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Sprite Wars

This Is A "goodbye Sprite Wars" Thread.

Guest Vasili

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I've had trouble making a thread like this ever since i found out, but here goes absolutely nothing;


I'm going to be a father to a child. Let that sink it. Vas is now a "Daddy-to-be".


The last couple of years, my life has been a wild rollercoaster ride. I've been off-and-on hard drugs, had a drinking problem, had problems with my current job as well as financial troubles. It's been really tough, folks, but i have somehow managed to survive and keep on living. But this changes EVERYTHING.


When i found out, i made an promise to help my wife-to-be to raise our common child and try my best to live the "universal dream" (settling down, creating a family and have children). So yeah, im getting married, and she is going to move in with me. Time to turn my life around, stop taking stupid shit like speed and heroin and just make the best of it. For the sake of my future family.


It's been one fucking ride with all of you these past, like whatm five years?! I'll miss you dudebro's and our virtual roleplaying with pixel-art. You guys have been great!


Word of advice from me; Don't get into hard drugs and avoid developing a drinking problem like i did. I literally wanted to end my own life over nine thousand times. And speed and heroin don't mix, speedballin' is a sure way of almost dying.


As of writing this, im on my last alcohol-and-drug-binge. After this night, im just going to quit. Cold Turkey style!


Godspeed, Vas. Congrats on the kid, and the family to be!

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I wish you good tidings man: may you're days with your family be filled with happiness, love and warm nights on the sofa.

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