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Time Turner aka the Tinker


Details: The Tinker is considered quite a rogue figure in the Time Lords society, unlike the Doctor who stands for good, The Master who believes in domination of all, or even the World Builders. The Tinker believes good can be achieved by many ways, even the most questionable methods to achieve victory. Though, unlike the Doctor he rarely shows remorse at innocent lives being lost in his end process. He was last seen on Earth during the rise of Nazi Germany, and was never heard from again.



Spries: (coming soon.)

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(sprite and story pending)

Map Color: Slate Grey

Side: Neutral


This fleet came out of nowhere, seemingly from another universe in what constituted a freak space-fold accident. They are on the run and armed to the teeth. Their fleet carries four millions refugees and their supplies are dwindling out. They need land to settle and new supplies. They will obtain them, one way or another.



Shouou Reinhardt

"Interesting, everything is just like on the other side...except for our home."

This man is in charge of general overseeying of the fleet. He always wear a mask, to obscure some horrible wounds. This has an unnerving effect on his men and they usually follow him out of authority, rather than respect. He is not loved, and he is rightly feared by those who have to get in his way, but he never stepped out of line. No abuses have ever been reported on his behalf. He's simply fearsome.


Admiral Leonid Herbert

"If we have to invade another Earth to avoid our people starving in the void, so be it! Take the fleet to high orbit."

Highest ranking admiral and overall commander-in-chief of the whole fleet. Highly competent, but he doesn't and cannot ever hope to command the respect of the men like his predecessor did. He commands the Kuradian Armed Forces with a cold, calculating demeanor. If he has to take this parallel earth to ensure the safety of the refugees, he will do it, at all costs.


Historical File: Nannbara Armisael Garrick (K.I.A.)

"Control? What about that fold unit? What?! ...I understand. I knew this day would come. Luck's run out after all. Got something to tell to the lord of death after a-"

The former commander-in-chief of the first fleet. A veteran of the Corvolt Wars. Died defending Mars from [REDACTED] Many memorials have been erected in his honor. The first and most significant is located in Shinmachi, the heart of the Kuradian Government, on the Exodus ship of Home-1. His body burned in the cockpit. When Search and Rescue found the wreck of his VF-19, all they could see were ashes. After a brief DNA testing, the ashes where brought back to the Exodus fleet right before the space-fold incident.

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Faction Map Colour: Blue.

Side: Good.

More coming soon ;)

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Liberalis Terrae

Map Color: Olive Drab(ish)

Side: Evil(ish)


So Far:


As envisioned since the 1960s, man finally reached out and explored the stars, encountering numerous alien species along the way. These contacts no doubt brought with them incredible advances in technology, sprouting a new golden age for the people of Earth. With it though, came an increase in poverty and inequality in some areas and alien influence in Terran matters. While some were content to accept these as temporary side effects of the new times, others weren't so content to watch Earth slowly loose its sovereignty to alien interests while its people suffered. Started by a well connected and charismatic leader known only as Caesar, Liberalis has grown into a vast army of anti-alien fighters, waging war against those who threaten Earth and her people's sovereignty and well being. Following the outbreak of war amongst the various factions now on Earth, Liberalis has only grown more advanced and stronger as a result of their clashes with the xeno-loving Executors, IOT and Blood Hand terrorists.


Following a successful yet costly battle for Ashton Island alongside Terran Command, Liberalis has used the period of relative peace to further expand their influence across the continents and fortify their New Gabriel birthplace.




Caesar: A well-connected and charismatic leader who has been fighting for years to protect Terra and her people from outside oppression and influence. Despite this, he has managed to effectively hide himself from the public view and as such his appearance the location are widely unknown. He currently stands behind the scenes directing his army as he sees needed.


Jordan Smith: Liberalis' premier ambassador. When a deal needs brokering or a public face attached to the political side of the Liberalis movement, Smith is front and center. Little is known about his origins, though it is suspected he is a former member of South African intelligence services. Outside of verbal sparring he can hold his own in a battle, however he is by no stretch a proper soldier.


The Marshall: A Liberalis hardliner and suspected former lawman, he champions law and order wherever Caesar sends him. As a result, he is often sent to take control over newly acquired frontiers to bring the population under control and maintain Liberalis rule of law. His last known location was organizing Liberalis fleets near the newly controlled Side 5 before the current cease-fire took place. Redeployed to South Africa to assist in peace keeping post TFX Prison raid.


Cpt. Ralph Taylor: A former Praetorian and close friend of Smith, often acting as bodyguard for Smith's diplomatic missions. He is a highly professional soldier suspected to have served in the South African Special Forces Brigade. He currently heads Liberalis' Augmented Commando Brigade.


Col. Walter Rogers: A former US Army Airborne Officer who lost his family to a first contact conflict with alien forces. He has since become devoutly anti-alien and one of Caesar's most trusted commanders on account of his loyalty to the Liberalis cause. The loss of his family has not left him unscathed however. He harbors a deep care for his men, taking them on as a second family, leaving him prone to fits of homicidal rage at the sight of them being cut down by enemy forces. This has lead to him leading both heroic rage-filled charges on enemy positions and also short-sighted tactical errors made out of fits of rage. He leads his own unit, Roger's Raiders, the premier QRF of Liberalis.


Noteworthy Generic Looking Individuals:


Captain Typho: An experienced Liberalis fleet commander who led the charge against the southern Executor fleets at Ashton Island. He currently commands the Liberalis fleets over Japan. Unlike most ship captains, he sports the traditional Liberalis red beret.


Colonel Jon Adams: An experienced American field officer who has seen tours of duty in Manchuria, Ashton, and and South Africa. He is respected by his men and an overall efficient commander. Currently stationed in Japan helping coordinate front line defense after the Liberalis campaign in Manchuria ground to a halt. Wears a green officer's beret in addition to the standard Liberalis Infantry uniform.


Field Marshal Ivanovich: Another experienced officer hailing from Ukraine. He was stationed along the western coast of New Guinea when TFX and Indonesian forces initiated a landing on the beaches. Currently coordinating front line defense there. Recognizable by his inexplicable fondness for Fezs.



