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Sprite Wars

So I'm Thinking About Making A Webcomic

Steampeng MK.1

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Yes you heard me, I'm going to jump on the so called bandwagon and join the 21st century sunday paper.


I'm 18, having barely a job, and seem not to be going anywhere for a bit, have a few years yet to go to college, have a lack of friends that I can do tabletop games on a reasonable basis, and having to tap out of sprite wars canon due to few reason,(my chronic procrastination and other members problems amongst them). I need to do something with my life.


Therefore, I'm going to complete my lifelong dream and get this comic written down at last. It likely well be very brutal, but I'm not doing anything else for the moment so why not?


I'm thinking on calling it Flux Bit, based in the world of mine creation with input form others that have came through my life. This is probably going to end badly, but as stated, I don't got much coming for me at the moment, so I might as well do something. At least land amongst the stars.

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If you're going for the hand drawn approach then i would highly recommend this website. I've been using their lessons myself.


Commit yourself to the task and don't quit before you even start doing things properly. Have some sort of plan or at the very least a basic grasp on how to approach the very first strip.

This is very handy, Thank you :)

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i will miss you steam i may continue on your faction later on down the line is that ok with you, if you do decide to leave. Its just that i have been making some steam powered automata.

...The thing is Mecha is that as stated, I'm using my own faction as the base for the web comic. I rather not have too many mucking around with it.


I may turn loose control to Commander Cool or Mike though.

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