most violent crime in the nation, due to their conflicts resembling tribal or gang wars.

(For more specific situations and question, please ask the player behind the Scavenger Army.)


1. The Scavenger Army lives up to its name by specializing in salvaging wrecks littered around the battlefield and either recycling them as scrap or refurbishing them for later use. They also could steal weapons, equipment and supplies from their enemies, regardless if they can use them or not. It is a standard practice for the Army to repaint captured or salvaged vehicles in dark gray colors, to prevent confusion and friendly fire.

2. Since their overall strategy and tactics are based on guerilla and unconventional warfare, it is difficult to use the same strategies against them, making them effective as counter-guerilla units. However, this also means that they have difficulty employing a purely conventional strategy, since the Army doesn’t have a solid and standard fighting doctrine based on conventional warfare.

3. While they do have large numbers on their side, commanders are very aware that such factor cannot in itself win wars. They tend to be careful when fighting, since they are aware that their equipment and materiel are practically outmoded when compared to most armies. As such, they are very careful when it comes to firefights, coordinating with others and staying in cover if necessary. Aside from their outdated equipment, they lack large navy and aerial vessels and their space program is practically non-existent.

4. When taken by a surprise attack, some of their individual soldiers, particularly the Men-at-Arms, can appear to freak-out initially, although this does not mean that they have lost all composure. However, they can then be heard yelling loudly out of fear, giving away their position. By contrast, the Watchmen and Technicians can appear to be indifferent when fighting, sometimes causing them to be absent-minded. Bodkin Legionnaires, while acting neither of the former two, can sometimes take themselves too seriously, enough for them to be easily provoked by insults. Field Officers tend to calm when fighting, however they also usually to put their troops first rather than themselves, leaving them very vulnerable, aside from the fact they are only armed with their service pistols.

[More coming soon.]
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Terran command

Formed by an Arcadian known as Barrington Argentum, Terran command is his latest push to create an empire based around order and logic. Rallying behind the cause of Terran purity as well as spending many years massing forces, seeking lost technology including relics of his former people and looting the reserves of Highlon corpration's local branch he has been able to build up a fearsome empire like the Neoterrans of old.


Terran command seeks to unite humanity by force and wipe out anything they consider "Different"


The truth is the emperor wants to mold mankind into a brutal fighting force to push his ideals as he readies for a war across creation itself.


Currently TC is located out of the flying city of heaven which is protected by technology known as a NULL feild which creates a centre of nothingness taking the city off radar, scans and basic perception making it hard to locate or spy upon unless one can get into the city directly. Terran command personal are also equiped with internal nanites and hardwired ID control to combat enemy infulration and rebel elements attempting to spread disorder.


Politicial system: Fascist dictatorship, meritocracy, Xenophobia

Alignment: Lawful evil


Leaders: The Barrister





The Barrister: The current emperor of Terran command, a Worldbuilder who seeks to bring about an age of absolute order and will stop at nothing to see this goal come about. He's also a very careful man and plays the cards close to his chest.


Currently he's been working behind closed doors and leaves the day to day operations of Terran command to his generals and politicians.


Dagny Loghain: Current head of the military ellite and a former vet of the old Earth military forces. Loghain is a reasonable man and doesn't always see eye to eye on some of TCs more extreme policies, through he is by no means a fool and can be utterly ruthless when he directly takes command of his forces.


Tyrfing: A survivor of the Paradine and current head of the scientific ellite. He mostly keeps to himself and his work and cares very little for the Barristers ambitions. Through he has been placed in charge of streamlining the current political and education systems for the Barrister.


Anna Wyndham: Second in command of the military, Anna hails from a wealthy family on the colonies and current has her own amibitions for Terran command putting her at arms with the Barrister.


Osmand Barrick: A gun for hire and ex Shifter agent. Barrick is very unpredictable and takes great pleasure in killing. He's also been working as a double agent for one of Terran commands shadowy benefactors.


