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Global Campaign 3 Profile Thread

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Post your faction's profile here. Use this profile guide by Monstarules:


[FACTION INSIGNIA] (if applicable)

[THEME SONG] (if applicable)

Faction Name:

Faction Alignment:

Technology level:


[NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable)


Links to Sprites:


Good luck, brothers.

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Faction Name: Liberalis Terrae Taskforce Praetoria

Faction Alignment: Neutral

Technology level: Modern/ Near Future


Following the arrival of aliens onto Earth and subsequent interstellar tragedies that resulted in first contact wars and skirmishes, an enigmatic, resourceful, and fiercely anti-xeno individual known only as "Caesar" formed the Liberalis organization to protect Earth and Humanity from aliens and the threats that came with them. Individuals ranging from anti-xeno zealots to those desiring to defend their planet rallied behind the Liberalis cause, allowing the group to grow from a small insurgency movement to a well trained and supplied pseudo nation with territory across the globe, all rallied under the banner of a Terra for Terrans.

Following a series of defeats by xeno forces and their allies, Caesar decided that the dire situation on Earth necessitated an expansion into the stars to create a new safe world for Terrans while the battle for the Sol System continued. He commissioned Andreus Burrus to lead this expedition to the stars, assigning him the title of Praetor and providing him with vast resources and manpower. The effort has paid off, with the Taskforce establishing a safe haven in a new system dubbed "Neo Terra", with colonization of the system well under way.

Despite their success, the Liberalis Taskforce has since lost contact with Caesar, leaving the leadership and direction of the Liberalis forces going forward exclusively under the Praetor's guidance. 


This guidance has led them to a new world, largely unexplored, rumored to be filled with resources to support the Liberalis cause. With the majority of their forces holding their new homeworld in a nearby system, Neo-Terra, a small recon force has been dispatched to investigate these rumors and, if possible, establish a foothold for further Liberalis forces.


Praetor Andreus Burrus - Originally hailing from South Africa, Burrus was pivotal to the swift take over of the South African government on Earth and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Caesar's most trusted officers. When the time came for Liberalis to expand, Burrus was a natural first choice. Having seen the horrid effects the infestation of xeno gangs and criminal organizations had on the already crime ridden country of South Africa, Burrus is devoted to the Liberalis cause. Unlike many other famed Liberalis commanders, he is well regarded as a tactful and calm mannered man who avoids impulsive decisions. There is little debate among Liberalis' officer core that he is the right man for this job, but his careful approach sometimes infuriates subordinates who would rather exterminate threats by charging head first, guns blazing.

The Marshal: Another enigmatic Liberalis leader, the Marshal has been charged with heading the law enforcement of Liberalis territory while Burrus handles military affairs. He is a strict authoritarian, who comes down harshly on violent domestic threats to the safety of the human civilian population and the Liberalis administration. Expect him to command military personnel only in times of emergency.

Dr.Browning: An American bio-scientist who was originally responsible for the creation of Liberalis' augmented supersoldier commandoes. He has been tasked to assist Burrus by helping to quash or counter any rising biological threats the taskforce may encounter on their mission.


Liberalis forces are strongly anti-xeno, ranging from those who would rather they stay the hell away to others who want to genocide them to end their threat to humanity. If a xeno ship enters Liberalis home turf expect them to treat it as a serious threat and respond aggressively. As stated, general attitudes in troops vary, however xenos found to be colonizing Liberalis systems are often executed as invaders. Disregarding xenos however Liberalis are largely humanitarian, going out of their way to assist and protect human beings both in and out of their territories. Expect Liberalis troops to provide humanitarian aide whenever possible to humans in crisis zones. Troops attitudes on xeno sympathizers vary, with some commanders preferring to execute them as race traitors. Many others opt to attempt to reach out and convert them to the Liberalis cause, using violence or expulsion as last resorts. 

In combat, expect Liberalis forces to use standard combined arms warfare, with infantry supported by mechanized and airborne elements - basically portraying them similarly to irl modern combat forces. When attacking, Liberalis forces are largely composed of Praetorian Guard infantry forces, who act as stormtroopers for Taskforce Praetoria. Occasionally BAT troopers are used to augment assaults and act as disposable troops to hammer enemy defensive positions, however these are usually in large premeditated wave assaults. Expect to only see territorial troopers acting similarly to WH40K PDF forces, only coming in on the attack when times are dire or their garrison world has been invaded.

Links to Sprites:   https://ibb.co/nHLM9c

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Faction Name: Task Force 100 (X)

Faction Alignment: Lawful Good

Technology Level: Futuristic

The Task Force was a victor in the pyrrhic war on Earth. Even though it came at the heavy cost of life lost to allies, the Task Force itself managed to not occrue heavy losses (the number of MIA, and KIA TFX soldiers was much less than the other factions, rolling in at around 3 thousand). A lot of anti-TFX sentiment was unsuccessfully planted in the hearts of the citizens on Earth, who are now largely able to start rebuilding, with the horrible exception of China, which lost nearly all of it's inhabitants and is now a wasteland (the blame for this is pinned on the Terran Command), and Russia, due to Robotnik's last strike on the Continent. However, the fighting had moved elsewhere, and the Task Force needed to chase down the war criminals. Bolstered now by Mechvaraans, ex-IOT forces, and the United States, the Task Force takes back off into space after retreating enemy forces. However, there is still much to be done, many refugees to be taken care of, and a lost planet appears...what happens next?

