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This is the official registration page for Sprite Wars' Interstellar campaign. If you have not already, I would suggest you read the GC2 comics, as well as the Interstellar introduction, as they will give you more information on the current situations regarding the main SW canon.


Registration Information

Registration Format

Registration Information

In order to play in this campaign, you must first register. That's kind of a given, but before you register, you must have basic military sprites for your factions, because without them, you will be unable to make comics, or have responses directed towards you. I think the best quote we can take, is "If it isn't sprited, it doesn't exist". The next best quote is "If you need it, make it". When you register, you agree that you will be making comics and responding to the people who make comics towards you. Now again, the first bit of this campaign is largely going to avoid large P2P confrontations, and if you do enter into an all out war with a faction early, be wary of other factions who may stumble upon your fighting. I've digressed. There is going to be plenty of time to make sprites, even if you don't have the ones you like just quite yet. Just have something to work with. Because when the fighting really starts, you will be in for a shocking defeat if you are not prepared!

Registration is just as easy as filling out the format below.

Registration Format

Below is a good guideline to follow for registration.


[FACTION INSIGNIA] (if applicable)

[THEME SONG] (if applicable)

Faction Name:

Faction Alignment:

Technology level:


[NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable)


Links to Sprites:


I suppose you get the gist of what is needed. You can add more if you would like, but there are certainly things that you NEED to include in the description, so that we can make the Map properly. It is your factions profile, after all! Take a look at how some of the past factions have done it. To register, just comment with your faction information.

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Faction Name: CYBER

Faction Alignment: Neutral

Technology level: Highly advanced, but limited in deployment



CYBER is not really an army as much as it is a distributed intelligence following its last given orders: Pacify galaxy. Created at first as a means to fight ever escalating war, and then to enforce peace, CYBER is a faction that has nothing else except war in its nature. However, for whatever reason, one day entire CYBER network received an emergency shutdown orders and the galaxy spanning warmachine... simply shut down. With nobody to maintain, most of the machines have broken apart and decayed, tough some have survived. One day, a comet struct the homeworld of the CYBER, accidentally activating few repair bots, who then proceeded to rouse up the entire machine complex. With CentCom coming back online, it has started to call out to its remaining ACUs.

CYBERS way of war can be described as an infestation.Starting with either an ACU or a humble construction bot, entire planet can be converted into a machine world in less than a week unless the CYBER is stopped. Worst part is, that CYBERs quantum gate network allows it to transport troops from any location to other. In general, construction of a quantum gate on a planet will herald the arrival of the full might of the CYBERs army, regardless where that army might be.

However, CYBER does have a weakness: the quantum gates and its rigid structure. Loss of an ACU will cause all lesser units to revert to base protocols, until a new ACU is completed or arrives. Equally, without Quantum Gates CYBER is reliant on using "slingshots", a massive constructs in space that are capable of "throwing" a vessel from one system to other. CYBERs ships lack personal jump drives, which means that without a slingshot to throw vessels, it is confined to a system until has acquired enough raw resources to construct the slingshot.


CentCom: CentCom is the central intelligence hub of the CYBER. While not a "character" in a sense, all directives, operations and plan pass through this central hub before being disseminated down to the lower "ranks". This is effectively its leader.

Generic ACU: ACUs (Antonymous Command Unit) are the commanders of the ground forces. Unlike normal bots, ACUs are capable of operating independent of CentCom, although at diminished capacity. They are capable of diplomacy as well as complex strategic maneuvers. Most ACUs are rather bland, having no personality.  However, some have developed quirks and what can be described as "personalities" over the years.

ACU-112-2E-R3 "Seer": Seer is one of oldest surviving ACUs.


CYBER acts much like locust. It will consume and convert all that is, multiply and then spread out to new worlds. As said in description, CYBER is closer to an infestation than actual war machine. Diplomacy is carried out in rather blunt manner. Outside of few commanders, CYBERS units are simple machines attempting to conquer world. CYBER has very lax attitude towards organics. If organics submit to CYBER; they are herded to enclosures where they are taken care of. Resistance is crushed. However, when it comes to collateral damage CYBERS reaction is same as one when killing a fly, that is to say, they don't even consider such matters to concern them. They do understand the concept, but they are simply not concerned with it.