Forge: A cyborg assassin, conditioned and trained to hunt down enemies of the government. Not many manage to survive if he has been ordered to take them out.




SPRITES-Check the drop box

CHARACTER SHEETS http://s11.postimg.org/6964ce8nn/TC_character_sheet.png


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Just copy and pasting this



A terrorist organization founded after the much mistreatment of many of the nation’s populous along with feeling the world has abandoned them to die the Blood hand army lead by their leader known only as ‘The Forefather’ leads these military force against their oppressors and the 1st world dogs what do nothing to help them.

The organization may have leftover weapons from previous wars or one put together in chop shops as the main attack force ,but there strength is in numbers and hit and run tactics using cheap units and influence with some civilian shipping networks allowing them to deploy wherever they feel needed.


The Forefather: A man with his past a mystery he is only known to currently be Middle Eastern and a strong speaker. All his followers know that he was just a simple man trying to live in peace with his brothers from the stars until various groups that attacked their colony forced him to rise and destroy the traitors. Soon he decided that the only way to take back the world is to destroy all opposition to make a world for his brothers and sisters no matter what planet there from

Nack the Weasel: Well known throughout the community as Fang the Sniper due to his love for long-range weapons. It seems this man known for kidnapping and various other crimes has joined the forefather in his quest against the world. Then again he could just being paid to help him until he gets a better payment plan

Adolf: A well-known arms dealer and called the ‘lord of war’ in the public’s eyes. It seems he helped get connections to supply route allowing the army to move anywhere in the world to respond against any troubles in their way. However both Nack and Adolf tend to not join the fight and only just help with surplus and other tasks that does not require a full military force to do it

Unit information-

Militants: these millions-strong irregulars are primarily disillusioned (or possibly ecstatic) men and women who have suffered from harsh lives in the world from the death camps of the neoterra empire to the ghettos of Russia and have been attracted to service in the Blood Hand armed forces by the latter's relief efforts. These auxiliaries use strength in numbers to defeat their foes and are armed with GAU-3 Eliminator SMGs

Rocket Militants: They are all chosen based on former military training from state governments or partisan experience, but generally lack the refined training that many other militaries do. They wield Airburst rocket launchers, and are able to destroy aircraft and significantly damage tanks. Despite their status as militants, they are well-trained enough and considered essential for the blood hand’s military

Fanatics: militants that are most devoted to its cause are called fanatics and with good reason - they are willing to sacrifice their lives to allow the blood Hand's mission to succeed. They are equipped with explosives strapped to their bodies. Upon reaching their targets, they detonate them, obliterating themselves and causing heavy damage to the target as well as splash damage to everything within the area. Fanatics show absolutely no fear in the face of enemy fire, no matter how intense it might be. Because of this, they cannot be suppressed.

Raider Buggy: A cheaply made vehicles from scraps of many civilian and military vehicles. Due to this reason they are very fast, but lightly armored. They are usually armed with Machine guns to handle infantry and light vehicles

Ratel-40 IFV: Based on the popular Ratel-20 of the previous era the Ratel-40 is a fast, but lightly armored vehicle allowing the pickup and dropping off troops in the heat of battle. Armed with a M242 bushmaster autocannon it can go toe to toe against light and medium vehicles and tear infantry to ribbons.

Light Tank: Using whatever military scraps they could find the light tank is the main battle vehicle of the blood hand army. A 75mm cannon is this tanks main weapon and relies more on speed and numbers against larger targets ,but there cannons can weld massive damaged to all armored targets

Raider AA car: A cheap reconnaissance unit for the blood hand providing anti- air support for the other vehicles. Armed with dual miniguns the raider AA makes sure the enemy does not have anything in the sky

AH-72 mini Apache: A smaller brother of the more popular 64 apache series the 72 is faster and its size allows it to be stored on various trucks allowing the blood hand to place them in trucks and deploy them when needed. Armed with a minigun and rockets it can provide air support against vehicles and helicopters like it’s bigger brother although with less ammunition.