Though Liberalis is made up of mostly normal Terrans, they are all driven by either a desire to help out their fellow man or to drive xenos from Earth. As a result, many Liberalis commanders value human life above all else and greatly despise alien species. Expect them to commit genocidal acts against xenos while providing much needed aide to impoverished, disease stricken, and victimized humans. Attitudes on xeno sympathizers varies from soldier to soldier, though many would rather spare a sympathizer at all costs still seeing them as a fellow human being.


Strategy-wise, Liberalis' strong suit is in its guerrilla actions and covert-ops, often reverting to human wave tactics when in all out war. has now undergone a structural reconstruction, employing modern combined arms forces to combat the enemies of mankind. The under-trained revolutionaries of old can still be seen as guerrilla forces in enemy territories, or in the form of locals rushing to aid of Liberalis regulars in conflict zones.



Infantry Corps


Liberalis Regular: Reconstituted and reorganized, these men now make up the bulk of Liberalis infantry forces. About on par with the Ranger Corps of old, these soldiers are professionals - with all the training and equipment that entails. Gone are the days of disorganized, overly zealous revolutionary. While certainly not as zealous, these men are better trained to form an effective and cohesive fighting force that is less likely to retreat and more likely to put up a fight than Liberalis regulars previously seen.


Battle Android Troopers (BATs): A gift from Liberalis' allies, BATs are cheap yet effective robotic infantry that work best in large numbers. Equipped with basic AI, they can at times display some form of personality and enough coherence to make friendly fire incidents rare. Like the once disposable human revolutionaries they now replace, they are programmed to be fiercely zealous to the Liberalis cause. Expect them to take few prisoners once they have engaged enemies.


Revolutionary: The bread and butter fighters of Liberalis often locally recruited from the area they are fighting in. They receive only basic training (if that), a set of fatigues and a rifle before being pressed to the front lines. Many have a zealous devotion to the Liberalis cause. No longer the mainstay of Liberalis armed forces, the revolutionary is now a guerrilla fighter, often raised from enemy civilian ranks to cause havoc among enemy territories or to provide partisan style support for Liberalis forces on the front lines.


Ranger: A step above the standard revolutionary, the ranger is an experienced fighter, often a former soldier or veteran revolutionary, who has recieved additional training, body armor, and a better variant of the standard Liberalis rifle. They are often sent behind the waves of Revolutionaries to effectively engage enemy regulars. No longer deployed.


Roger's Raiders: Made up of survivors of the former Liberalis Airborne Corps, each man is handpicked by Col.Rogers to act as a quick reaction force for Liberalis, be it for missions of reconnaissance, raids, or other covert actions that does not require the expertise of Liberalis' Commandos. Currently trapped behind Voltor lines in Egypt.


Augmented Commando Brigade: The best soldiers Liberalis has to offer, made up of the former Praetorian unit volunteers. These men have undergone extensive conditioning as well as genetic and mechanical augmentation to provide the perfect soldiers for covert and high risk missions.


Armored Corps


M70 "Bulldog" MBT: A project of the Liberalis Modernization project, these new MBTs replaced the dated T-62s Liberalis once used. While not as heavily armored as most, they contain sufficent armor to engage most enemy threats, as well as smoke dispensers, modern targeting programming, and a modern 105mm cannon. Liberalis now once more stands a chance in armored battles.


M70A5 Heavy Support Tank: A variant of the M70, the M70A5 is a upgunned support weapon equipped with a portable rail gun to smash enemy heavy units and fortifications. These tanks are significantly slower to fire than their parent tank, however the punch they pack more than make up for the slow fire speed.


Type 103 Shusoukou Support Tank: The former MBT of the Touten regime, these tanks were absorbed into the Liberalis arsenal and for a time served as Liberalis' MBT alongside the aging T-62. With the M70 rolling out to the front lines, the T-103 now see service as the medium support tank of Liberalis forces. Due to the weaker gun and slower speed of these tanks, Liberalis tankers are particularly disliking of these vehicles knowing they are out-matched against the more advanced TFX Abrams or IOT hover tanks.


Type 103C Light tank: A smaller, down-gunned version of the Type 103 created to serve as a light tank for Liberalis raider and covert forces. While quite clearly the weakest of all Liberalis tank forces, its size allows for it to be used in airborne and QRF operations.


Type 93 Self Propelled Artillery: Another relic of the Touten Regime, this venerable mobile gun provides reasonably accurate 155mm artillery wherever a Liberalis officer or NCO could require it.


MLRS: Based off of tech originally stolen from the U.S. military, the Liberalis MLRS allows for a rain of rockets to be set upon advancing enemy forces (or enemy Air forces when properly configured). This old war horse has survived multiple generations of upgrades of the Liberalis motor pool and would appear to be here to stay.


Type 83 AA Tank: Based off of Chinese and G.U.N. designs, the Type 83 provides effective AA via both its 40mm auto cannons and 8 ready to fire Surface to Air Missiles. This armament comes at a cost of low armor to allow for higher mobility and (in theory) higher survivability of crews.


Humvee: Another vehicle stolen from the American arsenal, the Humvee has replaced the old Zhang truck as the soft transport vehicle for Liberalis. It can be retrofitted into various configurations, including anti personnel, ant vehicle, and cargo capable configurations.


RFV10A2 IFV: The second generation "Ranger Fighting Vehicle" no longer simply carries Ranger personnel on and to the front. Serving as the primary IFV of Liberalis, this moderately well armored fighting vehicle allows for save transport of Liberalis infantry and sufficient support fire with its 30mm cannon.


M71 "Wolverine" Combat Drone: Another product of the Liberalis and allies science corps, the Wolverine often deploys alongside BATs to provide armored support for the robot battalions without having to risk human crews. They also occasionally see use alongside commando or pathfinder units as disposable armor support. About on par with the RFV10A2 armor wise, and equipped with a similar 30mm auto cannon.


Tankers: Dressed in the new standard Liberalis uniform, the new Liberalis tanker is well trained in order to combat the enemies of mankind. They are not exceptional in the use of small arms, but will often hop out to support infantry if their vehicle is disabled.


Air Corps:


SU-34 Strike Fighter: Replacing the aging fleet of F-4A6 Phantoms, the SU-34 is the primary jet of the Liberalis Air Corps. Capable of sufficient strike and dog fighting capabilities, the SU-34 allows for Liberalis pilots to stand a chance against the growing number of enemy air forces.