The Task Force is an elite force that is trained for multiple situations. Every member knows how to use multiple vehicles, in case of emergencies. The Task Force has an intricate method for recruiting. The background checks are extensive, and acceptance usually takes a month. It's extremely hard to infiltrate the organization because you can't just throw on a uniform and claim you're one of them. There are several classified deterrence methods (I refuse to say them because I don't want people using this as a way of suddenly knowing how to infiltrate the task force. The idea is that it is really hard, and you're gonna have to do it by trial and error). In combat, everyone works together, utilizing tactics and several approaches. Everyone works together in order to find weaknesses. Another important thing to know is that there are no nanomachines used by the task force. They are highly efficient in combat, and it takes a lot to make them even slightly afraid. They are not to be portrayed as inept, stupid, or easily dealt with. Their biggest drawback is the lack of manpower, which however, is now starting to disappear with the addition of more aliens into the ranks. The forces are accepting of xenos, and everyone is treated equally. With the exception of war criminals and high ranking enemy officials, Task Force prisons are not harsh and degrading, and interrogation is usually done by 2 "nice guys".


The sprites are on my deviantart page. However, there are several updates that have since occurred and the sheets need to be updated.

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Not so sure about entering a campaign where only a few have put their sprites up off of first, but here goes:

Theme Song: "Paper Planes" by MIA,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBqvbednAhY


Faction Name: The Syndicate

Faction Alignment: Neutral

Technology level: Futuristic, Space Age, Multiuniversal


Their base of Ashton Island ruined in the first Global War. The second Global War ending in China and Russias devastation. Except for civilian and construction companies that stayed to help in rebuilding efforts, the Executors left Earth with their tails behind them.

Oh sure, you'll still see bands of Executors fighting Voltor and other alien incursions in our galaxy, son. Most of them went back to fighting threats in other universes though- like in the Hydronian Civil War. Quite the Red Vs Blue situation apparently- sick to know that even with the Barrister and Terran Command defeated, they've had an impact throughout time and space.

Anyway, where was I? This Syndicate? There are rumors that they're some Executor task force that's come back to our universe but that doesn't make sense. They use the same tech but they must have bought it, because these guys are just as liable to start fights as end them, sometimes- whatever the Syndicate wants is unknown. Recruiting from the populace and other factions all the time though, I heard.  Apparently, The Syndicate wants to harvest the resources of this planet to send it back to Earth to aid in its rebuilding, so they're fighting for a good cause if nothing else.


The Masked Man: The Mysterious, Masked Leader of the Syndicate. Who they are is unknown. 

The Boss: A mysterious benefactor funding the Syndicate, who the Masked Man reports to. 

Sgt. Gregory Hawkins: Former leader of the Executors ground forces, he's now in charge of the Syndicates soldiers. 


Syndicate troops use standard combined arms warfare with infantry supported by mechanized and airborne elements like IRL combat forces, in addition to tactics like a blitzkrieg, mob rushes, tactical strikes and so on. Their sole infantry unit in combat for land, air, sea, and space battles is a standard trooper. The troopers refer to themselves as "The Syndicated-" apparently, their philosophy being that existing in the world, they're on syndication to everyone else, like on the Truman Show. There is no ranking system- all troopers coordinate together in every battle under the command of "Comissars," like in Warhammer 40k. 

Syndicate troopers are a happy lot- they're out to harvest resources, live off of the land, help those in need, have fun and are basically intergalactic pirates. They're to be portrayed as normal amongst each other, curt and polite with civilians and rude and cheerful against opponents. 


Links to Sprites:



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Faction Name: Galactic Government

Faction Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Technology level: Modern Sci Fi

The Galactic Government is an assemblage of planets, factions and races with the goal of ensuring security and prosperity for the benefit of their partners, sometimes including non-partners who exist outside their union. They deal with threats real and percieved, also choosing to pursue increases in profit, usually through peaceful means. 

The Galactic Government [GG] is run by politicians, and so far none of their commanding officers have been selected for this campaign that will not be revealed in another profile.

[HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] The GG favour rules of war similar in regard to Earth's Geneva Convention. They prefer peace and unity, but will shake things up in pursuit of their own interests at times, usually doing so through proxies. These endeavors have so far only been committed on a few occasions, and though not the choices of said proxies were not entirely morally sound, civilian loss of life has been kept to a minimum. The GG likes to issue public statements and create embargos against those who are 

Links to Sprites:
Main peacekeeper forces: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6548020
COs: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/DHalo/Interstellar/gg_co_sheet.png

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Faction Name: Republic of Mechvaraa | Expeditionary Fleet 5

Faction Alignment: Lawful Good

Technology level: Advanced, non-nuclear, near-futuristic

Having fought a war against Holy Mazenovich Empire on their homeworld for two years straight have depleted their own national resources. In addition of loss of manpower and material resources during the War in Heaven against Terran Triumvirates, and the resulting chaos and global unrest afterward, the HCOMM (Republic's Military High Command) and the Grand Council of the Republic decided to send 10% of their AstroNaval fleet to this rediscovered planet, in hope to gather its resources for the war on their homeworld, and maintaining a peaceful diplomatic relationship with the locals, if any.


Admiral Harris Mogensen: The acting commander of the Fleet 5. A well-respected man of his fleet group, notorious for his feat on defending Stillwater city from invading Imperials. Has a cool leather jacket.
Captain Ania Bradford: The second-in-command of the Fleet 5. Mogensen's closest adversary and rumored to be his lover. [TBA]
Colonel Jamal Madrazo: A war vet from the Fourth Insurrectionst War. Having served alongside the famous General Hannes Dre, now he's leading the 1st Planetfall Detachment on this planet. Also an experienced mech pilot.