CYBERs external communications follow following pattern:

All statements begin with CLARIFICATION. This clarifies what sort of message/question/response is being delivered. Keywords are marked with >>arrows<<. Concepts and units, such as "commanding officer of X" are described as [X]->feature. Actions to be carried are out indicate by <<outbound arrows>>.

For example, statement "ACU wants to negotiate with the commander of the opposing force" would be:

REQUEST: [CYBER]->ACU <<negotiate>> with [OpFor]->Commander_Officer, <<accept>> <<reject>>

Links to Sprites:

Up soon

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Faction Name: Liberalis Terrae Taskforce Praetoria

Faction Alignment: Neutral

Technology level: Modern/ Near Future


Following the arrival of aliens onto Earth and subsequent interstellar tragedies that resulted in first contact wars and skirmishes, an enigmatic, resourceful, and fiercely anti-xeno individual known only as "Caesar" formed the Liberalis organization to protect Earth and Humanity from aliens and the threats that came with them. Individuals ranging from anti-xeno zealots to those desiring to defend their planet rallied behind the Liberalis cause, allowing the group to grow from a small insurgency movement to a well trained and supplied pseudo nation with territory across the globe, all rallied under the banner of a Terra for Terrans.

Following a series of defeats by xeno forces and their allies, Caesar decided that the dire situation on Earth necessitated an expansion into the stars to create a new safe world for Terrans while the battle for the Sol System continued. He commissioned Andreus Burrus to lead this expedition to the stars, assigning him the title of Praetor and providing him with vast resources and manpower. The effort has paid off, with the Taskforce establishing a safe haven in a new system dubbed "Neo Terra", with colonization of the system well under way.

Despite their success, the Liberalis Taskforce has since lost contact with Caesar, leaving the leadership and direction of the Liberalis forces going forward exclusively under the Praetor's guidance. 


Praetor Andreus Burrus - Originally hailing from South Africa, Burrus was pivotal to the swift take over of the South African government on Earth and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Caesar's most trusted officers. When the time came for Liberalis to expand, Burrus was a natural first choice. Having seen the horrid effects the infestation of xeno gangs and criminal organizations had on the already crime ridden country of South Africa, Burrus is devoted to the Liberalis cause. Unlike many other famed Liberalis commanders, he is well regarded as a tactful and calm mannered man who avoids impulsive decisions. There is little debate among Liberalis' officer core that he is the right man for this job, but his careful approach sometimes infuriates subordinates who would rather exterminate threats by charging head first, guns blazing.

The Marshal: Another enigmatic Liberalis leader, the Marshal has been charged with heading the law enforcement of Liberalis territory while Burrus handles military affairs. He is a strict authoritarian, who comes down harshly on violent domestic threats to the safety of the human civilian population and the Liberalis administration. Expect him to command military personnel only in times of emergency.

Dr.Browning: An American bio-scientist who was originally responsible for the creation of Liberalis' augmented supersoldier commandoes. He has been tasked to assist Burrus by helping to quash or counter any rising biological threats the taskforce may encounter on their mission.


Liberalis forces are strongly anti-xeno, ranging from those who would rather they stay the hell away to others who want to genocide them to end their threat to humanity. If a xeno ship enters Liberalis home turf expect them to treat it as a serious threat and respond aggressively. As stated, general attitudes in troops vary, however xenos found to be colonizing Liberalis systems are often executed as invaders. Disregarding xenos however Liberalis are largely humanitarian, going out of their way to assist and protect human beings both in and out of their territories. Expect Liberalis troops to provide humanitarian aide whenever possible to humans in crisis zones. Troops attitudes on xeno sympathizers vary, with some commanders preferring to execute them as race traitors. Many others opt to attempt to reach out and convert them to the Liberalis cause, using violence or expulsion as last resorts. 

In combat, expect Liberalis forces to use standard combined arms warfare, with infantry supported by mechanized and airborne elements - basically portraying them similarly to irl modern combat forces. When attacking, Liberalis forces are largely composed of Praetorian Guard infantry forces, who act as stormtroopers for Taskforce Praetoria. Occasionally BAT troopers are used to augment assaults and act as disposable troops to hammer enemy defensive positions, however these are usually in large premeditated wave assaults. Expect to only see territorial troopers acting similarly to WH40K PDF forces, only coming in on the attack when times are dire or their garrison world has been invaded.

