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Follow on from this http://www.spritewars.com/index.php?showtopic=3953 and many discussions and topics relating.


Over the years Sprite wars has a lost a lot of content due to image sites going awol, auto resizing(Looking at you imageshack), maj changing it's url, site down times and majhost dying off and taking huge archives of personal data into the abyss with it.


Now with Mike losing some content due to a computer failure it really reminded me of the need to better archive our content and ensure we have a plan A, B and C.


To make a start we will first take inventory of what content has been preserved and saved over the years, what has been lost, what we can restore and what plans for the future we can do to ensure we never lose data again.


(Campaigns Old forum era)


Sprite wars season 1: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8668200/Season1Part1.zip https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8668200/401-510.zip Fully backed up, me, CE, Storm and others most likely have copies on hand.


Season 2: Lost, only scraps here and there may remain.


West season 3: Status unknown, I tried to repair the topic but imageshack destoried stuff and now repairing maj links is pointless. No idea if zip files where gathered.


West season 4: Status unknown.


West season 5: Status unknown.


Eastern Campaigns: Status unknown.


Nothern campaigns: Unknown.


It's personal games and RPs: Unknown.


(Campaigns, second forum era)


Grand campaign 1: Bits and pieces of it around the dropbox, no idea if there is a 100% archive will need confirmation.


Grand campaign 2: Odds and ends but no idea if archive, need confirmation.


West season 6: Unknown.


GC3: Some stuff on dropbox but need confirmation of archive.


GC4R: Same as above.


GC East: Same.


Global campaign 1: Dropbox'd


Global campaign 2: In progress.


It's personal games and RPs: Unknown for now.




As for backing up future campaigns I say we elect someone to archive them while they are ongoing then create an upload once the campaign is over. I know Skurge and maybe some others did this way back so no idea if that is still a thing or not but it would be good to plan ahead since the future has proven to be damn well unpredictable and I would like to see us avoid hic ups down the line from now on.


On restoring content we can look into repairing links, trying the wayback machine, google caches and a few other tricks but these are far from perfect and don't always bring results.

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What a Coincidence! I saved a lot of the comics from Kalash's Biohazard chronicles, and in the interest of archiving older campaigns I was thinking of posting them to Dropbox yesterday.

I've got more to say on this subject in general, but I'll post my thoughts later.

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I might have a few comics from an East campaign. Verdant or Esgun or something was the name of the planet. As well as some 70s campaign comics. A few from GC1 might be in there as well.

I need to take a closer look to my files, but I might, MIGHT, have them.

I can't promise anything, but I will dig in my folders.

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On the subject of the Wayback machine, I'm pretty sure around 90% of the sprite wars-related majhost files there were saved by me. I know majhost going down makes any saved files important, but my priorities on what needed to be archived weren't that good (it was just a little side activity), and don't expect to find any long-lost comics there.

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I uploaded the Comics from the Verdant/Exodus Campaign I could find to my Brickshelf account:


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If I may be so kind as to ask,Underling, How exactly would we make use of Google's cache service? It only seems to show pages saved by users themselves and not others. How might such a service allow us to find lost images? It doesn't seem likely that many sprite wars related urls would find their way there anyhow.

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