Having fought several bloody conflicts throughout their history, the Mechvaraans are well-suited for fast attacks and guerrila warfare tactics, alongside with some experience of siege warfare. The Mechvaraans currently does NOT have any member from alien species such as humans or furries, mainly due to political, diplomatic, and ideological reasons, but they are perfectly fine with making alliance with friendly factions or indigenous forces. Their presence on this planet is as mentioned above, for mining precious things and making friend with the locals.
Basic Rules of Engagement applied, except in several occassions such as assassination, espionage or when shit hits the fan. They are to be portrayed as average-to-professional military people we meet IRL, along with some adult humors they sometime bring.

Links to Sprites:

https://orig00.deviantart.net/fd8b/f/2018/095/a/6/mechvaraan_infantry_corps_by_freak_ops-dc7y2t7.png Infantry Corps

https://orig00.deviantart.net/f291/f/2018/095/f/5/mechvaraan_armored_corps_by_freak_ops-dc7y7kp.png Armored Corps

https://orig00.deviantart.net/51ff/f/2018/095/f/0/mechvaraan_mecha_corps_by_freak_ops-dc7y7gj.png Mecha Corps

https://orig00.deviantart.net/ec17/f/2018/095/9/b/mechvaraan_air_force_by_freak_ops-dc7y2tt.png Air Force

https://orig00.deviantart.net/d745/f/2018/095/8/e/mechvaraan_astronav_ships_by_freak_ops-dc7y2s1.png AstroNavy Ships

https://orig00.deviantart.net/4c23/f/2018/095/d/0/mechvaraan_astronav_units_re_redux_by_freak_ops-dc7y2ro.png AstroNavy Units and Personnels

https://orig00.deviantart.net/e816/f/2018/095/3/1/mechvaraan_astronav_ship_interior_by_freak_ops-dc7y2u7.png Ship Interiors

https://orig00.deviantart.net/f72a/f/2018/095/7/1/roight_by_freak_ops-dc7y2sk.png Forgot to put this in Ship Interiors sheet but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

https://orig00.deviantart.net/09a9/f/2018/095/3/3/mechvaraan_buildings_by_freak_ops-dc7y7l4.png Prefab Buildings

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 Faction name:  Coalition army

Faction Alignment:  Good, not legal 

Technology level:  Medium, not nuclear


The Coalition army is the group of people who do not agree whit  the ideals that the UN has and  for that reason they decided 

that they  would  return to take the world  control  by force.

[NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable) 

Jason Colson:  the ringleader of the Movement

Javier Ortega:  Is the person in change of getting the equipament to continue the fight

Radio guy : This person has a clandestine radio station to raise the spirits of the resistance soldiers


They have participated in several battles in cities and in some forest areas, they are very experienced in guerrilla warfare and have among their ranks some defectors from the UN army and some war veterans who still can and want to fight, even so The team with which they count does not face the one they have against the military technology that the UN tells or the training in military tactics, they also have many elements which have never been on a battlefield.






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Lawful Evil

Technology Level : Semi-Futuristic


Characters & COs : [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Infantry: [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Mechanized Forces: [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Armada : [Coming Soon™]
Ankanian Air Force : [Coming Soon™]

The Story so far

Forged in the flames of 30 years of civil war, the Ankanian Imperialis emerged out of the ashes of the old order that the federation was. With their leader on life support, the High Councilours of the Imperialis became the leaders of the now-empire. With the military assets crippled, the empire laid idle, rebuilding its worlds and what was left of the federation's military.

But, after decades of sitting idle in their part of the known galaxy, the gears of the Imperialis's war machine have begun roaring and grinding once more. Machines of war leaving their bays accompanied by legions of guardsmen equipped with the latest of armament, from the simple "Impus" Battle Rifle to Ankania's "Dragenir" Mark II MBT.. Setting out to spread the influence of Imperialis across the known galaxy to continue, what their predecessors have started...

Having reached the peak of their might, the Ankanians have now entered a new age of progression and conflict. Fighting for their birthright as well as for man, they stand their ground, and even if they should stand against a galaxy of endless horrors, they will do so until the time of ending.

How to Portray

  • The Ankanians make use of a diverse range of doctrines and tactics, from the traditional trench warfare, deep operations, lighting warfare to shock and awe. Those are only common doctrines and tactics that are used by the Ankanians. The High Command is open to new tactics and doctrines however, giving the choice of preferred doctrine and tactic to the commanding officers themselves.
  • Being largely Xenophobic the Ankanians still respect their alien enemies. Yet, they will not exterminate any alien on first contact but rather remain neutral with them, engaging in politics with them. However, they will be wary and suspicious of them. When it comes to other human life forms, may it be a normal human from earth or abhumans* from a distant world. They will be treated as a solid equals.
  • The Guardsmen of the Imperialis are often seen taunting their enemies by calling them names or threatening them, often across the entirety of a skirmish or battle. Besides that, they often name their vehicles' provocative names as well as self-glorifying names, honouring sometimes a hero of the imperialis or one of the many worlds that reside within their realm. Depending on the role and the planet they hail from, the guardsmen may be compulsive smokers, heavy drinkers, barbaric, etc.
  • Ankanians are not aware of the known laws of wars, often performing heinous acts as well as atrocities. However, they do indeed refuse to slaughter any man or woman that cannot fight for themselves, may it due to age, heavy injury or profession. The act of murder of children is strictly forbidden and is often sought out by the Military Police and often leads to court martial, followed by life-sentences or even execution.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Even in the most dire situations, the guardsmen hold their ground. However, the sight of supernatural, monstrous or barbaric creatures and foes that do not yield will strike fear into even the most hardened soldier's heart, along with terror, dread, or even panic.
  • Having sat idle for a century, stagnancy has taken hold throughout High Command and it's intelligence arm, causing misunderstanding and underestimation of their foes and other factions.
  • Ankanian technology, however, has not stagnated. The forces of the Imperialis are well equipped and are comprised of disciplined cannon fodder soldiers.
  • Their devotion to the Empire's religion is considered fanatic, causing them to follow it blindly. Making them venture out of the safety of their trenches, outposts or controlled cities to remove unholy symbols or to preverse artifacts.