Choctaw: A very old transport helicopter with only its armor to defend it. However its size allows the blood hand to air drop troops and vehicles into the fray making the organization more maneuverable.

Ratel-40 Rocket Artillery: A heavily modified Ratel that sacrifices maneuverability and troop transportation to become an artillery unit. Armed with 4 rockets this unit can cause massive damage to anything and can change out the warhead of the rockets with ease ranging from standard to chemical.

Attack vtol fighter: a rarely used aircraft, but used none the less. The attack fighter is the blood hand’s main weapon against air units and ground units with various payloads for every situation demanded by it. However due to its size it can only take off in blood hand helipads (vtol) or deployable airfields)

Mechs: due to Adolf’s Connections the blood hand has access to mechs constructed during the era of G.U.N. These machines are heavily modified from civilian models and made into fully armed war machine with jump jet and rocket dash capabilities. They come in 3 types. The raider mech which is armed with autocannons and sacrifice its own armor for speed making it the fastest of the 3 mechs. The command mech that is armed with 4 autocannons and extra armor to protect their commanders and a command and control system allowing them to coordinate their attacks with the rest of the unit. And finnaly the Rocket mech which sacrifices speed for extra armor and the ability to fire rockets and missiles to defend the blood hand from air and armored threats


Agents: It is unknown about these troopers, but it seems there not associated with the blood hand and act independently as if there under orders from something or someone else. However they are armed with better equipment than the blood hand. Data about who these guys are or who they work for is unknown, but they are extremely dangerous

(Don’t put agents with the blood hand if you’re using the blood hand in comics. They are their own force and not part of the blood hand)


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Made up of various country’s denizens leaving for land uncontested by the new world powers, from civilians emigrating from their countries that have been occupied or invaded due to their high value, Several African countries experienced a boom in their economy and infrastructure. From this the states advances, and whilst neutral in global politics, buying technology from various groups furthering advancement even more. A common interest between countries births the “Common Interest Committee” or as it is later changed to “Tempest Initiative”. Designed to keep the states advancing towards better technology for the public and defence by allowing and promoting competition. Companies would be paid huge bounties for breakthroughs. If one state falls behind in an area of technology, the others would help to ensure they caught up to maintain rivalry between companies. Eventually after a while they joined into one unified government. Further discussions led to the creation of a new government, dedicated to more than just technological advancement:


The Tempest State Federation.


The first change was the military, becoming a full-fledged force. Many mercenaries who were paid by companies to defend the Tempest Initiative’s interests resisted this change, and begun a campaign against this uniformed force, causing an “Invisible War”. Several incidents later and a few revisions to its military, the TSF stood victorious. The ministers of its government however felt that giving too much power to the mercs is what caused the war, and restricted the military’s power by removing its offence capabilities and its size.








General Klara Weber:

Her father was a civil engineer, working on infrastructure in Africa for rich clients. She often travelled between her home in Germany and her homes in several African countries. She joined the German Heer [Army] as an officer, and achieved the rank of Colonel within a few months and in the command ranks of the Stadtallendorf a few months after. However the Axon annexation led to her redundancy. Not willing to bow to such an Empire, she left her country to one of her homes. The newly forming TSF noticed her military past and offered her a role as an officer commanding its peace keeping militia.


When the Militia became a fully-fledged army, she stayed on and rose in the ranks. A few terrorist attacks opened some serious gaps in the ranks, and eventually Weber was promoted all the way to General. Leading the TSF’s Mobile Intelligence Command, she oversees all operations.


Rather blunt and unimpressed with other people, she will out right tell someone if she doesn’t think much of them at first sight, usually this applies to everyone. Reputation and legends mean nothing to her; only through action will she show any respect, something that doesn’t make her popular with the recruits and transfers who think they’re hot shit. They learn their place soon enough however.


Colonel Dennis Mburu:

He joined the Stormguard after he left school, believing in the new TSF which had transformed his home of Kenya. He was assigned to a mismatch Bravo squad of an immigrant with a smart arsed mouth, an alien tourist with a taste for human and another recruit with his head so far up his arse he was practically a wheel made of flesh. He quickly realized that the military was not how the media portrayed it.


