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Wait.... A North Korean Cartoon? O.o


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More info in this video



Yup it appears the people's republic made a propaganda cartoon that been around for a pretty long time. Mainly it's about the happy nation of North Korea Flower Hill. which has Squirrels, Hedgehogs, and Ducks fighting against USA ,Japan, and South Korea the armies of the Weasels,Wolves, and mice. With Russia Bears as well. The cartoon been around since the 60s. and went in many changes. even though the quality is pretty silly. I now one day want to get a group so we can do a day of riffing on this (cause it is so desperatly needed) or even make a Abridged version.


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That NK cartoon? Heard About it. Havn't really looked into it. Squirrel and hedgehog right?


Semi-off topic: The world's first 'anime' (Which people would look at and call an anime) was a propaganda film.




Also, Casablanca was a propaganda film as well.



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I also remember warner brother and disney did many during WWII and Disney even made cartoons to train draftees quicker for WWII as well


Private Snafu is the best :D



Edit: And form Disney...


know what, I need to post a entire topic or something about this.

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I will say, the parts where that Lt.Vixen appears really looks like well made and legit anime stuff. It kinda makes me wish someone stole this style/footage and then remade this entire into a war anime with anthros, without NK's propaganda. Because damn that Vixen :3

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