*Abhumans include but are not limited to dwarfs.


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Faction Name: Gyuylenkov Expeditionary Fleet

Faction Alignment: Lawful Neutral with a callous streak

Technology level: Think UNSC circa Halo Contact Harvest or Pre-war Fallout USA



Description: a Corporate colonial project turned Militarized autocracy with modest expansionist plans. 

Shortly after the Morden wars and subsequent flourishing of Space travel tech, a major colonial expedition was organized by a mix of Eastern European and North American private groups. An "Earth-equivalent" star system had been discovered that these corporations wished to reap the fame and fortune of occupying first. So they pooled their resources and built a large expeditionary fleet with willing colonists from many nations. Surplus military gear was acquired on the assumption that the potential for life on the primary planet was high and "risk mitigation" would be needed. The trip was completed with remarkable speed thanks to former Martian tech and settlement proceed apace. What the colonists of the newly-christened "Gyuylenkov" (an awkward merging of corporate CEOS Gyula, Cuyler, and Malenkov) didn't know was that Earth went to complete shit a few years after they first set foot on their new home. As old enemies from the Morden war, furry humanoids, and beings of pure ice clashed on Earth, nobody but the Corporate higher-ups who headed the colony in tandem was aware of these developments. How much disruption, they pondered, would the news that no thanks, settlers or supplementary aid was coming bring? Aside from unsubtle pushes to encourage marriage and having more kids, they kept the economic exploitation going as normal.

Then the Corvolt struck. 

Admittedly, this was no full-scale attack. Gyuylenkov's defensive fleet was forced to retreat, but only from lack of sufficient weaponry. On the ground, several outlying settlements were occupied while and others lightly bombed. It is fortunate that this was merely an audacious raiding fleet, and they launched their assault right before the Free World's League began their campaign to retake Earth. Panicked Corvolt commanders on Gyuylenkov rushed their campaign after hearing the news and charged into an ambush, while the fleet was stripped of ships that were sent back to Earth. After the colonial fleet struck back in a desperate battle than involved ramming, the Corvolt withdrew in annoyance to try and clean up the growing mess on Earth. The colony avoided the brutal occupation suffered by Kanthros. Still, the merciless acts of the Biomechanical warriors left scars on the population. Their fragile assortment of what was now 4 systems was at the mercy of any potential foe. By now, the CEO's lifted their veil of censorship and revealed what had happened to Earth. Not even the news that the bloodthirsty Corvolt were being kicked out calmed the Colonists. They couldn't have known the attack was coming, but their complete silence on the potential threat was bad enough. At this point, Defense Force General Delbert Niemhoff entered the stage and had the Corporate bosses "taken to protective custody". Coasting on his success in combat, he assuaged the population's fears with transparency changes in the Colonial Administration. More consequential were his "security reforms" (that actually made censorship worse on close inspection) which involved placing his subordinates in various high-ranking positions. The new Military administration tried to let things proceed as usual while negotiating with the CEOs to produce additional weapons with Colonial industry and help reverse engineer Corvolt Tech. After all, they wouldn't be selling as much of their resources back to Earth as planned with the markets in chaos due to conflict. Trade did, however, spread to other colonies, both in the Solar System and abroad. At last, new colonists trickled in. The Fleet was replenished, Expanded, and used to launch forays into neighboring systems. 

On one of these expeditions, the fleet encountered more than they bargained for when they blundered into an outpost of the Mobian Imperial Guard. The Imperial fleet responded to this unannounced intrusion as one might expect given that they were now in their "Shoot first, ask questions later" mindset. The scouting fleet retreated, but were tracked back to Gyuylenkov, which inspired the bored MiG Admiral to pursue and drive home the point that trespassing wasn't allowed. 

The fleet left warp with just enough distance from the ragged scout force to flee, but it didn't matter. In the middle of their bombardment, the Admiral was shocked to receive a transmission from the surface. The Corporate CEOs, chafing under Niemhoff's constant arm-twisting were offering themselves up as representatives of the colony and it's interconnected systems. If terms could be provided, they would be happy to surrender. 

This was, of course, a fib, part of a planned coup against Niemhoff that was hastily engaged. But doing so under the circumstances of enemy bombardment did not make things run more smoothly and let them pin the blame on the General. If anything it spread confusion that turned into rumors of enemy troops landing in the city. While the MiG Admiral pondered what to make of an offer above his pay grade, a new transmission arrived. Niemhoff and his loyalists had regained control of the Capital city and warned that they wouldn't surrender. In fact, reinforcements were already warping in, he warned. This too was a bluff, the defense fleet was spread out across their territory and thrown into confusion by the coup. But on the other hand, the MiG Admiral wasn't interested in trying to tie down a potentially troublesome set of systems populated by another race with a fleet much too small for the task. He called off the bombardment and negotiated a treaty that forbade settlement of any system past the large swathe of space separating the two factions. 

Niemhoff was quick to frame this frightening incident as an act of treachery by the CEOs, and responded in an expected fashion. The Corporate bosses were executed, their families exiled back to Earth. The Corporations were wholly incorporated into the Military Administration. Using these resources, a militarized society was built from the ground up with the intent of warding off potential threats and expanding where possible. To support this rapid expansion, human refugees from Earth were admitted at large rate and the current population was mobilized in various ways to work "for the common good".

