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Sprite Wars

Global Campaign 3 Map Thread

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Here is the map of this campaign's setting. Credits to Glitch for the map.



  1.  Do NOT use very similar colors to anybody else. If it happens, please consider to change your faction's color. Pitch black (#000000) cannot be used as faction's color, because it's already used to mark beachlines.
  2. You can only use custom borders and insignias in your comic.
  3. Label your faction appropriately and under the correct alignment.
  4. Players can land and start the game on every point on any landmass in the map.
  5. There are local raiders and insurgents too. Be careful when you have to face them.
  6. There are steps and guides for claiming territory, by grid boxes:
  • Entering the territory you would claim.
  • Setting a forward base and defense systems or began straightforward conquer.
  • Clearing the territory from hostile beasts or direct combat against a faction who is already claimed the territory first.
  • Capturing a part of the sea is optional, if you want some naval superiority in your territory.
  • You can only claim up to two territories per comic.
  • After claiming a territory, you can build any infrastructures on it.
  • Mining resources is optional. You can take advantage of this for Interstellar Campaign.

The winner of this campaign is the faction with the largest territory on the end of the campaign, and will be rewarded the right to name this planet, and their name will be recorded in Sprite Wars history forever.

Good luck, Commanders. We count on you.

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