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Global 2 Map Thread


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We're just going ahead with the mostly-blank map.





Current Map. Latest addition: Underling's Terran Command



If you could, use your faction icon to mark important locations. Like, the Axonian Cross could mark their capital and important cities/bases. Stuff like that. Although you might need to edit your icon to be slightly tinier and/or just zoom in on your area of the map if it's smaller, like the smaller European areas. You can go into detail about the locations you mark here.


The above map might be a little small so I found a bigger one here:



PM or Skype me if you need more detailed maps, I'll try to find some...like one that has North American lines.

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Added more detailed map for locations
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Majhost seems to be back so I updated the links.


I'll give a sample of a landmark map, using Axon Germany as an example. Didn't consult CC for these, just making them up for sake of demonstration.





Doesn't have to be numbers, label them with names if you want.

1) Berlin: Capital of Germany and HQ of the Axonians on Earth. Highly populated and heavily guarded. They say you can't steal a car without being mobbed by 20 Axonian policemen. Of course, they also say you can't litter without being thrown in a cell.


2) Iserlohn: A large town in a forested region, it is also home to an Axonian defensive fort. Fort Iserlohn's guns can lay down heavy artillery fire anywhere along the Rhine.

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I'm pretty sure we just post the map with our changes here, right? I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Guess Im gonna throw the Talon into New Zealand, as that is what they were preparing to conquer right at the end of the last campaign.


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