Links to Sprites:   s o o n

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Faction name: Task Force 100 (X)

Alignment: Justified Good

Tech Level: Advanced

Home Base: Kait'hur

Task Force 100 was made as a solution due to terrorism in the Middle East, as well as other parts on the terran planet, Earth. These soldiers fought some in some of the hardest battles, and diffucult conditions. These people and aliens had tried their hardest to defend their countries and planets. Several of these men and women made names for themselves as some of the most selfless and hardworking men and women alive. After the NATO disbanded, several soldiers from divisions of the armies from the former NATO decided to join together and help defend Earth. As time passed on, more volunteers and other ex armed forces members decided to join the disavowed military members, forming a strong faction, adept at assault and defense. Eventually, mobians joined forces with the Task Force, as well as kaithe, xorgs, virox, wolven, and a few kragolyte refugees. Slowly growing from the ex-NATO, soldiers from all flags, and eventually other planets, began to unite for the greater good. TFX operators are extremely well trained, compared to several of the factions they have fought. Their skill level borders the limits of what a faction can do. However, it has come at great cost to the soldiers. Many a time in the Task Force history, has there been catastrophic loss. After the events of GC2, TFX is at a new high. Elite soldiers of all nationalities, and several planets, are serving together. The Task Force has become much larger, and it is a well oiled machine. While TFX relies on technology, it can operate without it, which is the most important thing. TFX does not use nanomachines, and every soldier in TFX undergoes a very  physical and psychological test to make sure they are truly fit for the job. The training has produced several bi-products, such as immunity to mind control, and a heightened level of awareness.


Orion Michael Irving: Orion is the leader of the Task Force. While he may not always be on the front lines, he has a unique skillset and is a seasoned veteran. He often issues orders, along with Colonel O'Leary, and was responsible for the Kaithe-TFX alliance, which became permanent. He has gold and slate gray armor, and wields an assortment of weapons, dependent on the tasks at hand.

Richard O'Leary: O'Leary is Orion's head field commander. Like Britain's Montgomery, Germany's Rommel, and America's Eisenhower, he is a stoic and very smart leader. He is someone who helped found the Task force, and has strong interest in helping the Kaithe.

Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano: Chernobyl is an ex-spetz soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and exposure to a deadly amount of radiation. Augmented by the radiation, he became stronger, and suffered a genetic mutation that made his eyes turn blood red. Don't be fooled, however, he isn't evil, even though his armor is black and red!

Rees "Red" Noble: Named after one of the men who lead America's "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III in WWII, Red was already destined for greatness. 


Task Force soldiers are portrayed like an elite unit. They think things thoroughly. However they are not mindless war machines. They have hearts and souls too!

Up to date TFX sprites can be found on my deviantart: https://monstarules.deviantart.com/

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Faction Name: The Kolvartian Empire

Faction Alignment: Neutral
Technology level: Advanced, similar to Helghast circa 2357-2360 (KZ 1,2,3) and Sith circa 4980 BBY (SWTOR)

The Kolvartian Empire is the successor state to the old Kolvartian Republic which was forced into exile from Earth centuries ago and has since forgotten its location. The Empire is based on xenophobic expansionism as it only accepts humans after its conquests, however, its rule is seen as benevolent to its people and representing Humanity's best interests, the Emperor wishes to “reunite” Humanity through peaceful or violent means in order to make its stand against alien ambitions and cease what he sees as 'fraticidal' wars.

As of the beginning of the campaign, the eastern part is battling against two planets which have rebelled against imperial rule and an expeditionary fleet is being sent by order of the Emperor to find out Earth's location, having been for centuries away from the planet and longing to return to their 'home', the Empire knows nothing about Earth's current situation


The Emperor: The seemingly immortal leader of the Empire, he conceals his face with a smiling mask which has also given him the nickname of 'The Smiling Emperor', seen as a benevolent leader, it is unknown how he's been alive for so long, and no one dares to ask. The Emperor is currently in an unknown location but he still manages some affairs of state and makes some public appearances through hologram.