A-15 "Rattler" Ground Attack Aircraft: Originally a prototype upgrade of the A-10, the A-15 serves as a faster upgrade to the battle proven Warthog. Containing a similar main gun and armor, it is capable of carrying a wide arrange of ordnance to take out enemy threats. The improved speed allows for improved dog fighting capability if absolutely required.


UTH-66 Blackfoot: An unlicensed copy of a well known American general purpose chopper. Equipped with slightly faster engines, the Blackfoot serves as the new general purpose helicopter of the Liberalis armed forces.


C-17 Globemaster: This well known aircraft serves as the standard large fixed wing cargo aircraft of the Liberalis forces.


Liberalis Helo pilot/crew: Often attached to the chain guns or cockpits of UTH-66s, many of these brave fellows will not hesitate to hop out of the helo to provide support fire or to drag an injured comrade to safety. Like tankers, they are poor fighters but many will try their damndest when push comes to shove.

Mech Forces:


Main Battle Mech: A reverse engineered copy of the old Bloodhand mechs, these dated yet effective bipedal walkers serve as the standard Liberalis mechanized unit. Can be configured in a variety of ways, including a 20mm rifle, a 30mm chain gun, and a shoulder shield.


Heavy Assault Mech: Created using stolen plans of prototype Mongolian bipedal mechs, these heavy duty mechs sport two 30mm chainguns and a solid amount of armor for personal protection.


Scout Mech: Lightly armored yet agile, these tracked mechs are used by Liberalis for raiding and covert Ops assignments in addition to their prescribed scouting role.


Mech Pilots: Having argued their way, the often hot headed pilots of the mech corps sport older style Liberalis fatigues in defiance of the new modernization program. Some are exceptional at hand to hand combat while others prove worse than even the helo pilots. Given the status of Liberalis mech corps however, its unlikely they'll ever live long enough to put those skills to use.


Space Corps.


Musai Class Cruiser: A light cruiser armed with six double barreled beam cannons and missile launch bays. Primarily used to provide addition ground troops to battlefields on planets or to launch additional fighters for dog fighting. Their light armament usually sees them as support craft in ship versus ship battles. Typically used in large numbers to good effect.


Magellan Class Battleship: The most common ship to fly for Liberalis, this battleship is armed with a large arsenal of Mega-Particle Beam Cannons, cannons (both AA and Anti Ship variants) of various calibers, and missile launchers, with heavy armor to provide sufficient protection against enemies. Due to it's heavy armament, it carries few fighters, relying on other craft to provide adequate fighter support.


Gwazine Class Dreadnaught: The pride of the Liberalis fleet, these ships are a fearsome sight for Liberalis enemies. More heavily armed than a Magellan with thicker armor and shields, Gwazines also feature a full compliment of fighters. These powerful ships are very resource and time intensive to make however, and as such their numbers are small. They retain a black paint scheme to honor the first Liberalis ships reconstituted from the Side 5 defense fleet prior to the Axon-TC war.


Mk. 1 "Hellbat" Aerospace Fighter: Cramped yet fast, these fighters are armed with plasma cannons and a handful of missles to counter enemy fighter squadrons. While they may seem comically small, when in large numbers they can pose a threat to even the most hardened fighter squadrons.


Spacesuits: For crews of ships these suits can be a life saver in the event of a hull breach. Many crew members of Liberals vessels often opt to don these suits before prolonged space combat whenever possible to prevent the painful death being catapulted into space can cause. Suits contain basic survival kit and space to holster a standard Liberalis 10mm pistol.


Civilian Corps - Law Enforcement:


Town/City Police: The lawmen who enforce ROL in Liberalis' Metropolitan and Suburban areas. They dress similarly to your average American law enforcement officer. Not exception fighters, but many are exceptional peace officers. Their standard side arms are 9mm semi-automatic pistols. Most carry 12 ga pumps in their cruiser and can be expected to be armed with such combined with 5.56 rifles when exigency demands it.


Provincial Police: Found in both Cities and the countryside, these officers generally are the only lawmen in the latter. They're akin to State Troopers and Highway Patrol of the United States or the Federal Police of Germany. Their garb is modeled after the Marshal, as seen by their aviators and smokey bear hats. They drive faster, newer cruisers compared to their local law enforcement counterparts.


Police Blackfoot: Police marked version of the standard Liberalis UTH-66. Can be equiped with nose-mounted lights for search and rescue. Only standard armament comes in the form of police marksmen in the copter.


Sprites: On the Sprite Wars Dropbox.

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Map color: Gold

The Story So Far

The Executors PMC, (nicknamed "Esdaile's Executors" after it's founder) is a relatively small, multicultural and multispecies force that has strongholds and outposts in the "Grand Campaign" universe as well as a few others. The paramilitary force takes missions by those they allow to hire them and those that they stumble upon that are willing to recieve their help. They support all beings free rights and will only take on missions by governments they feel work towards them. Along with taking combat missions, they also participate in rebuilding and construction efforts, and sell technology, weapons and vehicles.

The Executors started in the Grand Campaign universe, after its Earths third "Grand War" and the Terminus incident that followed.

Starting in the Grand Campaign universe, a short time after its Earths third "Grand War" and the "Terminus" incident. Hydronians had made a home on the GC's Earth even though they were from the "West universe", and when they found out this universes version of their planet was occupied, they sent a taskforce to free it. The fight was personal- the West version of Hydronia had faced a Lyvek invasion, and this one was under the control of Lyvek Insurrectionists (those who hadn't joined the more peaceful, less hostile Ishuda Pantheon Lyvek government) Esdaile Coil went along with them, acting with a small number of others to drum up mercenary support throughout the GC galaxy beforehand.

The combined Hydronian, Ishuda Pantheon and mercenary force won the conflict in a few months. After, the Hydronians hired those mercenaries interested for a mission that could not involve the Hydronians or Ishuda- liberating Kugel Prime from an oppressive, fascist government. Esdaile would go along for this- and once it was found out that one of the mercenaries among them [Jano Rekova, otherwise known as "CommanderCool"] was the rightful heir to the Kugel government, he would take control of the government after its fascist leaders were killed.