Today, Niemhoff remains the Big Cheese of the "Gyuylenkov Unity Association" which has several systems under it's control. Still, they are if anything militarily backwards and lack heavy native shipyards. Their ideal goal is to control a large chunk of this colony and it's resources, and for this reason they've sent an expeditionary fleet out.

Notable people:

Delbert Niemhoff (not in-system) : "Supreme Field Marshall" of the GUA. Rapidly rose through the informal ranks to become general in the Corporate Defense force by the time the Corvolt invaded. He led his tanks to both harass and ambush the invaders during the war, leading him to prioritize building up the Armored portion of the Army. Wary of aliens. 

Hector Lukoski: Commander of the Expeditionary Fleet, veteran of the Corvolt attack on Gyuylenkov. Prone to melodramatic attitudes.

Edvard Szobranczy: Major General, Commander of the 2nd Assault division (Airmobile, heavy infantry).

Janko Sovarik: Major, Commander of the 74th Mech battalion.

Matt Haerdson: Major, Commander of the 3rd Commando Battalion (irregular warfare)

Klara Baessler: Corporal in the 3rd Commando Battalion

Claude Mihailescu: Sergeant, leads a heavy infantry squad


How to portray: Keep in mind that they are not aiming to slaughter non-humans.  They're just overly suspicious of them due to prior experience with the (ironically human) Corvolt, the Mobian Empire, Mahlan raiders, and the Voltor, as can be seen by their decision to accept only human refugees. Their overall attitude towards the current colonists is disinterest. Alliances are not out of the picture. Commandos should only be involved if I make a preceding comic showing that they're in the area.

In battle they have some experience from fighting the Corvolt but their expanded army is full of inexperienced personnel and the occasional veteran of Earth conflict. They favor either Armored attacks or airmobile attacks with many troops involved. Smaller pushes involving those with better guns and actual body armor can also be employed to break through areas. Space assets are used cautiously and in long-range tactics due to past concerns about preserving limited forces.


Forces (Major WIP): Despite the rapid pace of industrialization, it still only started a few years ago. Combine this with heel-dragging in some systems and the GUA is still nowhere near as militarized as the Axonians, the Voltor, or Terran Command. The rapid expansion of the military only makes things tougher. Furthermore, putting CEOs on show trial before shooting them is generally seen as an extreme move by outsiders, so getting production licenses for cutting-edge equipment has been tough.


Regulars: Make up most of the ground troops involved. They lack body armor apart from a helmet, but are relatively mobile and numerous in number. Most wield the infamous AK rifle, but there are also minigunners, Mortar operators, Flamethrower troopers, and Anti-Tank gunners.

Officers: Lead the Regulars on a Platoon and upwards level (one every 60 guys).

Assault troops: Soldiers with Gas masks trained for attacking strongpoints..

Heavy Infantry: Soldiers with body armor, squad automatic weapons, and other equipment the "Regs" can't get.

Commandos: trained for infiltration, utilize nonstandard equipment.

Power armor troopers: Very rare and untested in combat.


Turrets: Autocannon for use in defensive positions.

Towed Artillery: still a part of Regular infantry brigades, comes in 105 and 150 millimeter flavor.

Particle Cannon: VERY rare weapon used in defense of key bases. Can hit large targets (low orbit ships) and ground targets but NOT fast aircraft.

40mm Grenade launcher.



M1 tactical Car: 4 and 6 wheeler transport with MG and Grenade mounts.

BTR: 8-wheeled APC in multiple configurations.

Bradley: Available with 20mm and flamethrower

Iron Nokana


T-84/3: Main battle tank

T62 ERA/T-72 ERA: Older tanks with extra armor, the former comes in twin-turret flavor.


Leopard 2

Iron Iso

BUK AA missile carrier.

AA Nokana








Phaedroth Frigate: Fast moving ship with Railguns and missiles. 

Capricorn Heavy Cruiser: One of those ubiquitous ships that happens to wind up everywhere. Armed with plasma turrets and missile racks.

Budapest Transport: transport ship with floating capability. 

Kosice Class corvette: Missile and railgun-armed picket ship.

Hussar Class Battlecruiser: warship with twin laser turrets installed in the bow.

Musai Battlecruiser: Refurbished surplus, applies to the two below.

Gwazine Star Dreadnought:

Salamis Destroyer: 

"League" Gunboat:

Pelican Dropship: Transport rated for space travel and impromptu gunboat with the right weapon addons.

R14 Space Attack Craft: Fighter-bomber equivalents, lacking in maneuverability. 

Night Raven: Interceptor made by Cobra Arms company

(Much more on the way)

Links to Sprites:


Heavy Infantry

Space Fleet





Admiral Lukoski

Edvard Szobranczy

Generic Officers


Armored vehicles

Defensive emplacements.

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Faction Name: Fregata PMC

Faction Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Technology level: Modern, Near-Futuristic, Minor Sci Fi Elements.

Once a minor plumbing company, Fregata became a large inter-planetary PMC specialised in protecting aid workstations and shipping industries across the galaxy. Fregata suffered heavy casualties from several factions in the lead-up to the Battle for Earth, a conflict which they were involved in. This also led to financial woes for the corporation at large, because being unable to accept contracts to defend starship lanes massively dented their income.

The Hyperion-Halcyon (HypeHal) Corporation approached them with a task: secure and improve the infrastructure upon New World for a corporate takeover of most of the planet. To support them in this, HypeHal assisted Fregata in acquiring new recruits, production facilities and technology for the efforts ahead.

New assets included battlemechs, exploration vehicles and fully-crewed warships, along with a dazzling variety of weapons and the facilities to produce their equipment and train the recruits to use them.

Unknown to Fregata, they are not only serving the interests of a larger corporation, but also those of a shadow government intent on securing profit and stability in a harsh galaxy.