Not willing to give up, Mburu gave it his all, earning the respect of the squad lead and the alien. After the company was wiped out, including one Bravo member shot dead, on a counter terrorist operation in East Kenya, Mburu and the remaining squad completed the mission; however some debris crushed his leg, permanently crippling the lower segment and his foot. He was offered a role as an officer in the command section, eventually becoming the favourite subordinate of the TSF’s General.


Mburu is easy going and tries to get his subordinates to feel at ease. He always tries to smile, even though every step is agony. On the bright side, he can make his walk look normal now. Although he appears lax, he takes his job extremely serious, and will switch off the nice guy act if he needs to take command to get the job done.


Major John Havelock:


Its unknown when he joined the TSF ranks, whether it was when it became a full-fledged military, when it was a peace keeping militia or even when it was just mercs hired to guard cities. His age is also unknown. All that is known is that he has turned down promotion to a command position no less than two thousand and one times.


Havelock was, as far records go, always a Squad leader in the TSF. Completing hundreds of operations with just his squad, he grew a reputation as a veteran shock trooper. During on operation in Eastern Kenya, his men fought an entire terrorist cell operating out of Somalia. One member was killed in action, and another wounded. The former, Havelock had carried home so his family could bury him. The latter became an officer in the MIC. Eventually Havelock became the highest ranked field officer in the Stormguard


Usually quiet and in thinking when facing a new situation, he quickly adapts and becomes a smart mouthed bastard. Often he has a reply to everything, this man hates anyone who has never even been in a fire fight telling him how to do his job.


Lieutenant “Dosh” Karsk’hn:

When Kraid insurrectionists had taken hold of his colony, little squid headed Karsk’hn couldn’t give any less of a fuck, not knowing how to count past three, let alone who these clowns were. The insurgents hid in the towns taking pot shots at the local military who thought Kraid was a bit of a pillock, and as such a lot of civilians had been caught in the cross fire. His parents had been killed and he was picked up to be trained as a child soldier. He saw no joy in fighting for wankers who were hot for a corpse, so Karsk’hn learned to shoot, how to fly a ship, how to shot a guard watching a ship and how to jack a ship then booked it on out of there.


He didn’t learn to land however and was found by mercs in some desert when they came to see what the fuck crashed into the planet. They saw his gear and offered him a place in their outfit. They seemed like nice people, I mean nice tasting, and so he figured why not, he could eat them if they turned out to be gits.


Well, his job eventually landed him with the newly formed TSF. Assigned a squad with then Corporal Dennis Mburu and the Sergeant Major known as Havelock, he was quickly given the call sign “Dosh”. He was called that because Havelock was not calling him “Squid”. After Bravo stopped a terrorist cell in East Kenya from setting of a nuke, Dosh and Havelock continued serving in the Stormguard, with as Havelock’s right hand man.


At first he appears rather simple, however Dosh is a bright enough lad to keep up with everything that he hears. He has adopted a thick accent and manner of speaking; he is rather social despite his appearance as a giant squid head monster. He enjoys the stories of other soldiers and is eager to get stuck in. Something that usually gets him doing everyone’s work if the Havelock or Mburu doesn’t stop him.


Vanguard Kill Team “Phantom”

Vanguards are the elite forces of the TSF. Veteran soldiers who can act as one man armies, often given the worst of the worst jobs. Phantom is comprised of Squad leader Davies Arkel "Devil", 2IC Sam Craft "Horror", Bomber and Savage. Devil and Horror both served under Havelock before he recommended both for Vanguard, however even he doesn't know who the other two are. Phantom has been placed under command of General Weber, and by extension Havelock... And here they were thinking they've completed basic...




Sprites: http://i.imgur.com/F78iK7q.png?1






The fighting force of the Federation. All units use the Semi-Powered-Combat-Armour platform for their armour, known to the troops as Spackers [sPCA]. Different units have different attachments to their armour to aid in their tasks.





