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Sprite Wars

I Am Dendygar.


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*Walks by carrying large bag over shoulder.*

"O hai new user. You've caught me at a bad time, I'm bringing the sacrificial offering for our ritual to bring back Majhost.com.

And by the way, if you decide to try and read up on past campaigns, remember: some confusion will be normal. "

*Walks away.*

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'Ello ello ello! Hope you have the bestest time here. (Please pardon the small butchering of grammar there.)

Yeah, the image site that we used to use is called Majhost, and the owner took it down. Now? We use Brickshelf and Imgur, mostly.

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Username: Dendygar

Allegience: Unknown. Proceed with protocol BOR v6.9


<$> Overridden



Sorry about that, the TFX ARX system wanted to analyze your allegiences...we have some bad guys here...jk jk all of us that aren't banned are good people, but some of us (Skurge) control evil factions! I'm the resident Monsta. Welcome to Spritewars! I hope you enjoy yourself with us!

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