This cool-haired dark-skinned gentleman claims he was born on Earth. Whatever happened, he made it into space and became a small-time merchant before getting fed up with pirates. His highly-trained security team blossomed into a fully-built PMC, and the acts of daring he committed the organisation to were great for completing contracts but ultimately landed the organisation in a hefty spot of trouble.

Fulk appreciates the good things in life and is a fine friend to people like Dilk. He's also worked very hard to control his temper, which many a space pirate used to be on the receiving end of. Fulk's partially characterised by his ruthlessness, as he's always working to ensure his corporation and the people he employs get the better end of a deal. Sometimes he's not above manipulating other people for what he views as either the profitable thing or the right thing to do. In some worst case scenarios, his mindset has resulted in intense shootouts.

Thankfully, Fulk has taken the same combat and firearms training as his supervisors and owns dual pistols and a hearty SMG. He's packing and fully licensed. If he gets taken out, his subordinates might have to fight to decide who gets the biggest cut. But until then, he's in charge and is a man with a plan.

He suspects Hype-Hal Corp might be up to something a bit less cash money than he is hoping.
Called "Dilk" by friends and trusted colleagues, Oek is a Lyvek and a veteran of the war against the Kugestaldt Republic. After the Lyveks and Ishuda Pantheon lost that war, he drifted across the Milky Way, disillusioned with his homeworld and it's government's way of life. While taking on solo acts as a mercenary, he discovered common society and overcame his upbringing. Rejecting the art of eating the meat off sentient beings, Oek instead interacted with his surroundings and discovered sociability and problem-solving skills.

Though a little bit of a weirdo at times, he found that sympathising or empathising with other beings was a great way to either keep everyone safe or get what he wanted. That friendliness led him to T'varross Fulk, a small-time galactic merchant seeking a different line of work.

Together they built the foundation Fregata stood on.
Oek commands diplomatic operations and portions of the standard operative and spec ops segments of Fregata on New World. He wears an armoued helmet that can take some punishment, and is armed with a rifle that shoots in explosive bursts.

A sympathetic individual, Dilk can get down to the meat of the matter while speaking to someone else's heart. He feels for his fellow personnel but doesn't allow that to compromise the mission. Horrid treatment of Fregata personnel might cause him to snap, and he could revert to some of his older, more traditional Lyvek ways...
An albino Ardian, Ruru experienced mistreatment at the hands of beings from various species. She mastered communications, radio and electrical courses in university, but her rebellious streak against her parents led to her becoming an adorably violent mercenary.

Ruru IS adorable, but she's also a weapons mechanic and produced her own AEUS Xenocider variation. It is essentially a doomsday weapon. She also carries an uplinked communications backpack so she can stay in-the-know. Ruru manages Fregata's New World coordination, communications and asset acquisition operations.
Born and raised an Arachin, Slakker made it to whatever the Arachin Directorate's equivalent of Corporal was before he got sick and tired of seeing his civilisation bullied by the Voltor. He and his family escaped the Directorate and settled down in the Globus system.

Seeking to avoid organised crime, Slakker used his experience to keep his family fed as a member of Fregata. He proved so capable in infantry tactics, weapons and vehicle mechanics that they put him in charge of recruitment operations to whip new operatives into shape, and when he went to New World he became the Supervisor in charge of their vehicle arsenal. He's also wicked good with a sniper rifle and shows very little fear in dire situations, but his cockiness and know-it-all 'tude might get the better of him.
Gurtharl is a Coronakin, and asserts his people had the name long before Earth experienced it's worldwide pandemic or produced the alcoholic beverage. His station is Clerk-Supervisor due to the fact he supervises all of the Clerk operations on New World.

He's also the director of research for New World's Fregata ops and is massively interested in artifacts, antiques, otherworldly phenomenae and shiny things. In fact, shiny things can sometimes distract him.

Though only trained in standard Fregata weapons, Gurtharl has a head encased in natural armour and is a close quarters combat expert. His calm demeanour, logistics knowledge, research wisdom and surprising multi-lingual capabilities have earned him the nickname "Jarl" after some of Earth's ancient kings. He likes being called Jarl, and the troops enjoy calling him Jarl.
Fregata PMC acquired a reputation as a nice outfit able to achieve a minimum of mediocrity even in terrible scenarios where they could not successfully complete the mission.

Known for operating in every corner of the Milky Way under strict rules of engagement, they tend to perform at least minor reconnaissance before entering an area. This is often done with a boots-on-the-ground mentality, which also explains their basic combat methods.

The workhorse for Fregata are the Operators. Operators are trained to use various weapons and vehicles, de-escalate potential hostilities, and work diplomacy to achieve the results they want. They are also trained in basic medical treatment for the entirety of the species employed in their assigned section of the PMC.

When praised with a resisting or attacking force, Fregata can get down and dirty. They will kill fleeing enemies or commit to special operations-style raids to complete objectives regarding factions that don't give a (HONK) about civilians or are just too (HONK) to kill.

One of Fregata's key operational aspects is the proxy. Fregata will use aid workers, trucks, security operatives and trainers to endear themselves to the local population. They will raise up militia and police forces capable of fighting back against bandits and other factions.

New World might not be as heavily populated as Earth is, but if they manage to acquire enough allies from the likes of the National Guard, or recruit civilians for local law enforcement and patrol, they will have secured a pool of manpower larger than their own.

Since Fregata is just arriving on-world, their supplies, resources and manpower will be limited. Aside from a few light and exploration vehicles, they will not really have any vehicles, and will tend to operate in small units. However, their goals go beyond base establishment, resource-gathering, security & basic recon. Fregata's operators have a tendency to hit the ground running in a series of spontaneous mini-operations with the intention of improving the local situation.