Afterwards, the GC galaxy was left with a shaky alliance between Hydronia and the Ishuda Pantheon and newly ressurected Kugestaldt Republic, as well as a solid alliance between Earth and Hydronia. Many soldiers from all sides had become disillusioned, deserted or officially left. Alien races who'd left the Kugestaldt Republic due to their treamtent during its fascist era, humans and Mobians leaving Earth who wanted to see the wider galaxy, Kugels and Lyveks of all kinds- Esdaile hired them all, as long as they were individuals he thought could be trusted. Having seen what nongovermental groups could do in Hydronia and Kugel Primes liberations, as well as with his friend Ryic Blackrains work on Earth, Esdaile brought these disparate parties, among others together to try and aid any of those who wanted it.

Arriving on the Global Campaign version of Earth, Esdaile had the Executors hired by the Nordic Technocracy, a futuristic faction of English origin that had the Executors help them liberate Britain from supremacists of strangely FSA origin- since the FSA was from the GC universe. They helped keep order in Britain for a few days and helped in reconstruction efforts before departing. Having made their base on the UN's abandoned Ashton Island, the Executors set up a Earth website, started to make contacts with various companies, traded and send out advertisements for their services. When the Nordic Technocracy was taken over by someone Esdaile was familiar with [Kulen] and reformed into the Silver Empire, both the Executors and Axonians were intimidated but would join the SE ball held on the Elysium station.


This lead to the alliance between the Executors, Axonians, the Silver Empire and the Mobian Kingdom. When the Silver Empire fell to the brainwashed forces of the Order, the Executors were quick to move into Britain to free it from them- as well as going to Spain to stop Rebel forces from moving in to take over the now abandoned SE land. This would lead to them being stretched out too far, when a local branch of the multidimensional Highlon Corporation [one Esdaile was familiar with] was taken over by Barrington Rook. Quickly turned into Terran Command, this oppressive, Earth and human centric force attacked Ashton Island in full, forcing the Executors to move to their territories in the UK and Spain in exile.

Despite support from many due to their work in Britain fighting off FSA remnants and the Order, their giving home to SE refugees, their aid to the Mobian Islands during its attack by Millenium, their defeat of the Rebellion in Spain, among other things, the Executors reputation has been bloodied by impersonators committing terrorist attacks on US soil, as well as accusations of dozens of crimes by the TC run Tiger News Network. With many looking at them unkindly, tensions between them and Axon, Terran Commands ceasefire with their ally Axon about to run out, Terran Command expanding on Earth, Liberalis attacking many alien citizens, Esdaile being missing and so on, The Executors know the fight is far from over.


Esdaile Coil


Command Sgt. Gregory Hawkins
Veteran of the Kugestaldt Republic Armed Forces [KRAF] from one universe, Gregory Hawkins was eventually picked up by the multiversal Chrono Army and eventually met Esdaile in the terrorist Discordian faction. Defecting from them with the Worldbuilder, they parted ways until Esdaile sought him out to lead the infantry section of his Executor forces. A compassionate, respectful and cordial man, Gregory can work well with most people he meets- despite his good attitude, he doesn't sharken from being tough on his men when he has to be. Being a Kugel, he has an especially strong dislike of unfair treatments, prejudicse and so on- besides battle, it's often what brings out the most fire from him. Respected by the troops, he's a good leader who often takes the helm when Esdaile is unable to.

Francis Kennedy Richardson
FKR is an old friend of Esdailes, and the mercenary has taken on both an advisory role and a participatory one. He can be easygoing when in a good mood, but he's more serious compared to Esdaile and can be sarcastic and bitter, almost biting with those he dislikes. Brooding, it's rumored that something happened to him that has to do with the Rebellion, oweing to his especially tough treatment of them in the Spain conflict. FKR has a genetic mutation that has given him his uniquely albino appearance, as well as pyrokinesis.


Belonging to a race of magic users called the "Hejek," Cynthia is an old acquaintance of Esdailes who's used her magi for cons and other schemes. More "scrupulous" then bad, it's still notable that Cynthia doesn't care as much about the work the Executors do- she's just willing to help a friend out, once or twice.

A mysterious, armored individual who seems to know Esdaile as well as a few others. Why he's joined the Executors or who they really are is unknown.

The "Isiah" is a prototype seige robot created by Esdaile. Although it utilizes Earth designs and weaponry, its chassis is constructed from Worldbuilder alloys and it is /extremely/ tough to take down, not to mention fast due to the way it moves about- through the air, owing to the helicopter blades attached to the top of its body.

Characteristics and How-To-Portray

The Executors will use modern strategy and tactics. Although Mk 3 Combat Suits can take fire from small to middle arms for a period of time, infantry will almost always use cover when they can, only relying on their armors strength when they have to. Infantry will usually be supplemented by smaller vehicles and anti-infantry mechs and combat suits, if they aren't acting as support themselves to massive swarms of remote controlled, robot infantry. Tactics and strategy in individual battles will often vary, but the Executors often focus on overwhelming firepower, flanking maneuvers and other such tricks, vehicular support and fleets of airships and so on if the airspace is clear.

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and species, the Executors will have one or two bad apples- xenophobes, those who're superstitious or biased- but the organizations aim is to help all beings to gain their rights, and they're almost always accepting to those they're helping and those who want to join them. Socially progressive, pro-science and so on, the Executors have a low tolerance for oppressive or prejudice governments and organizations, vying with them on principle. The soldiers coming from special forces organizations, the cream of the crop of regular divisions and a number of mercenaries, most Executors will be respectful and polite, a few being informal or surly or more maverick then others. Many of them smoke, and some will drink- drinking is tolerated, but only when off-duty and at certain times.

Strengths + Weaknesses

The Executors will keep themselves well supplied, air and spaceships supplementing when landlocked supply lines can't do it all. They prepare with the right equipment for different enemies, and can deploy quickly with their wide range of dropships and transports. With relatively heavy armor on their infantry, good weapons for them and overwhelming kinetic and laser weaponry as well as railgun and coil technology adapted from the Hydronians on their vehicles, the Executors can often overwhelm weaker foes- however, like all others they're only mortal.

Anti-tank and heavier weaponry/bombs will be able to take care of most Executor vehicles [despite this, they ARE well armored- especially the larger tanks], and heavier caliber weapons, heavy/sustained fire and explosives will all wipe out their infantry. However, Executor soldiers are tenacious and determined in battle and even those at an equal footing with them will find themselves facing a tough battle.