Guardians – Mainline infantry of the TSF. Equipped with the combat rifle and grenade laucher, they operate in four man fire-teams. Usually working in a larger operation in a series of take and hold manoeuvres. The bulk of the TSF. They can be divided in to four positions.

Squad leaders. Noticable by the stripe of their helmet, these are the highest ranked Stormguard. Veteran soldiers, they give out commands and organise strikes, however they lack the tactical options of the rest of the squad.

CommCaster. Stormguard with a Communication Enhancer, they operate as the 2IC whilst helping maintain Command’s signal and reach. Usually Stormguard who can give orders, but have not proven to be able to control an entire mission.

Medics, the third member of the squad; with the danger to both the wounded and medics on the battlefield, the TSF has trained the Medics to receive infantry training, to ensure that the medic fire teams can operate under any situation. Given a Combat Stimulant injector, the medic is able to boost the wounded, creating a flow of energy and causing clotting to block wounds as a temporary patch that’ll hopefully last long enough to get the wounded out of dodge.

Rocket Guardians are the lowest ranked in a squad. They huff about an anti-vehicle rocket launcher, providing the squad with defence against the armoured threats in the field.


Defenders - Heavy weapon teams. Operating in pairs, one will carry the weapon platform whilst the other defends. They can be armed with either a HMG, an anti-infantry weapon that has some success against light vehicles. Auto-Cannon, a powerful, slower firing platform that tears through armour. Or the motor, an indirect firing platform that does wonders against blobs of enemies.


Rangers – The scout snipers of the TSF, trained on survival, stealth and slaughter. Usually in a two man team, they are the eyes and ears of the TSF. Armed scoped combat rifle, they are able to take on all but the heaviest of targets in a single shot. They have what is referred to as a “Third eye” on their helmets. A device that allows them to record and send feeds to their partner and command. Useful for recon and planning.


Technicians – Both Engineers and pilots, the Technicians are a force to be respected, usually found where there needs something repaired, or flying in for a hot EVAC, the handy man of the TSF keeps everything up and running. Armed with a Burner, a small repair/blow torch used for cutting into and wielding metals, allowing jury rig jobs on the field.




Super heavy APC that fits 16 troops, more if they sit on it outside. Fitted with heavy duty plating and some counter measures for lock on weapons, this beast is mainly is mainly used for EVACing civvies and going through hazards.


Built for 12 soldiers or 8 and 1 UGV, this vehicles is the main transport for the TSF. Fast, hardened and built with several hundred counter measure programs.


UGV built to assist TSF forces in operations, usually as mobile weapons platforms or artillery pieces. Three patterns exist at the moment, a chain gun for use against infantry; a missile pod for dedicated anti air; an anti-tank cannon to assist against heavy targets.




Sprites: http://i.imgur.com/6BJxqJi.png



Strengths and Weaknesses:

+ High tech advanced troops with clear communication and execution of orders.

+ Highly trained and disciplined troops.

+Inbuilt counter measures equal added defence for vehicles.

-Vehicles have little offensive capabilities.

-Small numbers. Teams of four at the most.

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Mechvaraa-Indonesia Nation Pact (MI Pact)

Republic of Mechvaraa

One year ago, the Republic of Mechvaraa activated the "Protocol Karshakai," ordering all Mechvaraan people who yet to be enlisted in Military to evacuated to the well-known location of Mezvaraan's ancient lore, the "Kalasharii," the Savior Land, who the natives call the land Indonesia. After the Mechvaraan ambassador consulted to the leader of Indonesian people, the Mechvaraans can settle their new home on the Kalasharii, and both governments made a mutual pact of the two nations. Now the MI Pact dealing with issues about technology for national security and for civiian, industry and military usage.