Fregata is led by a CEO, who has appointed various Supervisors. Supervisors control sections of the PMC and promote Managers, who guide and order Team Coordinators.

There are several Supervisors on New World, each working on running their own portion of the show to back the others up. They will function as bosses and head COs for the Global 3 Campaign, and are the brains and sometimes the brawn for the operation.

Managers are highly experienced personnel leading and guiding various Team Coordinators. Each Manager can lead anywhere from several dozen personnel to several hundred. The Suervisors rely on them to carry out orders and ensure everything stays within the PMC's operational capacity.

Team Coordinators typically function akin to Sergeants, but sometimes akin to Lieutenants depending on their station. They lead groups of Operatives on assignments.

Operatives are common soldiers and specialists, from basic infantry to Airborne, Heavy, Diver, Sharpshooter & Juggernaut specialists.

Last but not least are the Clerks, who range from aid workers, doctors, farmers and water filtration experts all the way to book keepers and traffic controllers. Clerks who have served Fregata for a few years tend to have greater leeway, otherwise Clerks tend to be under surveillance and regulations so they don't go rogue. Not that a rogue Clerk is impossible, mind you. It is said that anybody can be dirty in the right circumstances.

In the early stage Fregata is infantry focused, after that they become balanced by vehicles. Final stage Fregata is packing a large variety of infantry and elite troops, plus land, air, and space support, with most of their attacking or defending units based around vehicles and battlemechs.

A final noteworthy thing is their Independent Service Groups, earning many a "I Swear to God!" on battlefields far flung. ISGs are small groups of Fregata ranging anywhere from a squad to an entire company whose services are temporarily purchased. ISGs require compensation which will be decided when you sign their contract, and ISGs can be fielded by basically any faction so long as you don't field them against other Fregata PMC units.

There's a funny story behind how Fregata got themselves a line of MAN KAT 1s, but we're not telling it. These trucks either move their supplies, or move supplies for the locals, or for people far away who really need help.

Little buggies designed to essentially function like the Warthog does in Halo, combat jeeps carry three troops comfortably and five if two people sit in the back and keep their heads down and six if one can somehow lay down on the roof without falling off. The gun turrets come in two flavours: BRRRT minigun or PYAOW PYAOW PYAOW piercing cannon. Combat jeeps are not very tough at all, and pouring enough small arms fire into one will disable it.

Wait, are you serious!? Somehow Fregata got a factory up and running to produce THESE when they fell on hard times. They've got a light minigun on the top which does everything a minigun does, meaning it's not the worst choice for troop transport. Still, it has very little armoured plating and can only handle small arms fire. But hey, at least it's fast! And they usually use them to move VIPs for some reason.

These cute little hover tanks are equipped with light cannons that can potentially pierce thick armour from the right spot, but are otherwise not very effective against heavy vehicles. These are packing a nifty comms suite and designed to run scouting and light raid ops.

Nickname: Mitsy.
The Mitz barely manages to avoid being referred to as an armoured personnel carrier. It's lacking in armour, but it's weapons can rotate and shoot in any direction and between that, it's gunners and the tendency to be carrying a team of four to six operatives, it's not the easiest pushover in regards to armoured warfare. The main weapon performs artillery functions while the two other guns deliver a large amount of OOMPH that some might consider to have no business being equipped on a troop transport.

Fregata's technicians still do not know what to do about the vulnerable hovercarriage on the bottom, because one well-placed landmine or even a heavy enough grenade can render the vehicle immobile and technically useless. Thankfully, any surviving infantry can still shoot out of the firing slits.

Containing Fregata's sole automated unit, AD-DTs are equipped with a plasma turret that's pretty good against ground targets but bad versus heavy armour or aircraft, and the gunner's exposed. The main weapon is a turret that deploys lspherical drones. The drones can shoot lasers or help build things, they can move small objects, and with some preparation they can be uplinked to the command center to perform reconnaissance. A good slicer can find a drone out in the wild and hack it for their own ends, if they don't get shot.

AD-DTs are hover vehicles that are difficult to disable and move very quickly, containing two crew and a single gunner.

Though able to carry two armed operatives inside, these are usually just manned by crew. Rotary cannon tanks are effective at wearing down armour and ripping through lighter targets. They're not as vulnerable to enemy fire as the Mitz or Hussle tanks, but their armour is nothing to write home about. They also work great as anti-air platforms and have the necessary targeting systems to intercept enemy jets, though they don't always catch their prey.

A spacious and heavily armoured vehicle designed to break through trenches and fortifications, the Stalwart packs a long range gun turret, two bubble turrets and a fixed forward cannon. Mixing old school tank warfare with modern technology and LASERS, it's quite the sight. Stalwarts can also carry four infantry operatives, two juggernauts or a larger class of soldier inside.

Nickname: "Supe" or "Supes".
From the mind of the CEO himself, Fregata produced their very own Metal Slug! Equipped with three weapon hard points per side and packing two missile launchers able to fire a salvo totalling twenty-four missiles, this thing is a tough customer. EMP-hardened, with powerful treads and lots of armour, the Supes are one of the best land vehicles Fregata has to offer and they are difficult to destroy.

A speed boat that troops can use as transport, armed with a single gunner. Lightly armoured and squishy.

A one-person attack speeder, functions like a STAP from Star Wars. The dual cannons go PEW PEW and it goes KILL KILL or SCARE SCARE. 'Nuff said. Lightly armoured and also squishy.

Fast and daring, the Casanova goes about it's business transporting soldiers, supplies and vehicles to various areas of the campaign. They can operate in space and in the air. Though not particularly well armoured, they can withstand small arms fire if it doesn't strike the cockpit. The engines go WOOSH and let the thing speed up, turn and drift rapidly, and it's got some nice heavy guns on it.