In addition, Executors have operated on a number of planets and in a few different universes- and being made up of aliens themselves, foreign and alien technology and weapons won't frighten them from origin- just if it something that brings a lot of force to the battle. They have some experience with supernatural/paranormal forces as well and won't balk at them at first appearance, but if things get terrifying reactions will range from scared to unflinching like the members of any other army.

Units - Coming Soon!





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The Confederate Remnant


Confederate Remnant Factbook

Type of Goverment: Confederacy

Constitution: Articles of Secession

Head of State: Ajan Zilack

Capitol: Mustafar

Currency: Galactic Credits


After the massacre on Mustafar, the guns of the once great droid armies of the confederacy fell silent. With so much of its power gone, the empire easily carved a swathe through the few remaining seperatist holdouts. However, a few managed to survive.

A year after the clone wars, a former confederate leader by the name of Ajan Zilack went back to Mustafar. Upon his arrival, he found the remains of what had once been the central broadcasting center for the entire droid army. Enlisting the help of a cadre of scientists, he rebuilt the droid army signal beacon awakening the dormant droid armies on Mustafar. With the beacon reestablished, the armed forces of the holdouts were reactivated and Ajan became the leader of the Confederate Remnant.

The remnant began its expansion shortly after, with the establishment of Mustafar as the remnant capitol. Across the surface of Mustafar, factories churned out the droids, vehicles, and other materials that constituted the new Confederate Remnant Army and Navy. With a signifigant amount of power available to the remnant and the Empire busy with the rebel threat, the Remnant began efforts to gain new allies.

Within a year, the territories of the corporate sector and the hutt cartels were covertly under control of the confederate remnant. The confederates were prepared to make their presence known to the galaxy when something unexpected occured. A portal opened in the remnants of what had once been alderaan.

Through this portal, was another universe. A universe more sparsley populated, yet still filled with a plethora of new races. The remnant has seized this opportunity to expand their territory unmolested and mobilized much of their forces. But they are not alone; the empire, rebels, and other factions have also taken notice of this portal and are prepared to fight for it. The galactic civil war has come to our galaxy.


Ajan Zilack: A former confederate leader during the clone wars, he is now the head of the confederate remnant. Not much is known about him as of yet due to the lack of information that comes out of the remnant.

Commander Logan: Formerly a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, he was greatly discouraged by the rampant corruption and deserted to the separatist side. He is now the head of the RLA and Ajan's right hand man. During the remnants exogalactic excursion, Logan was placed in charge of the defence of the remnant holdouts and their territory.

T388: Ajan's personal tactical droid, T388 is both a friend and a worthy commander of both ground and space assaults.

Military Units

Confederate Remnant Army: The confederate army is the land based arm of the remnant.

Confederate Remnant Navy:The confederate navy is the space borne arm of the remnant.

Republic Liberation Army: Formed from Republic traitors of the clone wars, this army is made up of clone troopers and old republic personell. The RLA uses a mixture of republic and confederate equipment.

Approximated Military Strength

Battle Droids: 138 trillion assorted droids.

Confederate Militia: 2.5 billion men.

RLA: 923 million men.

Ships: 28 billion assorted ships.

Fighters: 5 trillion assorted ships.

Commando Corps: 1 million men.

Heavy Armor: 6 trillion vehicles.

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Draco Strife

Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire


True to their namesake, the Strife family has been a part of the many conflicts that have raged on the Planet Mobius. For generations, this martial clan of foxes have sold themselves as mercenaries to whatever side that's willing to pay. While their existence has always been public knowledge throughout Mobian history, the history of the clan itself has always been kept secret. No one knows how the foxes ever came to be or what rigorous training each scion has been through, all that is known is their effectiveness in battle. The only (so far) known scion of the Strife clan is Draco Strife. As usual, little is known of this particular fox, but he has been part of the Robotnik War 9 years ago, in the employ of the Freedom Fighters. With the advent of FTL drives, and many Mobians emigrating to Earth, Draco has decided to take his services across the galaxy. After hearing the news of the attack on Neo Mobotropolis, as well as numerous other conflicts breaking out across Earth, Draco knew that there would be definitely no shortage of work to do there...


Draco is a master of both melee and raged combat, and is able to acclimate himself with new equipment rather quickly. Draco is also a skilled pilot both in fighter craft and in Mechs. Draco also has one supernatural ability: electrical control. Whether this is just some innate ability or genetic mutation, not even Draco knows. He is immune to all forms of lightning and electricity, and can arc electricity at opponents should there be a direct source nearby. While reluctant to do so, Draco CAN generate his own electricity himself, but this ability drains him fairly quickly. He does use this for subduing his opponents quickly like a taser, hence his success as a bounty hunter. Draco is not a gearhead, but certainly has the knowledge to maintain his own gear and his personal fighter. He has some understanding of magic and the supernatural (speaking from experience with the latter).


Unlike most deadpan mercenaries, Draco is very talkative, and a bit of a wisecrack. When it comes to business, he sells himself more as a bounty hunter than a full mercenary, however he'll take any job that meets his standards. Draco dislikes wetwork, which is extremely difficult and can lead to horrible complications (unless the bounty in question truly despicable scum), and will take no missions involving significant civilian presence or any mission solely to cause terror (the Strifes have honor to maintain). Draco is tolerant of humans and other alien species and is proud of his own Mobian heritage. He won't take any mission from any factions with prejudices against Mobians.


Draco has expensive taste but with reason. Most of the jobs he takes require him to be alone, and having the right gear for the job could mean the difference between life and death. The high prices he sets for his services are so he can afford to maintain his gear.

This is Draco's current kit:


Babylon Manufacturing "Crusader" Environmental Body Armor: Another recent development in Mobian military technology, the Crusader provides full Nuclear/Biological/Chemical protection as well as in space. While not true power armor, the armor contains a comm unit and a tactical HUD. The armor is made of light composite materials, and provides an excellent balance between mobility and protection against ballistic and energy weapons.


ArmsTech X-6 Heavy Pistol: The X-6 Heavy Pistol, while not cutting-edge is still a very reliable handgun with great stopping power due to it's high caliber armor-piercing rounds. Draco uses this in most short-range shootouts.