Characteristics and How-to-Portray

-Usually the Mechvaraan would like to using tactics with minimal casualties for their own side, like hit-and-run and guerrilla warfare.
-They're known hard to losing morality, they can still fight even if their officer is down.
-They're using basic military Rule of Engagements (not shooting civilians, taking down hostiles if the hostiles attack first, etc.), except in some mission, such as assassination and target chasing.
-Most of, but not all Mechvaraan military personnels are well considered as vulgar and pervert. Field officers like to read adult magazines on their phones when off duty.
-(Out of topic) Despite theoretically debatable, latest researches found the DNA structures of Mobian and Mezvaraan are almost identically same, making cross-marriage of Mobian and Mezvaraan possible, thus resulting a new subspecies from them.

Strengths and Weaknesses.
-Periodically upgraded and renewed weapons and vehicles. Old and destroyed vehicles melted to make a new one, for saving ecosystem, resources and economy.
-(mostly) Brave and fearless soldiers, still fight even with moderate injuries.
-Highly and effectively trained soldiers.
-Superior communication system.

-Hard to knowing the current place of operation without surveillance and/or reconnaisance.
-Intel are not so active outside the Nation Pact's territory, rely on mass media reporting.
-Have very little experience about fighting extradimensional/supernatural attacks.

Commanding Officers

General Hannes Drei*
*Stationed on Mezvaraa, he can't actually seen on Earth, usually reporting the Mechvaraan's status on their homeworld through recording feedback.

One of the best soldier in the Military, Hannes is very well-known in Mechvaraan and Mazenovich Empire's Military for his incredible CQC skill. Some reported he can kill a Mazenovich soldier with one direct punch on his heart. Also specialist for using light and medium-weight weapons.

Army General Igor Trozeri
A war veteran form the age of the Siege of Aud'zend, the now-disbanded racist, militaristic, and anti-Pygmy Mezvaraan group. Almost lost both of his eyes because shrapnel from Aud'zend soldier's grenade, he using black-shaded glass to cover his eyes. Now the acting commander of the Mechvaraan Army, second to the President of Mechvaraa.

Lieutenant General Ilse Y.
Second in command in the Mechvaraan Army, known for her CQC skill that can be compared to General Hannes. Usually discussing improvement and renewing Military technology.
She's also have big boobs.

Field Marshall Shireen Haraus
Born in Mount Varnaa, she got her skills due to hunting experiences. Her sharp instinct helps her and her team on special operations. Usually dual-wielding firearms for packing more firepower. Acting commander of [DATA CLASSIFIED].

Air Marshall Franz Haraus
Older twin brother of Shireen, he also have similar interest, akimbo, but he prefers more melee weapons. Once successfully destroyed a Mazenovich Aerial Flagship with a company of Junhala Forces. Acting commander of 22nd Junhala Airborne Division.

Major General Risha Anderson
Former gang leader from border of Korvessa city. Seeking her leadership ability and once stopping
a raid from a Korvessan anarchy group, by fighting with most of the anarchist alone, the Military
offered her a chance to join Military. She accepted, and currently commanding the 24th Natem
Tropical Initiative Division.

Command Advisor Suthep Mestrazur
One of the oldest Mezvaraan on his country, also longest time of service in the Military (93 Terran years.)Although suffering ALS, and need respirator and synthetizer to talk, his intelligence never dropping, having very strong memory, and can predict future events, although he can't predict very specific (sometime he can predict when an enemy can attacking, but can't estimating the enemy's strenght and which faction would win.)

Navy-Space Fleet Admiral Ivanovich 'Ivo' Rykov
Known for his discovery of Planet Earth because accidental commands given by General Igor.
His goggle have several vision mode: regular goggle, night vision and thermal optic.

Captain Simon Talfargar
Only few people know his true face, as he always using gasmask and fedora, in mission or off-duty.
He's kinda foul-mouthed, humorous, and can manipulate energy of [DATA CLASSIFIED] at will.

First Lieutenant Serena Ameli
Simon's girlfriend and spec-ops partner. Also can manipulate [DATA CLASSIFIED] and have great accuracy with most weapons.


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