It's a big plane that can drop bombs or move vehicles, personnel, supplies and base stuff. It can take a few hits, but it's nothing special.

Packing a powerful unmanned turret at the top and a good cannon on the front, the two-person starfighter known as the Y-wing is great for dropping bombs or missiles on opponents. It's also got a small loading bay underneath the cockpit which lets it take in supplies or a stretcher. It's actually quite large compared to it's ordinary counterpart, Fregata and HypeHal build 'em different.

Fregata's pride and joy in space and in the air, Loftwings are small two-person air-space vehicles with a single wing gun, a gun on the very front, and a two-barrel turret up top. Though not the fastest starfighter in space, they fly with a fast-paced elegance in atmosphere and are difficult to surprise given that the sensors are top notch an the turrets can swing in multiple directions. The armour lets them take a few glancing hits, but the Loftwing is a light starfighter and can't take too much punishment.



Built for transportation and gunnery, the standard Fregata gunship only has two guns on the front. While able to take down targets with them, gunships are not intended for full frontal assaults unless equipped with proper door gunners. Otherwise, the task set before those pilots is to move troops, vehicles and supplies. The bottoms of gunships can have latches or ropes where vehicles are attached.


Smaller and more heavily armoured than a bunch of Fregata's stuff, DeathDrakes swoop in to break things with their mouth cannons and missile launchers. Each can potentially carry a squad of Fregata troops, or some supplies or even one or two vehicles, via the storage bay inside or on the bottom via ropes and attachments. They attack rapidly, can hover in place, but take time rotating. Though tough to kill, each DeathDrake can be turned into a crashed coffin.

Do you care about C.A.R.E.? Fregata does.
Originally just an amphibious landspeeder, HypeHal took these things and provided a large sensor suite and a research bay to the interior, along with a troop bay. C.A.R.E.s deliver communications and exploration capabilities for land and sea-based units, and can carry an entire platoon worth in personnel, and even hold a light vehicle. However, C.A.R.E.s are only armed with a heavy turret and nothing else. If someone picks off the infantry who can stand or sit all along the top, it's vulnerable to attacks from the front, sides and from above, along with boarding actions.

C'mon, you apes! You wanna live forever!?
Well, it turns out Fregata's pilots do want to live forever. Though large and cumbersome as far as starfighters and attack aircraft go, the APES move quickly and turn on a dime, and can fire up, down or forwards with their high caliber dual machine guns. They also launch powerful proton torpedoes from the dual launchers, making them dangerous adversaries. Each A.P.E.S. comes equipped with a sensor suite and similar research to the C.A.R.E.
A.P.E.S. can also contain up to eight armed operatives inside, and their ability to hover in place makes them suitable candidates for airborne operations.

An artillery and transport assault tank that is freakishly huge, the Landlord has two weapons that can chew through nearly anything and can carry a company of troops. It takes a moment, but it can switch between hovering or using it's hidden treads, allowing it to temporarily move across water despite not being water-proofed like the C.A.R.E. and A.P.E.S. are.

Acting as an ambassador for the afterlife, the Landlord is a heavily armed coffin which is vulnerable to artillery and airstrikes. Which is a shame, since it's guns can easily punch through enemy bases and heavy 'mechs.

Standing at least twenty people tall (they stopped counting) the Grand Battlemech is a two-legged, two-armed war machine that sports touch stompy legs and two guns. It requires at least five people to fully operate, but tends to carry a couple of armed operatives in it in case they need extra hands. It's equipped with jump jets, a heavy duty comms suite and a decent sensor system. There are three swivelling guns on the top area, two on the nose and three double-barrel weapons on the front. That's not to mention the big guns on the arms, which can potentially level entire city blocks. This thing is easily at risk by itself, but when abcked by other armour or by air support it becomes a foe to be reckoned with.

It's armed and armoured to the teeth and moves reasonably fast for something so big and heavy, the jumpjets help keep it mobile, and it's practically a mini-fortress. That's why it is meant for long range support engagements or temporary occupation ops.

Solely within Fregata's possession due to their team-up with HypeHal, the Labrynth is a heavily armoured but unarmed cargo carrier. Able to function in space, in the air and underwater, it's the perfect fit for moving their things.

Large, bulky and possessing no weapons, Thathums will never be found without additional Fregata spacecraft unless they have been separated from the rest. Each one contains hundreds of operatives, vehicles and base-building supplies.

Sporting six guns per side and two on the top, Tuyos can dish out long range firepower in a dosage that makes it a decent contender for space combat. Light on crew but containing a small number of operative divers and marines, Tuyos are designed to back up fleets and give the enemy a run for their money.

Armed with some of the best shielding in Fregata's fleet, Acquisitions come bristling with turrets and carry a hefty crew and boarding contingent. They are surprisingly agile and can potentially spear straight through an enemy ship at medium-high risk to themselves. Some journalists ponder how HypeHal managed to acquire blueprints for a Star Destroyer, and the question has thus far gone unanswered.

Bristling with powerful turrets and cannons, the Makeshifts are built to take and dish out punishment at the cost of speed and mobility. They turn, rise and fall very slowly. Makeshifts can hold a small number of dropships, drop pods and starfighters.

Armoured to heck and beyond, Strikebarges are slow ships equpped with two giant laser cannons that go BLAAARGH and rip through stuff. They melt or outright punch holes into armour. Their hammerhead shape plus the toughness of their armour has encouraged several StrikeBarge captains to ram into enemy ships in the past, which explains why there are contingents of infantry aboard each one in their standard configuration.

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