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Smash Mouth and Evanescence is a good crossover, if memory serves. There are other good mashups with Smash Mouth and other music.

After helping clear out space in the basement and break up a 118 year old desk to make up space for our new freezers, I needed to chill out.

This video helped! "Battletech/Mechwarrior Lore : Exodus to Elementals - A Primer on the Clans [Part 1]" is informative and interesting, as is it's second part. The Black Pants Legion team put hard work into this, and it shows. The speaker's voice is calm and smooth mostly, but he gets passionate at points and can hype a character up to be an amazing war hero who equates getting shot in the head with taking the trash out every week, or beat on their image until they are the lowest of the low, and yellow-bellied, snake-tailed scoundrels. His mixture of calm and thrilling tones are great for relaxing, and I recommend giving a listen for at least twenty minutes of your time while you work on a pixel art project, unless you're someone who can't handle historians in the background whilst you go at it. Anyway, I like this video ad recommend it!

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1 hour ago, Backtothefryingpan said:


Watch while you can, this probably isn't legal. I once saw the climax referred to as "the best shootout scene in modern cinema".

Just skimmed this through, looks like it could be fun, music & scenery's nice and it's kinda compelling. Sprite Wars movie night, perhaps? I'll ask the others soon.

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