Babylon Manufacturing RG-50 Hypervelocity Assault Rifle: Aside from his starship, this is the most sophisticated weapon in Draco's arsenal. The RG-50 is essentially a miniaturized railgun capable of firing slugs at supersonic speeds, and is suitable for both medium and long range combat. The rifle's scope has several modes of vision, including night vision and thermographic (Draco is known to shoot through soldiers in cover due to this). The rifle also boasts a smartgun system that links with his armor's HUD. The smartgun system provides distance to all current targets in view with the ability to designate which targets to not fire at (Draco's good at not hitting civilian targets, but he knows that mistakes happen and thus utilizes this ability often to minimize collateral). The smartgun system also allows Draco to fire the weapon remotely, nice for setting up booby-traps.

ArmsTech Combat Knife: Draco's personal knife has a monomolecular edge, making it easy to slice through most combat armor.


AutoHacker: Perfect for espionage, the AutoHacker is a portable mini-computer that can plug into most computers and neutralize their internal security. The downside to this remarkable piece of gear is that the hacking is very brute-force, possibly making those actively monitoring their computer security systems aware of the intrusion.


The Defiance: The manufacturer for this remarkable space superiority fighter is unknown to all but the Strife clan. The fighter has FTL capability, rare for most space fighters, and is able to perform well in both space and atmospheric combat. It's primary armament is two rapid-fire phased plasma cannons, and is capable of loading both missiles and torpedoes (the latter does make the fighter more sluggish in dogfights). The Defiance's fuselage and wings are made with a special radar-absorbant alloys making it almost impossible for most conventional radars to detect, as well as carrying a cloaking device! The cloaking device however, drains the shields and weapon systems as it uses much of the fighter's power; however, it can be used when landed for long periods of time, making the fighter good for most covert insertions and extractions. The fighter also has a rather powerful interstellar communication suite as well as a storage compartment with it's own internal life-support meant for holding a single occupant (namely any bounties Draco is charged to find).


(OOC: Yes this is a bit apocryphal, as I have been lazy to come up with comics. However, I maintain that he was indeed active during the last season, though his actions alone were not enough to change the events of the GC that dramatically. If I can be prodded enough to make more comics, that might change. For now, roll with me what I got here.)

During the past year when the war on Earth broke out, he found himself mostly under the employ of the Mobian Kingdom, and eventually the IOT as a whole. He has undertaken various missions and contracts, chiefly disrupting the Liberalis Terrae's operations. This has earned the enmity of Caesar himself, namely a large price on his head which Draco considers a badge of honor. He has partaken in the defense of both the Mobian Islands and Ashton Island against the Terran Command. He has not worked directly for the IRON Alliance as of yet, though he's certain that IRON is aware of his past exploits.

As he expected, the past year has been extremely lucrative to him. Much of his payments has been wired securely back home, though he keeps enough cash (physical and electronic) on him to cover any immediate expenses (or bribes). Still, he's concerned with the way the war has been going. More xenophobic humans are beginning to appear daily, which will eventually begin to affect the contract offers he gets. Draco is also concerned about future Mobian interests on Earth. He won't exclusively work with the IOT, but if the Mobians are threatened with extinction, he may drop his neutrality and rally to the defense of his Mobian kin pro-bono. It won't be the first time he has done so...


Draco Strife

The Defiance


(Copypasta from GC1, will need to edit a bit.)

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map color: light blue


Mecha Sonic's legion


This is an army of robots with only 3 objectives which are to get chaos emeralds by any means necessary, to become the rulers of the universe, and to eliminate any who stand in their way toachieve this goal. They recently found the emerald called a super emerald a very powerful big chaos emerald but not as big as the master emerald. Chaos emeralds can be used for many things. For Example one chaos emerald powers a large orbital space super laser that cuts through planets. Beings or machines can absorb this energy which can grant the user magical powers like shooting beams of pure chaos energy, partial invincibility when all 7 are fully used, and flying without the use of flying equipment. The phenomenon is called chaos control. The user can even manipulate time and space enabling them the power of Teleportation. But the more chaos emeralds used at once when using chaos control the more powerful the being or object will be. Chaos use of chaos emeralds when using chaos control can put great stresses on the user’s body if used for too long will literally rip them apart. The uses for chaos emeralds are limitless but there are only seven emeralds the size of dodge balls and the master emerald which is very large and is currently protected by the echidna tribe on Mobius , there is also the super emerald which is less powerful than the master emerald but just as big. And that’s all of the things you need to know about the army’s goals


Important people


Mecha Sonic- In the far reaches of space there was a robot named Mecha Sonic. Nobody knows who created him some say it was a scientist on earth a long ago named Gerald Robotnik, but people will never know who did in the first place not even Mecha Sonic does. His robotic frame was completely made of a mysterious alloy imbued with mana. A magical energy, allowing him to work with magic. He has artificial intelligence and has feelings surprisingly making him almost mortal. But he was completely programmed with specific instructions which were to get chaos emeralds by any means necessary, use them to control the universe, and crush all that opposes them especially sonic the Hedgehog. But the programmers didn't take into account that his emotion would control him to do illogical things due to him being cocky and because he makes no error.


His sprites: http://www.majhost.c...ry.cgi?f=284028


His form tree is below so nobody is confused with any of the forms they see think of it as a reference and so you don't mess the names up.





Mecha shadow

Another robot apart of the Mecha series, he may be even more deadly then mecha sonic. He is also powered from chaos energy. His design is slightly more robust but almost the same as Mecha Sonic's design there minds are linked so they share information with one another. He has the same objectives that Mecha Sonic has. They work in tandem usually. More for him coming soon... sprites



Bass: created by Dr. Willy who says it to be his most powerful creation who is näive and has a mind of his own meaning he doesn’t follow orders well a few times he has turned on his master. He and his robotic dog treble, and yes they are named after different octaves in music, can combine to turn into a super form which grants him many abilities including flying this is not as powerful as chaos control and has the same affect on the users body.

Sprites are in hear: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=288388


Shadow man: also owned by Dr. Willy and is one of his masters robot masters also known some of his best creations or in this case finds. Shadow man was not created by Br. Willy, but created by a long since deceased alien civilization. He was reprogrammed by Dr. Willy, but already came programmed with abilities of stealth and the ninja way. For more info on him and his personality go to this link: http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_Man

Sprites: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Mechasonic/sprites/f8e2632866rmu.png


Dr. Willy: He is your garden variety mad scientist who wants to take over the world. He will side with anybody to get it and even if he has to share. For more info on him: http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Wily


Dr. Eggman: another power hungry mad scientist with a very similar mind set to Dr. Willy.

