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Music for when the RAGE Broadcast happens

Music at the scene with the Barrister onward

(also robots are not affected by the RAGE broadcast along with special forces due to instense training against psionics)





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Commando Lads, Roll Out!

And a little note:

The total of Mechvaraan forces in the "Celestial Assault" constist of 2/3 war vets from homeworld, reassigned to Terra, and 1/3 of them are fresh recruits.
Since the Mezvoos have slightly different neural systems compared to humans or anthros, the new meats are also affected by psionic assault as "really fuckin' hurting" headache, while old, shell-shocked vets attacked by psionic wave, just gone outright insane and murderfuck each others.
And the new meats are just hiding in alley or building, hoping none can kill them, be it Scavs, IOTs, or their old vets, the Terran Commandos, or Robotnik Imperial Soldiers.




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