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Sprite Wars

Thought I'd say hi.


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I haven't posted here in, hell I don't know, 14-10 years? Thought I would say hi and see how you were all doing, or at least hi to anyone that is still around. I just kind of remembered you guys the other day and wanted to see how you were all doing.

I doubt anyone still around remembers me, but its nice seeing some familiar faces. I hope you're all doing well.

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I forgot I made a new account here back in 2011 for reasons I can't actually remember. I remember being some kind of auxiliary player for Commander Evil, I think? I know I did play as Mike Murdock's Marines for the 1975 campaign at least for a little bit.

8 hours ago, Dhalo said:

Pleased to meet you. I'm Dhalo! ^^ How's it going?


S'alright. Just kind of reading all the stuff I missed, or at least what I can read after all the imagehosting sites hit the shit. I remember I started lurking for about a year and just treated Sprite Wars like a semi updated web comic, I had favorite factions and everything. Kind of upset I stopped coming here, honestly.

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1 hour ago, Dhalo said:

We have an active discord server & a bunch of dropboxes we put stuff in (the main dropboxis full, so we don't upload anything else there) lemme know if you want any of those sweet deets!

That would be cool if not just to catch up with you guys. I wouldn't mind seeing if any of my junk was archived as well.

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Oh hey MikeK, long time no see. It's great to see you again! :D

And no worries man, a good number of the old-heads still remember you, myself included. It''s great to have you back in the fold.

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