For more info: http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Doctor_Eggman


Note: sprites will be withheld for both doctors until asked.


The army


Mecha Sonic didn't want to do his mission alone so he made drones to help him complete his goal. there are many types you will see below there are ranks are: engineer, pilot, private, commander, demolitions, sniper ,assassin and heavy weapons.

Sprites for soldiers: http://www.majhost.c...y.cgi?i=3823626


Spies: Machines which disguise themselves as humans or alien to infiltrate society for intelligence gathering

Sprites for spies: http://www.majhost.c...y.cgi?i=3827423


Patrol drones: they are lightly armored drones which are more varied the regular drones in that they have 40 mm grenade launchers , mini guns,, 40 mm auto cannons they are only fond patrolling the borders of Mecha Sonic's deployable base travels in groups of one or two http://www.majhost.c...r_update_v1.png



Drones: lightly armored flying drones with a laser cannon mounted on it. travels in swarms of 5 rarely 15.



Support drones: these are propelled by 2 wheals and carry an armament of 2 rocket pods of about 30 missiles each for use against vehicles and infantry and one mini gun. These are fairly well armored, giving it protection from most non energy weapons, these robots are unshielded. Unlike most of its legged cohorts this contraption can get stuck in ditches and has a hard time going up mountains without a moderately smooth surface like a road, they still can cross rough terrain with little difficulty. http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Mechasonic/sprites/x34.bmp


H.A.M- heavy automated mecha: these are just a larger design of the main troops mostly armed with 2 automatic 30mm auto canons with an under mounted 50mm anti-tank cannons, and a shoulder mounted dark matter canon armament may vary. They are also equipped with more powerful shield generators making them better protected against heavy weapons and are treated like one of the soldiers shield Generators.


Mortar bot: a design with 3 types regular armed with a mortar on its back and a plasma cannon in its mouth. The commando does not have a mortar but does have a giant combat knife in its mouth and a 3 barreled Gatling cannon in there as well. And the rocket variant it only armed with rockets. Has medium body armor protecting it from anything below the nato caliber unless its armor piercing. Is vulnerable to energy weapons. They are also equipped with jump assist rockets letting them jump up to 2 stories high.


Disposable mortar bot: (may not be used if Ziggy doesn’t want me to use it) this only has a mortar and once it’s used it, it self-destructs


More coming soon


Strengths- the army that Mecha Sonic controls is very advanced. The robots are well equipped with very potent weapons and have shield generators that have some protection small arms fire, energy weapons, explosives, and melee weapons making them hard to kill. And they are very durable. Some models even have cloaking devices. And of course the advantages other robots have.


Weaknesses- but the Shields are not limitless because the more damage something does to it the more energy is then needed sustain the shield it has it can’t stand up to heavy weapons but laser rifles no problem think Halo 4 Shields. All robots in the army are resistant but not immune to EMPs except Mecha Sonic he is fully powered off of chaos energy. Since the robots are so complex take a long time to make them plus creating those uses up a lot of resources due to their many pieces so there are a lot less of them. The robots may also malfunction but this is highly unlikely unless they are EMPed because they are robustly built but the common defects are the possiblity of leg or arm joints could get jammed , poorly attached legs or arms, or a shield generator malfunction which creates a small explosion.


Mount Erebus: a base abandoned by Mecha sonics's masters due to an accidental creation of zombies. Mecha Sonic is cleaning it out and is finding many useful new peaces of technology. Its an active volcano in the ring of fire in Antarctica the walls of the volcano are covered with guns and automatic turrets and inside of the volcano is 3 missile silos one of which is filled with and ICBM in the inside of the active volcano. Inside there are many defense systems. More bases and info coming soon.....

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An rogue military organization bent on world domination liberating the oppressed from the Tyrannical World Powers. They're far behind the rest of the world, technologically. Their primary advantage is an abundance of troops, plentiful equipment, and good old fashioned firepower.


Although the Rebellion is decentralized and spread across multiple nationalities, cultures, and people, in general they share a single unifying cause: the complete and utter destruction of the current world order, and the replacement of it with a new order controlled by them. Curiously, they don't seem to have a single figurehead unifying and directing them, therefore it is impossible to say would would head this new government should they actually succeed.

Cells and their Leaders:

The Rebellion is not a single military force under any single General. It is several unified military, terrorist, and revolutionary groups combining their capital and soldiers to build a cohesive whole. At this time, the most of the Leaders of the Rebellion have not been fully identified, and thus they are commonly referred to by code-names.

North African Cell:

The Moroccan: A Warlord from, North Africa. He leads the Long range Desert Operations Group. Can be picked out in a crowd by his distinctive Fez and beard. He prefers lightly-equipped, highly-mobile desert raiders as the bulk of his force, supported by mobile artillery.

United States Cell:

Mohawk: An enigmatic figure born in the United States. Long since disillusioned by the world around him, he serves as both a figurehead and an organizer for the near-anarchistic American Cell of the Rebellion. Mohawk's forces are highly irregular compared to the rest of the Rebellion, consisting of smaller groups or even single individuals operating independently to spread chaos and confusion through sabotage, bombings, and raids against federal institutions.

European Cell

Leadership currently unknown.

Vietnamese Cell

General Dukewise: A popular figure within the Rebellion, General Dukewise is one of the remaining leaders from what could be considered the original Rebellion, which was a paramilitary force operating during the Cold War in opposition to both East and West. Elevated from the ranks through natural tactical skill and the ability to win the hearts and minds of men both military and civilian alike, he commands the loyalty of the vast infantry formations of the Rebellion deployed in Vietnam.

Pangean Cell

Leadership currently unknown.

South African Cell

Leadership currently unknown.

Other Leaders:

These individuals, although relevant within the Rebellion's command and logistics structure, are not operating in any particular theater of war. Their duties vary from logistics, propaganda, information warfare, and other atypical roles within the Rebel Military Hierarchy.

Galt: A wealthy industrialist, his factories produce the vast bulk of Rebel Military Hardware. His contributions to, and status within the Rebellion have changed what would otherwise be a well-supplied rogue army into a powerful economic force in the lands under their control. The Headquarters of the Rebellion's corporate and manufacturing branch is located in Malark City, within the Rebellion's Command Fortress.