Jeremiah Vircan: Grand Judge of the Empire, Viceroy of the East and Lord Commander of the Red Fleet, he's currently fighting the Karankan and Dimapofian secessionists while planning a coup, unknown to everyone except his inner circle, he holds the treasonous thought of integrating aliens into the Empire in order to ensure its survival, he sees the imperial government as outdated and decadent and believes that it must be taken down for Kolvartia to progress.

Silas Auer*: Judge of the Empire and commander of the expeditionary force, also known as the "Butcher of Fort Darren". He used to be Jeremiah's protégé but as of know he harbors an immense hate for the eastern viceroy.

Marguerita Vircan*: Executor of the Imperial Justicars and niece of Jeremiah, she has been tasked with assisting Silas as his second in command, in reality, she has been sent by her uncle to watch on Auer's actions and attempt to persuade him to join Vircan's coup.

Anton Paktarec*: Fleet Commander of the expeditionary force, he was previously an officer in the Thandoran navy but after its surrender he joined the Kolvartian military in order to improve his planets' standing within the Empire.

Lord Blutzen: 3rd in command of the expeditionary force and survivor of the massacre at Fort Darren. He's exceptionally skilled in melee combat, seemingly going beyond human capabilites. It is thought that he is part of the Culter Dei, an organization with ties to the Emperor.

Lord Shien: Chief of Staff and Castellan of the Imperial Palace. He's currently the de-facto Head of State due to the Emperor's disapperance but his age and weak physique may trigger the end of an era.

*: Characters that may be killed on sight, a message alerting me of their impending death is enough.



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Faction Name: Republic of Mechvaraa Expeditionary Force 2/Republika i Mechvaraa Spedsnaari Ferkais 2

Faction Alignment: Lawful Good

Technology level: Modern/Retro-Futuristic

Having escaped their population from their homeworld, Mezvaraa to Terra from the clutches of the Holy Mazenovich Empire, the Mechvaraan set up bases and military facilities on the place they landed from the approvals of the local leaders. Over the course of two campaigns, they rapidly improving once cumbersome weapons and war machines under many pressures from all sides on the planet, while constantly sending troops back to their home to fight the Empire. By the end of GC2, they've acquired some units from the former Independent Oceanic Treaty, and have opened peaceful diplomatic channels on Earth. Due to the fear that their homeworld's rapidly drained resources by both sides for over ten starturns, under the collective decisions of the Council of the Republic, Representats av di Republika, the Expeditionary Force 2/Spedsnaari Ferkais 2 is assigned to gather basic and exotic materials, foods and resources all over the galaxy, explore otherworldly lifeform (with extra precautions), as well finding some habitable worlds in case the forces of Mechvaraan in the homeworld is utterly decimated by the Mazenovichs. With the galactic knowledges provided by the ally Task Force 100 and former IOT scientists, the Mechvaraans are ready to start the engine and explore the 'Samashais Koros', the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time.

Notable Persons

Fleet Admiral Jenkin Hardek: Having served as the fleet admiral of the Mechvaraan Astronaval Force on the War of the Heaven alongside with Field Marshall Shireen Haraus (who gets promoted and reassigned to lead the [REDACTED], now the young admiral is appointed to lead the Expeditionaries after the latest conflict on Terra. Loves to blame every bad things that happened towards the Mazenovich Empire, usually modifying human expletives with word 'Imperial'. ("This is Imperialshit!)

Army Captain Sierra Kelis: A young and really optimistic officer, this blonde-haired Mezvaraan were involved in many battles in her homeworld, like Battle of Bastko and Siege of Cesaris, not counting any small campaigns on her nation. Skilled with light-to-medium sized weaponries. Likes Terran drinks like tea, coffee, vodka and any other.



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Faction Name: Galactic Government

Faction Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Technology level: Sci fi / modern, they have fully functioning civilizations and a space fleet, but some of their members are of lower tiers of technology.

The Galactic Government is a fledgling republic created primarily for the purpose of granting diplomatic access to each and every planet and sentient species encountered in the Milky Way Galaxy. Being a neutral power, they rely on a voting process undertaken by all of their representatives to determine whether or not they actually intervene in armed conflicts. When the vote is cast and intervention is greenlit, they deploy peacekeeping forces to secure civilian infrastructure and suppress aggressors.

[NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable)

The Galactic Government has immense interest in initiating diplomatic contact with other races, civilizations and spacefarers. Their marketers and politicians are actively looking for ways to generate a profit within their new intergalactic laws which demand that they not over-exploit a planet's lifeforms and resources. Their laws concerning combat are highly similar to that of the planet Earth's Geneva Convention: other factions are free to have their wars and their squabbles unless they endanger civilians, civilian infrastructure, businesses, massive amounts of wildlife, and/or anything that belongs to the Galactic Government. The GG sometimes provides security and peacekeeping outside of their usual member base, however that usually requires payment. Their interests are usually squeaky clean on the outside, however there are elements of this government that will bend and even break the rules to achieve profit and personal goals, then quickly shove it all beneath the rug.

Links to Sprites:

Current COs sheet: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/DHalo/Interstellar/gg_co_sheet.png

Main land and space force: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6543349

Hyperion Mining Industries: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6543374

Fregata Mercenary Corporation: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6543343

Dark Pegasi Special Operations Force: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6543342

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Lawful Evil

Technology Level : Semi-Futuristic


Characters & COs : [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Infantry: [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Mechanized Forces: [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Armada : [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Air Force : [Coming Soon™]

The Story so far

Forged in the flames of 30 years of civil war, the Ankanian Imperialis emerged out of the ashes of the old order that the federation was. With their leader on life support, the High Councilours of the Imperialis became the leaders of the now-empire. With the military assets crippled, the empire laid idle, rebuilding its worlds and what was left of the federation's military.

But, after decades of sitting idle in their part of the known galaxy, the gears of the Imperialis's war machine have begun roaring and grinding once more. Machines of war leaving their bays accompanied by legions of guardsmen equipped with the latest of armament, from the simple "Impus" Battle Rifle to Ankania's "Dragenir" Mark II MBT.. Setting out to spread the influence of Imperialis across the known galaxy to continue, what their predecessors have started...

Having reached the peak of their might, the Ankanians have now entered a new age of progression and conflict. Fighting for their birthright as well as for man, they stand their ground, and even if they should stand against a galaxy of endless horrors, they will do so until the time of ending.

How to Portray

  • The Ankanians make use of a diverse range of doctrines and tactics, from the traditional trench warfare, deep operations, lighting warfare to shock and awe. Those are only common doctrines and tactics that are used by the Ankanians. The High Command is open to new tactics and doctrines however, giving the choice of preferred doctrine and tactic to the commanding officers themselves.
  • Being largely Xenophobic the Ankanians still respect their alien enemies. Yet, they will not exterminate any alien on first contact but rather remain neutral with them, engaging in politics with them. However, they will be wary and suspicious of them. When it comes to other human life forms, may it be a normal human from earth or abhumans* from a distant world. They will be treated as a solid equals.
  • The Guardsmen of the Imperialis are often seen taunting their enemies by calling them names or threatening them, often across the entirety of a skirmish or battle. Besides that, they often name their vehicles' provocative names as well as self-glorifying names, honouring sometimes a hero of the imperialis or one of the many worlds that reside within their realm. Depending on the role and the planet they hail from, the guardsmen may be compulsive smokers, heavy drinkers, barbaric, etc.
  • Ankanians are not aware of the known laws of wars, often performing heinous acts as well as atrocities. However, they do indeed refuse to slaughter any man or woman that cannot fight for themselves, may it due to age, heavy injury or profession. The act of murder of children is strictly forbidden and is often sought out by the Military Police and often leads to court martial, followed by life-sentences or even execution.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Even in the most dire situations, the guardsmen hold their ground. However, the sight of supernatural, monstrous or barbaric creatures and foes that do not yield will strike fear into even the most hardened soldier's heart, along with terror, dread, or even panic.
  • Having sat idle for a century, stagnancy has taken hold throughout High Command and it's intelligence arm, causing misunderstanding and underestimation of their foes and other factions.
  • Ankanian technology, however, has not stagnated. The forces of the Imperialis are well equipped and are comprised of disciplined cannon fodder soldiers.
  • Their devotion to the Empire's religion is considered fanatic, causing them to follow it blindly. Making them venture out of the safety of their trenches, outposts or controlled cities to remove unholy symbols or to preverse artifacts.

*Abhumans include but are not limited to dwarfs.

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