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Short Notice Sh!t

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so...after my brother pissed me off enough...they made me broke the stove...


I'm going to be gone for awhile, maybe even grounded, kicked the shit out of, ect, for the next few months.


I'm going to hide this thing too, this tower.


Goodbye fellow, some of my last friends i had in awhile.

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it seem like the Situation got slightly better...but I still may be gone for awhile if shit takes a nose dive.


In the next hour, I'm going to drop off as much possible, or try to...




the house is calm, but day is threatening to get rid of the tower now...again...

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Fucking hell, Steam, that's awful. I hope your parents see sense and don't fall for the lies of your brothers.

Stay well, friend - and remember, wherever you are, there are services that can help you with your family situation. Never hesitate to ask for help when it comes to domestic issues.

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Well hopefully things cool down, i'm sure whatever happened was an accident and if things get out of hand like CC said get services to help out if it cannot be helped. Domestic problems are not pleasant I can imagine.

thank you for your support.


Things are, at this time, cool down, but that doesn't change the fact that this shouldn't of happen.


We were supposed to have a family meeting for months now, but everyone but me are aren't pushing for it.

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