Teach: A brilliant tactician, this woman has earned many many nicknames, both charming and not. Although cheerful on the surface, this is a facade concealing a mighty temper that can turn at a moment's notice. She is in charge of the Rebellion's Training Cadres, but beyond a small force of guards and combat instructors, she does not command any forces.

Egghead: One of Galt's Chief Engineers, he often rides along with Rebel Combat Divisions assigned with field testing new weaponry, gathering research data to further improve the Rebellion's weaponry. He's a bit smug and arrogant, but at the first sign of real trouble he has the tendency to claim non-combatant status and retreat as quickly as possible.

The Writer: Faceless and unknown to most, The Writer is the man responsible for the document known only as "The Rebel Manifesto." This several hundred-page document, in long and rambling prose, declares the overall aims of the Rebellion, calling for a "general uproar" against all current standing world states, and the "liberation of the common man from the corrupt, degraded ideologies that chain him to mediocrity." What this precisely means is never precisely defined in even the most recently published version of the document, but that doesn't stop The Writer from adding further chapters in an attempt to expand on and explore the concept.

Bases of Operations:

Europe: Unknown
North Africa: Morocco
South Africa:
North America: Unknown
South America: Unknown
Pangea: Malark City
Asia: Vietnam

Sprites: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=170957

This majhost serves as a temporary repository for sprites utilized by the Rebellion. You could gain a more well-rounded collection simply by visiting the Spriter's Resource. A future profile revision will contain links to specialized sprites that I've made or edited that would otherwise be inaccessible. Except where noted, I make no claim to any of the sprites used here, and I'd like to thank the countless people who have "added on" to the Rebellion in years past. Most notably, the following (in no particular order):
SNK/NAZCA (We wouldn't be here if it weren't for these guys!)
Tsauruvian Empire
The Mad Soldier
Storm Spotter Fox
Kevin Huff
Countless other rippers, editors, and sprite-enthusiasts in general.
This list will undoubtedly grow with time. Without these folks, and countless unnamed others, I can safely say that the Rebellion would be far less interesting and well-rounded than it's become. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants here. And with that, I'll end this huge fucking disclaimer.

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An uncorrupt group of soldiers that are Ex Nato, and are bent on saving the world. They operate out of several secret bases which are unknown to the enemy forces. They have advanced tech, but use the good old weapons from the early 21st century, and are trained to eliminate the enemy. There are no rogue soldiers, and they are still humane. They do not hurt the innocent and they strive to protect them.


The task force is lead by several men. The supreme commander is unknown, but there are 4 main field commanders.


Mah. Orion Michael Irving

The leader of Task Force X. He is a Marshal of the US Army, and is one of the top secret DELTA project soldiers. His battlesuit can be self contained and pressurized, and it is designed to resist impacts, vacuum, bullets and sharp weapons. His armament consists of an AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, 2 M93r's, 1 57-9, a Gerber pocketknife, a S&W pocketknife, grenades, X-2 Shockweb wrist launcher, 1 machete, 1 tomahawk, and several different types of shotgun ammo. His pet, Monster, is his most dearly beloved posession. (You MAY NEVER KILL MONSTER)

Col. John O'Leary
Main field commander from the SAS. He's loved by the men under him, and is the commander's right hand man. He is armed with an AS-VAL, an axe, grenades, and 2 57-9's. John is close to all the people he knows, especially the men under his command.

Lt. Rees "Red" Noble
Another field commander, and an excellent combat lifesaver. Red also hails from the 2nd Rangers. He got his nickname from his bloody interceptor armor, which was stained red with blood from people he'd saved after the umpteenth battle in Fallujah. Even the enemy respects Red. He may look liek just a medic, but his SAW, M1911 and Arkansas Toothpick say otherwise. Did we mention he also wont hesitate to use the medical supplies to kill his enemies too?

Lt. Ross Kelly
Ross is a 5'10" hellraising pararescueman who absolutely loathes everything that is evil. He's not much of a "talk first shoot later man", although he does show mercy to enemies who surrender. Ross is also known as the ripper amongst the enemy soldiers, and after seeing him rip a voltor soldier to the ground with his chainsaw, or smash a terrorists head off with his trench club, not many people would argue. He's fearless of anything, including things bigger than him...like voltor storm troopers.

WO5 Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano
Pat is an ex GRU operative for the Spetz. He is a soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and later joined the United States Army Rangers. He terrifies his enemies, as he was deformed, but like in a way nobody had ever seen. His eyes, naturally blue, had actually changed to red after absorbing over 30gy of radiation. He proved to be a medical anomaly, however, and against the ridiculously overwhelming odds, he actually recovered, and became one of the strongest men alive.


Other Characters

There are several other soldiers who are well respected amongst the task force, who are not in positions of power, who often re appear. They will be listed here, along with which unit they served in. Some of these people may get killed/wounded in action during campaign.


Sgt. Farrand Josephs - SAS

Sgt. Ferren Josephs - SAS

Capt. John Fawkes - SAS

Col. Richard O'Leary - SAS

Capt. Kix Kelly - 101st Airborne

GySgt. Blaze Johnson - 101st Airborne

Cpl. Felix Ramirez - 10th Mountain Division

1stSgt. Sam Hex - 10th Mountain Division

Tpr. Brent Thomas - Royal Marines

Sgt. Tim Dawwe - Royal Marines

WO1 James Merrick - 1st Infantary Batallion


others not listed...




**********, ME - USA

******, MA - USA

****************, FL - USA

****, AK - USA

****** - Vietnam

***********, NWT - Canada

Classified Location, ONT - Canada

Classified Location - England

Classified Location - Russia



The Task Force is an elite force that is trained for multiple situations. Every member knows how to use multiple vehicles, in case of emergencies. The Task Force has an intricate method for recruiting. The background checks are extensive, and acceptance usually takes a month. It's extremely hard to infiltrate the organization because you can't just throw on a uniform and claim you're one of them. There are several classified deterrence methods (I refuse to say them because I don't want people using this as a way of suddenly knowing how to infiltrate the task force. The idea is that it is really hard, and you're gonna have to do it by trial and error). In combat, everyone works together, utilizing tactics and several approaches. Everyone works together in order to find weaknesses. Another important thing to know is that there are no nanomachines used by the task force. They are highly efficient in combat, and it takes a lot to make them even slightly afraid.

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