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East Campaign: Color Coated Sign-In

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'Ey folks. For those that don't know, the Color Coated campaign was a simple, back-to-basics campaign proposed by Dhalo in this thread: http://www.spritewars.com/index.php?showtopic=3900&p=78835


The core concept of this campaign is to utilize simple edits and recolors with a unified color theme and then battle it out. No muss, no fuss, no deep plot necessary.


Welp, we're going to get things kicked off. If you guys are going to join the Color Coated campaign, sign-in on it here and post sprites. To keep things nice and spontaneous, background info is not necessary, but we won't stop you from posting a little flavor text. Once we get a good look at just who's going to join, we'll get the main campaign started. Thanks to Dhalo for proposing the idea and getting the ball rolling. Anyway, allow me to get show what I'm planning.



Colors: Red and yellow


(EDIT: Due to Majhost going under, sprites have been put up on the community dropbox. More details later in thread)

Commanding Officers

General Kensolve (Old-ish sheet. Plan to update in the future.)

Dante Sellis



Eggpawns and Badniks *UPDATED 12-28-2014*

Vehicles 1.0

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Let me know when you guys are ready and I'll get a main topic going.

My army is essentially 99% Ready, meaning I can take part in the campaign. Not sure about everyone else though. It seems we have a nasty habit of leaving stuff for several weeks on end.

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